Here Are The 6 Best Golf Youtube Channels To Check Out

Golfers are always looking for new resources on how to fix or improve their golf swing. We all wish we were playing like the pros on the famous courses with impeccable technique.

But the reality is that, for most amateur golfers, we will probably spend our whole lives working on our swing technique and still not see the kind of improvement we are hoping for.

That’s why using resources like youtube to find tips and tricks for the great game of golf can be a really useful and beneficial tool.

But the problem with Youtube is that it can be hard to find a content creator who you can really trust, or to just find the content you’re looking for in the first place.

That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best golf youtube channels for you to check out and hopefully find someone you like to watch and who can help you with your swing.

We’d recommend sticking around on Golf Guidebook and checking out what we have to offer first, but watching someone walk through how to improve your swing on video can’t hurt!

So, lets get into it!

best golf youtube channels. A ball sits on a green next to a hole.

1. Rick Shiels (Rick Shiels Golf)

If you’ve searched for anything golf related on youtube before, the chances are you will have seen a Rick Shiels video.

Rick Shiels is a British former professional golfer and currently holds the title of having the biggest Golf related youtube channel with over 2 million subscribers.

Shiels’ content is quite varied, ranging from golf course vlogs and challenges to break 75, to swing improvement videos and instructional troubleshooting content.

We’d recommend his series on breaking 75 on tough courses as a fun way to learn more about the sport, about your own swing, and a way to watch some great golf.

We like Rick because he is very clear on how the different components of the golf swing work together, how to improve, and always offers some drills to try out to make sure you are playing to the best of your ability.

Sometimes all you need to improve is someone walking you through exactly what you need to do and what you might be doing wrong.

It’s fairly simple stuff, but it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for regular tips and tricks, and getting advice from a former professional golfer can only go well!

A golf club next to a ball on a tee.

2. Aimee Cho (Golf With Aimee)

Speaking of former professional golfers creating youtube golf content, one of the best golf youtube channels is Golf With Aimee.

Aimee Cho played professional golf for 10 years, so she’s definitely someone worth listening to.

Aimee is especially great for some really in depth swing analysis. It’s always reassuring to learn from someone who knows the sport inside and out

We recommend her ‘How to Generate More Power’ video as a great way to get started and learn how to beef up your swing!

A golf flag on a green course and blue sky.

3. Golf Digest

While many may know the magazine, not as many people might know that Golf Digest also has a great youtube channel with plenty of great golfing content.

What makes Golf Digest’s channel stand out to us as one of the best golf youtube channels is its great diversity of content.

While all their videos can be a great resource for swing tips and general golf info, a lot of their videos are just great fun.

We recommend watching their ‘My Game’ series with Tiger Woods, it’s a great insight into how he plays so well and how you can try and emulate that skill on the course.

You can also find great videos like Brooks Koepka battling 10-year-old Madison Moman in a head-to-head game.

A golfer wearing a golf glove places a ball on a tee.

3. Mark Crossfield

For many golf fans, Mark Crossfield isn’t just the man with one of the best golf youtube channels, he is the creator of some of the best golf content on the internet. Period.

Crossfield is known for his fantastically detailed, no-nonsense approach to golf swing improvement, and the sport in general.

Most golf fans are looking for golf content that can help you improve your game while being fun and engaging, which is why we highly recommend Mark Crossfield.

For anyone who hasn’t come across him before, check out his great video on how he improved his average driving yardage by nearly 60 yards.

What we like about Mark’s content is how clearly he explains what he is doing, how he is doing it, and how you can do it yourself.

We all know how difficult golf can be, so learning from someone who can break it down and make it sound not just simple, but doable. Golf nerves can be half the battle on the course, so it helps to trust your teacher!

a golf ball next to a club on a green course.

4. No Laying Up

For the more technically minded golf fan, this channel may be the one for you.

No Laying Up is one of our best golf Youtube channels because of the line they walk. They are somewhere between a travel channel at times and a golf channel, which keeps their content always interesting.

We would recommend watching their ‘Hybrids only‘ challenge as a fun way to get introduced to the channel, and for some information on hybrid clubs as well if you’re unsure about what that means.

To stay interesting, golf content has to be diverse. I’m sure we’ve all got bored of watching the same old swing analysis videos in the past, so it’s always great to watch channels like No Laying Up that keep golf interesting and exciting.

It’s also a great idea to immerse yourself in the world of golf if you intend to improve. Learning golf sayings or phrases like ‘up and down‘ can help you out on the course in so many ways, and these are things that you can learn from watching channels like No Laying Up.

A full golf bag on a golf course.

5. Good Good

For any Golf fans in the younger generation, it’s likely you will have heard of the Good Good Boys.

While they might not be making the instructional videos of their peers, the group of golfers that make up the Good Good channel certainly know how to play well, and create great and fun golf content.

What we think makes them one of the best golf youtube channels is that the content they create is always fun, never takes itself too seriously, and always shows off some great golf.

We recommend watching their Good Good Cup series, it’s a great series of videos where the members of Good Good go head to head in teams and play some amazing courses together.

Watching Good Good is a great reminder that golf can just be purely fun sometimes, and we don’t need to get bogged down in the details of how we are playing, we should just be able to enjoy a day out at the golf course.

the word 'golf' written on grass using a golf club to make the word.

6. The Jazzy Golfer

While a much smaller channel than all of the other best golf youtube channels featured on this list, we love the content created by The Jazzy Golfer as it’s a great insight into how to improve at golf, and also a great example of why more women and girls should and can be getting involved in the sport of golf.

We recommend watching her ‘Can I break 90 in 6 Months?’ serves as a great introduction to the channel that highlights why golf can be so difficult, and just how to push through that difficulty.

What we love about this channel is the honest look at the trials and tribulations of improving at golf, celebrating all the successes and failures along the way.

We’ve all ah dot play our fair share of recovery shots, or looked to the skies in hope of good luck on the course, and watching the Jazzy Golfer makes it clear that these are all important moments in the golf journey.

Golf isn’t about hitting the most amazing and perfect shot every time you step up to the tee and get your feet in position, it’s about the games you play, the people you play with, and the path to improvement.

a golf ball on a tee.

So those are our 6 best golf youtube channels. If you love golf as much as we do, I’m sure that watching at least one of these channels will become part of your weekly golf routine.

All of these channels are great examples of why people like golf, so if you’re enjoying them, why not introduce some of your golf buddies to these channels as well?

It’s great to branch out and few new ways of learning about the sport, but it’s also just as important to remind yourself of how fun and lighthearted golf can be.

Maybe you’ll learn more than just a new swing technique and you’ll bring a new perspective to your golf club next time you visit, or maybe you’ll organize your own team tournament like the Good Good boys.

Looking for more ways to learn? Learn how to Practice your putting at home!

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