4 Tips to Master Golf In The Rain + Must-Have Rain Gear

Most golfers would prefer to avoid golf in the rain, but sometimes, it just isn’t possible.

Yep, there are times when playing golf in the rain is simply unavoidable – a non-refundable golf trip, a local tournament or even as simple as a surprise shower on the back 9.

And because it’s inevitable, it’s important to be prepared. And with our tips and tricks, you’ll not only be prepared for golf in the rain – you’ll master it.

Ready to turn golfing in the rain to your advantage? Then read on…

…in this article, we’ll discuss:

  • The 5 Must Have Gear Pieces For Golf In The Rain.
  • 4 Tips For Playing Golf In The Rain.
  • How To Use Golf In The Rain To Your Advantage

Let’s get into it.

Playing Golf In The Rain How To Deal With Tough Conditions

The 5 Must-Have Gear Pieces For Golf In The Rain

First things first. If you want to play through a rain shower you need to be prepared. This includes having the correct golf gear.

#1: Golf Umbrella

No surprise here. If you are going to play golf in the rain, you will need a golf umbrella.

Could you simply use an umbrella you have in your coat closet? Yes, but you won’t be taking advantage of the unique features of a golf umbrella.

Golf umbrellas are designed to help you deal with the weather. They are larger and more lightweight than regular umbrellas. Meaning more coverage to keep your clubs dry and easier for you to carry.

What typically accompanies rain on the golf course? The answer is wind and golf umbrellas have been engineered to handle a strong breeze.

Have you ever seen a golfer fighting an umbrella in the fairway that has flipped upside-down due to a wind gust? Don’t be that golfer!

Titleist makes a great golf umbrella, but if you prefer a different golf brand, they probably have a similar product.

Playing Golf In The Rain How To Deal With Tough Conditions 6

#2: Golf Gloves (or Rain Gloves)

The single biggest challenge when playing golf in the rain is maintaining control of your clubs. Wet hands and slipping can make it impossible to play.

There are a couple of ways to attack this problem. First, you may want to have multiple golf gloves so you can rotate as they get damp.

Pro Tip: if you are using a golf umbrella, attach your golf gloves to the inside frame. The perfect way to keep them dry when you aren’t wearing them.

The other option when playing golf in the rain is rain gloves. A relatively new product, they make it possible to hit shots in any conditions.

You wear one on each hand and you want them to get wet. Once wet, they become tacky and allow you to grip the club.

The only challenge with rain gloves is that some golfers find it uncomfortable to have a glove on both hands. If that doesn’t bother you, they are a must purchase.

Playing Golf In The Rain How To Deal With Tough Conditions 9

#3: Rain Jacket

Depending on the temperature, playing golf in the rain can make you feel damp and cold. It is important to keep your core warm and dry.

A full rain suit can be expensive. At a minimum, we recommend you find a high-quality rain jacket.

Opt for a 3/4 sleeve option to avoid restricting your golf swing.

One additional feature to keep in mind. Make sure your rain jacket is waterproof, not water-resistant.

We have found that water-resistant jackets might be able to handle a drizzle, but if you get caught in real rain, they will not do the job.

Playing Golf In The Rain How To Deal With Tough Conditions 10

#4: Towels, Towels, and Towels

If the forecast is calling for wet weather, you will need the ability to keep yourself and your clubs dry. Towels are the simplest solution.

After being used for 6 to 9 holes even the best towel will get saturated. This is why we always recommend you bring a few with you when playing golf in the rain.

Similar to our “pro-tip” above (glove section), keep a small towel hanging from the inside of your umbrella.

The umbrella will keep it dry and you have quick access to it to dry your golf ball or wipe off your clubface.

Your ability to play golf in the rain will come down to how well you manage your towels.

#5: Cover For Your Clubs

The final piece of equipment you need to play golf in the rain is a cover for your clubs. This can be handled in a couple of different ways.

If you rent a golf cart when you play you should be fine. Most now have a bag cover attached to the back that will protect your clubs.

Playing Golf In The Rain How To Deal With Tough Conditions 2

If you are walking when you golf in the rain, check the large pocket on the side of your bag. Most carry golf bags come with an attachable rain hood.

The attachable rain hood can be a pain to deal with in bad weather, but it is better than simply letting your clubs get soaked.

The key is attaching it correctly. Make sure it is protecting your clubs from getting wet, but that you also have easy access to your equipment.

Playing golf in the rain is already a challenge. You don’t need to wrestle with your club cover before each shot.

4 Tips For Playing Golf In The Rain

We have already talked about the gear you need to be successful in tough conditions, but you also need to use it the correct way.

You don’t have to be a scratch golfer to handle golf in the rain like a pro.

Playing Golf In The Rain How To Deal With Tough Conditions 8

#1: Be Prepared – Do Your Pre-Round Research

The key to playing golf in the rain is having what you need when you need it. There is nothing worse than getting drenched on the course while your rain jacket hangs in your closet.

Always check the hourly weather forecast before you leave the house. Assess the conditions you are going to experience on the course and pack accordingly.

Another option is to always bring your rain gear, but it seems kind of crazy to carry around a golf umbrella on a beautiful, sunny day.

Don’t be left out in the rain. Use your favourite weather app to determine the gear you need to bring.

#2: It’s All About The Grips

Can you play golf if you get a little wet? Can you hit a nice shot if your shoes are damp? Yes and yes.

But, can you golf in the rain if your hands are slipping off the club on every swing? No way – no chance.

Playing Golf In The Rain How To Deal With Tough Conditions 5

When battling tough conditions, keeping your grips dry should be your first, second, and third priority. Keep your focus on them.

For example, if you are walking the course, leave your golf umbrella on top of your bag so it’s protected from the rain while you putt. You will get wet, but your grips will stay dry.

Save your dry towels to take care of your hands and your golf grips. Don’t waste them on drying your hair or the seat of your cart.

When playing golf in the rain stay focused on what you need to hold on to the club.

#3: It Is Easier In A Golf Cart

If you know the weather is going to be bad and you have the option to rent a cart, we would recommend you do it.

Why does a golf cart help when playing golf in the rain? It makes it much easier to manage and protect your gear.

Most golf carts have a cover on the back for your clubs. You can keep your towels dry inside the cart and you have protection for yourself.

Simply use your golf umbrella to walk to your ball or the green. It can be tricky to walk, carry your bag, carry an umbrella, and try to keep everything dry.

The other option in poor conditions is to use a caddie if they are available. They have been trained to handle the weather.

Playing Golf In The Rain How To Deal With Tough Conditions 3

#4: Practice Makes Perfect

Like many things in life, the more you practice playing golf in the rain, the better you’ll get.

You don’t want the first time that you’re managing all your gear in the rain to be during an important golf tournament or an expensive golf trip – so get practising ASAP.

We aren’t saying you should play every single rainy day, but don’t completely avoid them. If there is a chance of showers during your round, go for it – don’t cancel your tee time.

Bring your rain gear and try it out. See what works best for you when trying to attack the course in poor conditions.

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Use Golf In The Rain To Your Advantage

It doesn’t matter if you are playing in a tournament or simply wagering with friends, bad weather will impact the scores.

If you know how to handle playing golf in the rain it is a competitive advantage.

While your competitors struggle to deal with moisture on their grips, you continue to hit great shots.

Embrace the tough conditions. See it as a challenge instead of getting frustrated. This mental approach and your rain gear could lead you to victory.

Playing Golf In The Rain How To Deal With Tough Conditions 4 1

Now that you’ve mastered playing in tough conditions…What else can we help you with?

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