Phil Mickelson WITB May 2024: Pro Golfer’s Gear Breakdown

Phil Mickelson is not the only lefty on the PGA Tour, but he’s undoubtedly the most well-known! You probably either love Phil or turn away when he plays in an event; he’s created some drama over the past few years with the LIV and PGA Tour.

However, when Phil won the PGA Championship at 50, it was really hard to deny his contributions to the game of golf through the years. Phil is mostly a Callaway golfer, but he’s got a few Ping and TaylorMade surprises in the bag.

In this article, we will delve into the details of Phil Mickelson’s “What’s in the Bag” (WITB) as of May, revealing the equipment behind his remarkable gameplay.

We will cover:

  • Phil Mickelson WITB: Quick Facts
  • Phil Mickelson WITB: Driver
  • Phil Mickelson WITB: Irons
  • Phil Mickelson WITB: Wedges
  • Phil Mickelson WITB: Putter

Let’s take a look inside Phil’s golf bag!

what's in the bag phil mickelson witb

Phil Mickelson: What’s In The Bag May

GearModelShaft Model
DriverCallaway Paradym Triple Diamond (8.5 Degrees)Fujikura Ventus TR Red 6 X
Mini DriverTaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver (11.5 degrees)Fujikura Ventus TR Black 6 X
Hybrid‘sCallaway Apex UW
Ping Anser (17 Degrees)
Fujikura Ventus Red 9 X
Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Prototype
Irons (5 to Pitching wedge)Callaway X Forged UT (22 degrees)
Callaway X Forged 2013 (6-9)
KBS Tour-V 125
Wedges (50°, 56°, 60°)Callaway Jaws Raw (50,56)
Ping Eye2 XG (L)
KBS Tour-V
PutterOdyssey Phil Mickelson prototype with SuperStroke Traxion WL 17
BallCallaway Chrome Soft X Triple Track
GlovesTaylorMade Tour Preferred
GripsGolf Pride MCC
ClothingMizzen & Main

Phil Mickelson WITB May: Driver

For Phil Mickelson, one driver isn’t really enough. As I go through the clubs in Phil’s bag, you are going to see that he makes some unique selections. The first of those selections- two drivers in the bag.

Phil’s main driver is the Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond. The Triple Diamond model is really common among the pros on the PGA Tour because of the low spin and accuracy. Even though this is the better players model, it still has plenty of distance and forgiveness to offer.

The other driver Phil carries is a TaylorMade BRNR Mini Driver. This one has 11.5 degrees of loft and is more of a fairway finder than anything else. With the TaylorMade BRNR Mini, you can also hit those long approaches from the fairway that make eagles on a par 5 that much more attainable.

The Mini was popular for a while, but it faded a bit, except for golfers who like to keep things unique, like Phil!

 Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond

For the shaft in his Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond, Phil uses a Fujikura Ventus TR Red 6 shaft. He kept things pretty consistent by putting the Fujikura Ventus TR Black in the TaylorMade Mini driver. Depending on the course he’s playing and the conditions, Phil has options.

 Fujikura Ventus TR Black

Phil then carries two hybrids, a Callaway Apex UW and a Ping Anser hybrid. It’s not all that common to see two hybrids in a professional golfers’ bag, but you have to remember Phil doesn’t carry a true fairway wood either.

The Callaway has a Fujikura Ventus Red 9 X that has a similar feel, trajectory, and weighting to the driver shafts. However, the Anser is a unique club with a Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Prototype shaft.

Even with the two drivers and no fairway wood, Mickelson bridges the gap between irons and woods quite well.


Phil Mickelson WITB May: Irons

Phil plays with a mixed set of irons consisting of two different types of X-forged irons from Callaway. Although Callaway has some similar new releases, his clubs are a bit outdated at this point.

The Callaway X Forged UT is the 4/5 iron set at 22 degrees. This will be a mix between an iron and a utility-type golf club. The other irons in the set are the Callaway X Forged standard irons.

These are the 2013 model, and he has the 6-9 iron. Overall, you can expect this to be a very clean looking blade with a thin top down look. It’s quite common for a professional to have mixed sets of irons, with the short irons being more blade like.

Callaway X Forged UT

The Callaway X Forged UT, and the Callaway X Forged standard irons in Mickelson’s bag all contain the KBS Tour-V 125 shaft. The KBS Tour shafts are known for having very little vibration at impact and encouraging a slightly softer feel. Mickelson is a feel player, so this comes as no surprise.

KBS Tour-V 125 shaft

Phil Mickelson WITB May: Wedges

If you are a Phil Mickelson fan, you know all about his impressive performance around the greens. Let’s face it: he pretty much owns the flop shot. Phil is not afraid to take any kind of shot around the green. We’ve seen him go after the ball with a full swing from just a few feet away.

Yet again, the wedge setup from Mickelson is a little bit unconventional. He has the Callaway Jaws in the 50 and 56 degree. The Jaws have tons of spin, a firm but workable feel, and a really clean top down look.

For the 60 degree or lob wedge, Mickelson switches to a Ping Eye2 XG. This isn’t really the wedge you would think that the king of flop shots is using, but it certainly does the trick for him.

ping eye2 xg phil mickelson witb

All three of the wedges have the KBS Tour-V golf shaft in them. The Tour-V is a little less firm and heavy than the Tour-V 125. Again, this allows Mickelson the workability he needs around the greens. We probably also need to address that although he has tons of speed, more than most 53 year olds, he’s not swinging quite as hard as Rory.

Phil Mickelson WITB May: Putters

Mickelson has played with the same style of putter for a long time. When his putting is on, he is tough to beat, but we have all seen Phil miss those 3 and 4-footers that have cost him so many 1st place finishes.

The current putter in the bag is an Odyssey Phil Mickelson prototype. You will have a tough time finding this for your own bag, but the Wilson Staff Model Putter 8802 is pretty close.

Odyssey Putter phil mickeson prototype

The grip on Mickelson’s putter is a little more conventional; it’s the SuperStroke Traxion WL 17. If you want to keep your hands stable on the putter without much wrist movement, the SuperStroke grips are the way to go.

Phil Mickelson WITB: Golf Ball

Phil Mickelson plays with the Callaway Chrome Soft X golf balls. He does use the Triple Track version, which provides a few lines to help with alignment. If you struggle with lining up shots around the greens or even from the tee, the Triple Track is helpful.

What Can We Learn From Phil Mickelson Golf Bag

Phil Mickelson has a mix of Callaway, TaylorMade, and even Ping golf clubs in his bag. As a LIV player, Phil has certainly let us all know he will do things his way for the remainder of his career. Here are a few things we can learn from the golf club setup that Phil Mickelson has.

  • Phil Mickelson plays with a driver and a mini or small driver; we don’t see this from most professionals. It’s not a setup that most amateurs will do all that well with either; choose a fairway wood that is a good fit for your game.
  • Two hybrids are not common for PGA Tour pros. Phil isn’t the youngest of the professionals out there at age 53, and this could play into that decision a bit.
  • Notice that the shafts between the drivers and hybrids and the shafts between the irons and wedges are consistent.
  • The problem with two hybrids is that you can only have the 3 wedges in the bag. It seems like there would be a large gap between MIckelson’s 9 iron and 50 degree wedge, but he probably has the irons bent a bit to accommodate.
  • Finally, if you have a club you love, don’t be afraid to keep it in the bag if it still works for you. Phil doesn’t have the newest irons, but the performance must be good enough to justify a spot in the bag.
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