Why Do People Like Golf? Here Are 18 Great Reasons!

We have all heard the joke. It is called “Golf” because all of the other 4-letter words were taken! So why do people like golf?

Sportscaster Mike Greenberg famously said, “Golf is a game of endless failure and frustration”. We are still wondering, why do people like golf.

It is a funny question, but we gave it some thought. There must be reasons why people spend hours practicing and playing golf.

We did a quick brainstorm and came up with 18 – why 18? We think you know why!

why do people like golf? A couple sits together in a golf buggy.

Why Do People Like Golf? The Front 9

#1: Hangout With Some Buddies

Why do people like golf? It is a great way to spend 4-5 hours with friends. It is a social game, designed to be played in groups of four.

If you think about it, during a round of golf you spend very little time actually hitting your golf ball.

The majority of the time you are walking and talking to your playing partners. Telling stories and making jokes.

Golf isn’t about the numbers on your scorecard, but the relationships you build while strolling down the fairways.

#2: It Only Takes One Great Shot

Why do people like golf? You don’t have to be perfect to enjoy the game. In fact, no one plays golf perfectly.

Tiger Woods famously said, “I am lucky if I hit one perfect shot per round”.

All it takes is one great hole or one great shot and you will be looking forward to your next tee time.

This is why golf is an addiction. It will frustrate you for 3 hours and then one great shot and you can’t wait to play more.

Most golfers have a love/hate relationship with the game, but ultimately, the love wins out!

a golfer makes a shot down the fairway.

#3: Play For A Lifetime

Why do people like golf? A 7-year-old kid can play 18 holes with their grandfather. They can have a match and regardless of what the scorecard says, they both win.

Name another sport that you can play from age 5 to 105. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Teach your child to play the game and you have given them a hobby they can enjoy for decades.

You don’t have to be great at the game when you start – you have plenty of time to improve!

#4: The Scenery

Why do people like golf? Even when your score is bad you can enjoy a sunrise over a lake or a sunset behind the mountains.

There is no other “playing field” like a golf course on a beautiful afternoon. Golf is a nature hike with the occasional break to hit a little white ball.

a golfer celebrates a putt with a backdrop of mountains.

#5: The Glory – You Can Still Win A Trophy

Why do people like golf? You still have a chance to win a championship!

For most people, the days of claiming a trophy end in little league baseball or high school. If you play golf, you still have a chance for glory.

With the golf handicap system, you don’t even have to be great at the game. Play well “for you” and you can collect the Net championship at your local course.

We don’t care how old you are, you still enjoy hearing your name called and being handed some hardware!

#6: Play Where The Professionals Play

Why do people like golf? You can play on the same “field” as the professionals.

It is fairly challenging to play baseball at Fenway Park or basketball in Madison Square Garden, but in golf you can make it happen.

You can play the same course (and if you are brave the same tees) as your golfing heroes!

A group of golfers stand together with their golf clubs.

#7: Get A Break From The Family

Don’t take this the wrong way. We all love our families. We love spending time with our spouse and kids, but a little break can be cathartic.

We all need some “me” time. An afternoon on the golf course can help you be a better spouse and parent.

Return from the golf course ready to play a game of “catch” in the backyard, have a tea party, or read an extra book before bedtime!

#8: The Sound When A Putt Drops

Why do people like golf? Once you hear the sound of the ball hitting the bottom of the cup, you will be addicted.

Golf is all about simple pleasures. The chill in the air on a fall morning. The sun on your back as you walk down the fairway. The sound of the ball hitting the bottom of the cup.

You only understand if you play the game!

A young golfer celebrates a putt on the green.

#9: Get To Drive A Golf Cart

Why do kids like golf? The best way to get your child interested in the game is to let them sit on your lap and drive the golf cart!

To be honest, we know some adults that enjoy this as well. Just be safe – no donuts or jumps are allowed in a golf cart!

Why Do People Like Golf? We Have Reached the Turn

“The turn” in golf lingo means the break between the front 9 and the back 9.

You add up your front 9 scores, check on the status of any friendly bets, and grab a hot dog & your drink of choice.

You could argue that “the turn” is the 19th reason on our list!

Why Do People Like Golf? The Back 9

#10: Get Some Exercise

Playing golf isn’t going to get you ready to run a marathon, but it counts as exercise if your walk the course and skip renting a cart.

Did you know that you walk ~7 miles when you play 18 holes? This is over 4-5 hours, but it is better than sitting on your couch all afternoon.

Two golfers chat in a golf buggy.

#11: They Enjoy Gambling

Why do people enjoy golf? It is an excuse to wager a little cash and give your friends a hard time.

We would never recommend betting large sums of money on your golf swing, but a little action to make things interesting can be fun.

The goal should be to play for enough that it irritates you when you lose, but doesn’t impact your ability to pay your bills.

You never want to lose a friend over a golf bet gone bad. Be reasonable!

#12: Raise Funds For Your Favorite Charity

Did you know that running a golf tournament is a great way to raise money for your charity or school?

It is fairly simple to do and you can support your community. Typically, they are four-person captain’s choice events.

A group of golfers walk down the fairway with their golf bags.

#13: Get Some Fresh Air

Why do people like golf? Sometimes you just need some fresh air and golf is a great way to spend the afternoon outdoors.

Make a tee time. Text some buddies. Spend 4-5 hours in the sun and come home feeling refreshed.

You can’t spend your whole life indoors!

#14: An Excuse To Day Drink

Why do people like golf? No one will question you having a cold beverage in the afternoon!

It should always be in moderation, but a cold beer tastes a little better on the back 9 on a warm afternoon.

Every golfer gets a little excited when they hear the beer cart coming around the corner. Be polite and offer to buy your playing partners a beverage.

A golfer celebrates a good putt.

#15: The Challenge – The Grind

You will never “figure” golf out. You will never “master” the game. Many people love the challenge – they love the grind.

The great thing about golf is that you can always get better. You can always improve. You can always lower your golf handicap.

Every time you tee up your golf ball you will face a new challenge. You can play the same course over and over and still face new shots each time.

#16: Skip Your Next Conference Call

Why do people like golf? It is a great way to disconnect from work and clear your thoughts. Leave your phone, emails, and zoom calls at home!

Tired of thinking about that work assignment? Go play a quick 9. Golf requires 100% focus, so your mind will get a break from your project deadlines.

As the old golf saying goes “your worst day on the course is better than your best day in the office”!

A group of golfers walk down the fairway together.

#17: A Great Reason To Travel

Golf is the perfect reason to travel around the country and the world. Everyone loves the perfect golf weekend.

Fly to California and play Pebble Beach or visit “the home of golf” and spend a week in Scotland.

Make a “bucket list” of courses you want to play and start planning your trips today!

#18: Make Your Buddies Cry

Why do people like golf? It is simply awesome to make the putt on the 18th hole that beats your golf buddy and breaks their heart.

You don’t need a bunch of money on the line – the thrill of victory is priceless.

You should probably buy the first round in the 19th hole and enjoy listening to your golf friends talk about how “lucky” you got to win! Is there anything better?

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Ray has been playing golf for 35+ years, including being part of his High School and College golf teams. While he still enjoys playing in amateur tournaments, Ray now focuses on growing the game of golf through teaching and coaching. He has two sons that both play golf competitively and loves spending time watching them compete. Ray continues to play in local amateur golf events and currently has a +2 handicap.

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