The 5 Best Illegal Golf Clubs: Non-Conforming Drivers We Recommend

From deflating balls in football, corking bats in baseball, playing will illegal curves in hockey, to using illegal golf clubs – in every sport, players are always trying to gain the upper hand. While illegal or non-conforming golf clubs can’t be used in most official tournaments due to the benefit they give their users, amateur … Read more

Eliminate Tension In The Golf Swing With These 7 Tricks

Is your game stagnating? Are you getting frustrated that your shots aren’t as consistent as they once were? Perhaps you’ve pulled a muscle with a particularly powerful shot, or maybe you just need some pointers about how to improve your overall game. These things will happen to all of us at some point in our … Read more

Perfect Your Golf Swing Takeaway With These 6 Tips

A golf swing is a complex sequence of movements and positions designed to consistently strike the golf ball. It starts with your address and finishes with your follow-through. Your golf swing takeaway is the second step and critical to getting your swing off to the right start. A breakdown in your golf swing takeaway can … Read more