Drive Shack vs Top Golf: A Golf Driving Range Battle

Drive Shack vs Top Golf – which is best for you? In recent years, high-tech driving ranges have been popping up everywhere – and for good reason. These high-tech driving ranges have transformed the traditional country clubs and golf courses, injecting the golf experience with technology, good food, drinks, and challenges that attract golfers of … Read more

4 Tips to Master Golf In The Rain + Must-Have Rain Gear

Most golfers would prefer to avoid golf in the rain, but sometimes, it just isn’t possible. Yep, there are times when playing golf in the rain is simply unavoidable – a non-refundable golf trip, a local tournament or even as simple as a surprise shower on the back 9. And because it’s inevitable, it’s important … Read more

Flop Shots: 7 Steps To Hit A Beautiful Flop Shot

When you watch a professional golfer or a scratch player you will notice they have a bunch of different shots at their disposal. They truly know how to control their golf ball. When needed, they can hit a draw, a fade, a stinger, or even a punch-out from the woods. Our favourite “advanced” shot is … Read more

Golf Slice Prevention: How To Stop Slicing With Your Driver – 8 Tips

The golf slice is one of the most frustrating shots to hit on the course and it is even worse with the driver. Slicing your driver means your ball is not going very far and it is terribly offline. A golf slice often leads to penalty strokes (out of bounds, in a hazard, etc.) and … Read more