8 Reasons Why Golf Is The Best Sport To Play

We have a website dedicated just to all things golf, so you probably aren’t shocked to hear that we think golf is the best sport.

Soccer is great. We enjoy playing basketball. Tennis is cool. Who doesn’t love a nice game of bocce ball or croquet? All fun – but golf is the best.

Maybe you don’t believe us?

We accept the challenge. We believe we can persuade you to our side. Golf is the best sport to play, period.

Below we lay out our argument. We have 8 reasons why we believe this to be true. Give them a read and let us know if you think we are crazy.

Try to name another activity that can check all of these boxes. We’ll be waiting!

A golfer stands in front of another golfer asessing a green

The 8 Reasons Golf Is The Best Sport

#1: You Can Play From Age 5 to 105

Golf is a lifelong pastime. As soon as you can walk you can swing a club. There is golf equipment specifically designed for all ages.

You are never too young or too old to get started in the game of golf.

In most other sports you are lucky if you can compete into your 30s, but in golf, you can be 90 years old and still fight for your super senior club championship!

With this in mind, get your child or grandchild involved with golf at a young age. Even if they only play casually, you have given them a game they can play for years.

No age limit (minimum or maximum) is the first reason golf is the best sport!

#2: Play Like A Pro

In golf, you can have the same experience as a professional golfer. You can play the same courses they play and you can play with the same equipment.

You can legitimately compare your golf game to the best players in the world. Play the same tees and see how much better they are than you.

A group of golfers celebrate a putt

Try this in another sport. You will never be able to try and hit a pitch in Fenway Park off Roger Clemens. You can’t try to return a serve from Roger Federer.

Good luck catching a touchdown pass from Tom Brady. Golf is the only sport that allows you to play in the same situation as the players that do it for a living.

Make a tee time, walk to the back tees, and just see how your golf game measures up. You never know how close you can come to greatness.

#3: Any Two Golfers Can Have A Fair Match

Do you want to play a fair match against Tiger Woods? As long as you play a Net format (golf handicap) you can.

The golf handicap system was designed to create a level playing field. Two players simply compare their handicap index and start playing. Let’s walk through an example.

Player A has a 10 handicap and Player B has a 15 handicap. To make the match fair, Player A must give Player B 5 strokes.

Did you know that every golf scorecard has a hole-by-hole rating? The holes are ranked 1-18, with #1 being the hardest hole and #18 being the easiest.

A golf ball sits inches away from a hole

To make the match even, Player A will give Player B a stroke on the 5 hardest holes.

It is nearly impossible to make a basketball game or a tennis match fair. The more accomplished and experienced player will almost always win.

The ability to compete with any other player is reason #3 golf is the best sport.

#4: Get Outside & Get Some Fresh Air

It doesn’t matter what you shoot. You may have a terrible round, but at least you spent 4+ hours outdoors with friends.

Don’t rent a cart. Walk the course and get some exercise. The golf course is a nature hike with the added excitement of trying to hit a little white ball into a hole.

Enjoy the scenery. In golf, the hazards are beautiful lakes and/or rolling rivers (or the occasional crocodile!)

Get out of your office and off the conference call. Head to the golf course and get some fresh air.

Fresh air and exercise are the #4 reason that golf is the best sport to play.

A group of golfers talk around a golf buggy

#5: You Don’t Have To Be Good To Enjoy It

Our favorite golf movie, Tin Cup, has a quote from the main character (Roy McAvoy). “Sex and golf are the two things you don’t have to be good at to enjoy”.

You may never become a scratch golfer, but you can still enjoy the game for years.

What is unique about golf is that it is all about your personal journey. You don’t have to shoot under par to be successful.

The goal should simply be to get a little bit better every time you play. Sometimes you will fail, but other times you will succeed.

Regardless of your achievement, celebrate! Some players may not consider a 99 a good score, but if it is the first time you broke 100, then you should be thrilled.

Golf is the best sport because you can define success. Set a golf goal and work to achieve it. You own your golf journey.

A golfer attempts to hit a ball from a golf buggy

#6: It Only Takes One

If you play golf, you know what we mean. You can be having a dreadful day on the golf course, but it only takes one shot to get you excited for the next round.

It is impossible to play a perfect round of golf and rare that you play a perfect hole, but we all can hit one perfect shot.

Does anything feel better than a solid golf shot?

And once you feel it, you want to feel it again. Hundreds of bad golf shots are worth it when you hit the perfect one.

Getting frustrated that you’re not playing as well as you usually play can also add a lot of tension to your swing, which can just make you play worse!

Your next perfect shot could always be on your next swing. It could be a hole-in-one or albatross.

This is why golfers always come back. They get frustrated and threaten to quit, but the lure of a perfect shot is just too strong!

A golfer is frustrated with a bad shot

Still aren’t convinced golf is the best sport? Keeping reading.

#7: Multi-Generational From Grandparents to Grandkids

It can be hard for grandparents to connect with their grandkids and nearly impossible to find a sport they both can play.

Well, guess what, golf is the answer! Golf is the best sport because it is the only one that grandparents can pass on to their grandkids.

Sure, a grandparent could teach the young members of their family to play other sports, but age difference and experiential advantage often mean they can’t really compete with them.

The golf course is an excellent way for family members from different generations to connect and build relationships.

Spend 4 hours together. Share laughs and “high fives”. Have a friendly match. You can create a special day around the game of golf.

Golf is the best sport because it can bring families together!

a young golfer celebrates a shot

#8: The 19th Hole

Golf terminology can be tricky, so let’s make sure we are all on the same page. Golf courses have 18 holes, but the “19th” hole is slang for the bar/restaurant at the course.

For some golfers, the 19th hole is their favorite part of the day. Have a drink, laugh with your buddies, settle bets, and commiserate about the bad shots.

It is amazing how much golfers enjoy talking about the round of golf they just finished.

The game of golf is a social activity. A chance to meet new people or hang out with old friends.

The 19th hole is the perfect way to end your day. There’s nothing better than a cold drink after a long and hot day on the course.

We rest our case. We feel that we have proven that golf is the best sport beyond a reasonable doubt.

We challenge you to identify another activity that includes all of these benefits. Instead of trying to argue, just go get your golf bag and make a tee time.

A group of golfers walk al ong the fairway

We Know Golf Is The Best – How Can You Play Your Best?

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Ray has been playing golf for 35+ years, including being part of his High School and College golf teams. While he still enjoys playing in amateur tournaments, Ray now focuses on growing the game of golf through teaching and coaching. He has two sons that both play golf competitively and loves spending time watching them compete. Ray continues to play in local amateur golf events and currently has a +2 handicap.

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