The Proper Golf Driver Stance Explained!

If you’ve ever watched the pros play on the TV, you might have thought to yourself “that golf driver stance looks a lot different to mine”. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! There’s technically no such thing as a ‘proper golf driver stance’ as everyone’s stance will be slightly different as everyone’s body is different. … Read more

How to approach a tough lie angle – Playing on Uphill And Downhill Lies explained

Golf is challenging enough at the best of times, even when playing off a flat surface like the driving range mat! Unfortunately, the golf course only makes things harder, as we’re presented with all kinds of slopes and undulations which affect how we need to play each shot. In fact, we’re rarely treated to a … Read more

Can you Play Golf in the Snow? Our Guide to Golfing in the Snow

If you’re wondering, “can you play golf in the snow?”- the answer is yes, golfing in the snow is a thing! Vast stretches of grassy fairways, warm weather, and smooth putting greens are universally associated with golf. However, a new trend is currently gaining traction among golf fans worldwide who want to partake in their … Read more

Get Relief From Golfer’s Elbow—Know What to Do With Your Elbows In the Golf Swing

Although there is no such thing as a right or wrong swing in golf, certain fundamentals are necessary to play effectively.  While many novices and even seasoned golfers like driving the golf ball as far as they can all day long, accuracy and consistency will win 99% of all matches. Tendinitis or a tendon tearing … Read more

How to Chip a Golf ball consistently – The Guide to Controlled Chip Shots

If you’ve ever hit a great chip shot one week, only to hit an awful chip shot the next week, then don’t worry – we’ve all been there. You might know how to hit a great chip shot, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can do it consistently. The key to playing great golf … Read more

What Is A Low Lofted Golf Club? Loft In Golf Explained

Everyone who plays golf wants to hit the ball far and high, hence the question, “what is a low lofted golf club?.” If you haven’t noticed, golf clubs and their lofts are a very popular topic of discussion. Golf club manufacturers are continuously coming up with new ideas for equipment that will either boost playability … Read more