5 Ways to Fix Early Extension In Your Golf Swing

We have never seen you play golf, but we are comfortable saying that early extension in your golf swing is impacting your ability to play better golf. How do we know? The Titleist Performance Institute studies golf swings and golfers’ bodies to design fitness routines to help you play better golf. TPI has identified that … Read more

5 Tricks To Hit Perfect Bunker Shots: Escape From The Traps

Bunker shots strike dread and fear into many golfers – but by keeping a few simple tricks up your sleeve, they can be much easier than you might think. Professional and scratch golfers prefer bunker shots over playing from the rough – so, what do they know that you don’t? That’s what we’re here to … Read more

Golf Slice Prevention: How To Stop Slicing With Your Driver – 8 Tips

The golf slice is one of the most frustrating shots to hit on the course and it is even worse with the driver. Slicing your driver means your ball is not going very far and it is terribly offline. A golf slice often leads to penalty strokes (out of bounds, in a hazard, etc.) and … Read more

How To Stop Topping The Golf Ball: 5 Adjustments To Test

All golfers have their demons. We all have the one shot that keeps us up at night. For some, it is the duck hook (snap hook) and for others, it is the banana slice. Even worse, maybe you hit the occasional shank. The most embarrassing “bad shot” might be “the top”. You make a big … Read more