How Covering The Golf Ball Can Improve Your Striking

Golf instructors can be confusing. “Shallow out the club!”. “Stay on your swing plane!”. “You are not covering the golf ball!”. General golf terminology is tricky, but when two professionals start to talk about their swings you might think they are speaking a different language. Our goal today is to define “covering the golf ball”, … Read more

Blade Irons vs. Cavity Back Irons: Which Should You Use?

Blade Irons vs. Cavity Back Irons – what’s the difference? These two terms get thrown around a lot and are sometimes used interchangeably. This is actually incorrect and after reading this, you have my permission to correct anyone you see misusing these titles. Until the early ’70s, all irons were blade irons. It wasn’t until … Read more

Golf Nerves: 9 Ways To Conquer Them & Play Well

Golf nerves can be a real problem. What is it about this great game that makes us feel tense? The situation doesn’t matter. Your weekend foursome, your club championship, a local amateur event, or the US Open. Golf nerves cans strike at any time. Our favorite golf nerves quote comes from hall-of-Famer Lee Trevino. “Pressure … Read more

How To Hit A Straight Drive In Golf – 6 Simple Tips

How to hit a straight drive is a challenge many golfers grapple with. Regardless of what level of golf you play, chances are you wish your drive was more straight. Even if you’re just practicing in the driving range, there’s nothing more satisfying than a great, powerful, and straight drive.  A long, straight drive is … Read more

8 Different Types Of Chip Shots: Add Diversity To Your Short Game

When faced with a challenge on the golf course, the more options you have the better. Learn to execute different types of chip shots and you will always have a solution. It won’t matter what Donald Ross, Pete Dye, or Gil Hanse throw at you. Diversity in your short game is critical to saving strokes … Read more

How To Play Golf In Extreme Conditions: 5 Types Of Weather That Affect Your Game

Golfers like to use the term “chamber of commerce” day to describe a day with the perfect weather to be on the golf course. Unfortunately, we aren’t always that lucky. If you love the game, eventually you will have to learn how to play golf in extreme conditions. Weather conditions can affect your equipment and … Read more