Topping the Golf Ball? Here are 7 Ways to stop Topping the Golf Ball!

We’ve all been there. You’re playing a brilliant round of golf, hitting long and straight drives, your short game is going great, and you’re dropping putts left right and centre. Until, you start topping the golf ball. Maybe it was the dreaded golf yips, maybe your nerves got the better of you after a great … Read more

Thin golf Shot? Here are the Causes and How to Stop Hitting Thin Golf Shots!

The thin golf shot – also known as a ‘wormburner’ or a ‘low screamer’ – can ruin any golfer’s scorecard if not properly addressed. You may have heard golfers say that they ‘caught that one thin’, or ‘thinned it’, while out on the course before and wondered what it meant, until it happened to you. … Read more

What To Do With Your Wrists in the Golf Swing – Your Wrists in the Golf Swing Explained!

While most of us can quite happily hit a ball and make sure it lands roughly where we hoped it would, not all of us can say that we perfectly understand out own swing. Many golfers might be surprised to find out just how important using your wrists in the golf swing can be. Anyone … Read more

Can’t Follow Through On Your Golf Swing? Here’s How To Perfect Your Golf Swing Follow Through

It’s understandable that golfers might give their primary attention to the parts of their swing that precede hitting the golf ball, with one main objective: hitting the ball.  At this point in the swing, however, your work as a golfer is only half done. Your golf swing follow through is just as much an integral … Read more

The Complete Golf Backswing Guide: 8 Tips To Hit The Ball Better

Your golf backswing is one piece of the puzzle. It is one part of a complicated sequence that starts when you address the ball and ends with your follow-through. Your golf backswing sets the stage. It allows you to store energy that you will hopefully deliver back to the ball. Golfers get very focused on … Read more

5 Ways to Fix Early Extension In Your Golf Swing

We have never seen you play golf, but we are comfortable saying that early extension in your golf swing is impacting your ability to play better golf. How do we know? The Titleist Performance Institute studies golf swings and golfers’ bodies to design fitness routines to help you play better golf. TPI has identified that … Read more

7 Great Tips All Golfers Can Learn From Tiger Woods’ Swing

Few golfers have been more, or even equally, iconic as Tiger Woods. His charisma and confidence, coupled with his domination on the course, have made him one of the all-time greats of the sport with many arguing that he just might be the greatest of all time.  While Tiger Woods’ swing has changed over the … Read more

How Covering The Golf Ball Can Improve Your Striking

Golf instructors can be confusing. “Shallow out the club!”. “Stay on your swing plane!”. “You are not covering the golf ball!”. General golf terminology is tricky, but when two professionals start to talk about their swings you might think they are speaking a different language. Our goal today is to define “covering the golf ball”, … Read more