The 9 Most Common Golf Mistakes – And how to fix them!

If you’re new to the sport of golf, welcome! You’re in for a treat with one of the most social and competitive sports you can pursue. Golf is a great game that takes lots of practice to improve, which means plenty of hours enjoying the great outdoors and breathing in that fresh air. However, that … Read more

The Golf Sand Bunker – How to get out of a Sand Bunker in golf

There are many reasons why golf can be one of the most frustrating sports to play, and one of the big ones is the golf sand bunker. Sand bunkers can be scary. They seem unpredictable and unforgiving in comparison to the lovely, well pruned and maintained fairway. That’s why you need to be prepared to … Read more

What To Do With Your Wrists in the Golf Swing – Your Wrists in the Golf Swing Explained!

While most of us can quite happily hit a ball and make sure it lands roughly where we hoped it would, not all of us can say that we perfectly understand out own swing. Many golfers might be surprised to find out just how important using your wrists in the golf swing can be. Anyone … Read more

What Does Up And Down In Golf Mean?

Do you ever feel like golfers are speaking a different language? Golf terminology is a bit crazy! Fried Egg. Up and Down in golf. Got the Shanks. Breakfast ball. Fighting the Yips. Dormie. Sandbagger. Cover the ball. It can all be a bit overwhelming. You want to sound like an experienced player, but don’t want … Read more

Golf Nerves: 9 Ways To Conquer Them & Play Well

Golf nerves can be a real problem. What is it about this great game that makes us feel tense? The situation doesn’t matter. Your weekend foursome, your club championship, a local amateur event, or the US Open. Golf nerves cans strike at any time. Our favorite golf nerves quote comes from hall-of-Famer Lee Trevino. “Pressure … Read more