The Albatross Golf Goal: What Is It And How To Achieve It?

The rarest of birds. A double eagle. 3-under par. These are all various terms that golfers use to describe an albatross in golf. So, what is an albatross golf shot? The most simple definition: an albatross is when you score 3-under par on a hole. It is quite hard to accomplish. There are three achievements … Read more

Learn How To Break 80 In Golf With These 4 Tricks

Only between 2% – 5% of golfers in the world can break 80. If you learn how to break 80 in golf you can safely say that you’re amongst the greats. But striving to break 80 is a difficult goal. It is hard to accomplish – but not impossible. Breaking 80 won’t happen overnight. If … Read more

7 Tricks To Improve Your Golf Course Management

The term golf course management describes the set of choices that you make during your game, at every hole, every shot, and every swing. It’s all the decisions that you make to execute your game strategy and to achieve your golfing goals. Many golfers are overly focused on perfecting their swing. However, bad decisions can … Read more

Flop Shots: 7 Steps To Hit A Beautiful Flop Shot

When you watch a professional golfer or a scratch player you will notice they have a bunch of different shots at their disposal. They truly know how to control their golf ball. When needed, they can hit a draw, a fade, a stinger, or even a punch-out from the woods. Our favourite “advanced” shot is … Read more

How To Become A Scratch Golfer: 7 Practices To Reduce Your Handicap

Becoming a scratch golfer is an audacious goal. Did you know that less than 2% of all golfers are scratch? Of course, nothing worth having comes easy. We love the idea of setting aspirational goals. Dream big! You should always shoot for the stars, or in this case, shoot for the birdies. We can help … Read more