15 Golf Sayings For Good Luck

Golfers love to get creative with their terminology. You can quickly get lost listening to two players discuss their recent scores.

This doesn’t only apply to describing shots. There are many different golf sayings for good luck as well.

We want to help you sound like a professional on the first tee. It is common courtesy to wish your playing partners well before each round.

Sure, you could simply say “good luck”, but the alternative golf sayings for good luck are more fun.

We have listed our favorite 15 below – try them out and see which one feels “right” to you. There is no wrong answer.

three golfers celebrate after using golf sayings for good luck

Top 15 Golf Sayings For Good Luck

#1: Play Well

This one is nice and simple and probably the most commonly used. As far as golf sayings for good luck go, this is probably the G.O.A.T.

Pay attention when you watch PGA tour professionals play on TV – you will probably hear this one!

It is typically used right before the player hits their first tee shot. They tee up their ball, take a practice swing, and say “play well guys”.

And with that out of way, it is time to start the round.

#2: Keep It In The Short Grass

One of several golf sayings for good luck that reference hitting the ball nice and straight. If you “keep it in the short grass” your ball is in the fairway and on the green.

It is quite easy to shoot a great score if your ball is in the “short grass”. You are telling them you hope they hit the ball well during their round.

In other words, “good luck”!

a golfer celebrates with his club in the air

#3: Let’s Torch This Place

As you will notice when reading out the list, some golf sayings for good luck sound a bit cocky. They must be delivered with a bit of swagger.

This is a great example. “Let’s torch this place” means we are going to tear it up. We are going to make a bunch of birdies and shoot a low score.

This is another common theme across many golf sayings for good luck. The idea of your entire group playing well.

Even though you may be competitors, you are saying that you hope everyone plays well.

#4: Smoke It

Other golf sayings for good luck are focused on the next shot only, not the entire round of golf. This is a great example.

Typically used when a player in your group is about to hit their driver. Instead of saying “I hope you hit a good one here”, you simply tell them to “Smoke It”!

Let’s be honest, it is more fun and sounds much cooler.

two golfers high five on the putting green

#5: Fairways & Greens

The more fairways and greens you hit in a round of golf, the better your score will be. This is a nice way to tell your playing partner you hope they do well.

Nothing complicated about this one. Simply a nice thing to say before the round starts.

#6: Go Low

In most sports, you want a higher score, but golf is just the opposite. The lower your score the better.

“Go Low” is a quick way to tell your playing partners to have a good day. To fire a low score.

a golfer celebrates while another golfer looks frustrated

#7: Have A Good Game

Not all golf sayings for good luck need to be explained. We suspect you can figure this one out.

You are telling your competitor to play well. To have a good game of golf. This could mean shooting the course record or simply a solid round based on their handicap.

This is a good one to use if you are playing with someone for the first time.

#8: Enjoy Your Walk

At the end of the day, playing a round of golf is walking for 4-5 hours with small breaks to hit a little white ball.

Many golf sayings for good luck have nothing to do with your final scorecard. You are telling the other golfer that you hope they enjoy their day, regardless of what they shoot.

There is more to the game than simply how many times you hit the ball.

two golfers high five on a putting green

#9: Take It Easy On Me

In other words, good luck, but don’t play too well. This is commonly used when you are playing a match against the other golfer.

Golf is unique in that you pull for the other player to do well, but most of us still enjoy winning.

We love saying “take it easy on me” as a way to highlight that we hope you play well, but not better than me!

You may notice some sarcasm in several golf sayings for good luck.

#10: Long & Straight

If you had to describe a great tee shot with two words, you might say “long & straight”. This is a great way to tell your buddy you hope he hits a good one.

We all love hitting our drive far – even better when it goes where we were aiming.

one golfer makes a putt while another holds the golf flag

#11: Hope The Golf Gods Are Smiling Upon Us

There are some golf sayings for good luck that are almost poetic. We would put this one in that category.

Golf is a game of inches. You could hit a tree and your ball could ricochet onto the green or out of bounds.

“The golf gods” is a term players will use when referencing that there is a bit of luck involved in golf. In other words, I hope we get lucky today!

#12: Just Get The Ball In The Hole

It doesn’t have to be pretty. There are no pictures on a golf scorecard. This is you telling your playing partner you don’t care how they do it, just get it done.

The perfect way to tell them to relax and simply play the game. Enjoy the day.

two golfers walk down the fairway together

#13: Stay Aggressive Out There

A nice way to tell a fellow player good luck and not to worry about a bad shot. Stay aggressive and make confident swings.

Golf is mentally challenging. It is easy to make tentative swings if your last few shots have not turned out well.

Golf sayings for good luck can be used to encourage a player following a rough hole. Think of them as mini pep talks!

#14: Let’s Have Some Fun

Isn’t this the reason we play golf? To get outside, enjoy time with friends, and have fun?

This is the perfect way to say good luck before you tee off on the first hole. Yes, you always want to shoot a good score but remind your group of why you came to the golf course.

You made a tee time to take a break from work. To get some exercise and to have fun!

a golfer tees off while another three golfers watch

#15: Enjoy Your Round

Nothing complicated here. No mystery to this one. Simply let your golfing buddies know that you hope they enjoy their day.

Who cares why they enjoy it? Maybe today is the first time they break 90 or maybe they make a hole-in-one.

You don’t care why, but you are hoping they have a good time. A pleasant way to start any round.

Let’s Keep Learning The Language Of Golf!

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