Hook vs Slice: Which Is Worse + 4 Simple Tips To Fix Them!

If you’ve played golf, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of hooking or slicing your shots. It’s not fun! Hooking and slicing are two common mistakes that can send your ball flying off course and ruin progress on a hole. When your aim is hitting straight, hooks and slices are a golfing nightmare as they can … Read more

Landed Your Golf Ball In Water? How To Play A Shot Out Of Water

Don’t worry; you’re not the only one who occasionally lands their golf ball in water. We’ve all been there. However, landing your golf ball in water the water isn’t an automatic penalty stroke. The rules of golf allow you to hit out of water hazards (now called penalty areas), and they are more lenient now … Read more

How To Stop Hitting Behind the Golf Ball: Use These 4 Prompts

If you’re looking up how to stop hitting behind the golf ball, there’s a chance you’ve come across a few different terms. Fat shots, chunked shots, husky, some even call it ‘chili-dipping’ – though I’m yet to come across any golfers that call it that. Either way, if you’re hitting a fat or chunked shot … Read more

Is Your Golf Swing Too Steep? 3 Tips To Fix a Steep Golf Swing

You have probably heard a golf coach or a professional reference the steepness of a swing. It’s an element of your swing that can have significant effects on your ball striking, but what does it mean? And is your golf swing swing too steep? Steep golf swings can produce amazing golf shots, but can also … Read more

How To Approach A Tough Lie Angle – Playing On Uphill And Downhill Lies Explained

Golf is challenging enough at the best of times, even when playing off a flat surface like the driving range mat! Unfortunately, the golf course only makes things harder, as we’re presented with all kinds of slopes and undulations which affect how we need to play each shot. In fact, we’re rarely treated to a … Read more