How to Win wii sports golf every time

If you’ve ever played Wii sports you’ve had one of two experiences. You were a natural and you scored under par on every hole, dominating your competition. You played the worst round of golf of your life and nearly took out your competition with a flung Wii remote. Either way, what you’re looking for is … Read more

Can you Play Golf in the Snow? Our Guide to Golfing in the Snow

If you’re wondering, “can you play golf in the snow?”- the answer is yes, golfing in the snow is a thing! Vast stretches of grassy fairways, warm weather, and smooth putting greens are universally associated with golf. However, a new trend is currently gaining traction among golf fans worldwide who want to partake in their … Read more

The 7 Best Celebrity Golf Tournament Moments – And What You Can Learn From Them

For many golfers, golf is a sport that you can use to unwind and get some time away from your busy schedule. Hitting the links can be some people’s favorite way to spend some time outside, escape the world of work, or even, for some, hold business meetings. You can do anything on the course, … Read more

Our Pick of the 6 best Golf Youtube Channels

Golfers are always looking for new resources on how to fix or improve their golf swing. We all wish we were playing like the pros on the famous courses with impeccable technique. But the reality is that, for most amateur golfers, we will probably spend our whole lives working on our swing technique and still … Read more