How to Play Winter Golf Well

Don’t let a little cool weather stint your golf growth. If you want to improve, you have to keep practicing, and if that means you have to play in the snow, so be it. Knowing how to play winter golf well is much different than run-of-the-mill summer golf. You have to dress differently, prepare differently … Read more

Can you Play Golf in the Snow? Our Guide to Golfing in the Snow

If you’re wondering, “can you play golf in the snow?”- the answer is yes, golfing in the snow is a thing! Vast stretches of grassy fairways, warm weather, and smooth putting greens are universally associated with golf. However, a new trend is currently gaining traction among golf fans worldwide who want to partake in their … Read more

Get Relief From Golfer’s Elbow—Know What to Do With Your Elbows In the Golf Swing

Although there is no such thing as a right or wrong swing in golf, certain fundamentals are necessary to play effectively.  While many novices and even seasoned golfers like driving the golf ball as far as they can all day long, accuracy and consistency will win 99% of all matches. Tendinitis or a tendon tearing … Read more

What Is A Low Lofted Golf Club? Loft In Golf Explained

Everyone who plays golf wants to hit the ball far and high, hence the question, “what is a low lofted golf club?.” If you haven’t noticed, golf clubs and their lofts are a very popular topic of discussion. Golf club manufacturers are continuously coming up with new ideas for equipment that will either boost playability … Read more

Blade Irons vs. Cavity Back Irons: Which Should You Use?

Blade Irons vs. Cavity Back Irons – what’s the difference? These two terms get thrown around a lot and are sometimes used interchangeably. This is actually incorrect and after reading this, you have my permission to correct anyone you see misusing these titles. Until the early ’70s, all irons were blade irons. It wasn’t until … Read more