The Albatross Golf Goal: What Is It And How To Achieve It?

The rarest of birds. A double eagle. 3-under par. These are all various terms that golfers use to describe an albatross in golf. So, what is an albatross golf shot? The most simple definition: an albatross is when you score 3-under par on a hole. It is quite hard to accomplish. There are three achievements … Read more

Golf Ball Compression Chart: Which Ball Is Best for You?

Welcome to our golf ball compression chart guide! Golfers should not underestimate how much the golf ball you choose can affect your game. Selecting the right golf ball can help you achieve distance, accuracy and, ultimately help to lower your score. In other words, playing the right golf ball optimizes your performance. The first key … Read more

Average Golf Handicap By Age

Welcome to our guide on the average golf handicap by age! You get to the first tee and meet up with your playing partners. After introductions, the first question will be ‘What handicap are you?’ This is always the start point to get a match organized. Delving into the dark and murky world of golf … Read more