The 9 Most Common Golf Mistakes – And how to fix them!

If you’re new to the sport of golf, welcome! You’re in for a treat with one of the most social and competitive sports you can pursue. Golf is a great game that takes lots of practice to improve, which means plenty of hours enjoying the great outdoors and breathing in that fresh air. However, that … Read more

How To Practice At The Driving Range – 6 Tips To Get The Most Out Of It

Before we learn how to practice at the driving range, let’s talk about common mistakes made by golfers. Let’s call them “how not to practice”! Yes, it is very exciting when you hit the poor kid who is trying to pick up the range balls but is that going to help you break 90 for … Read more

Golf Foot Placement – Your Foot Position for Golf Explained

The arms and upper body tend to steal the show in a golfer’s swing, yet it’s your foot placement that provides the crucial foundation to enable you to pull off that effortless looking (and feeling) shot. In the game of golf, foot placement can have a huge influence on the way you play. Too often … Read more

The Complete Golf Backswing Guide: 8 Tips To Hit The Ball Better

Your golf backswing is one piece of the puzzle. It is one part of a complicated sequence that starts when you address the ball and ends with your follow-through. Your golf backswing sets the stage. It allows you to store energy that you will hopefully deliver back to the ball. Golfers get very focused on … Read more

How Covering The Golf Ball Can Improve Your Striking

Golf instructors can be confusing. “Shallow out the club!”. “Stay on your swing plane!”. “You are not covering the golf ball!”. General golf terminology is tricky, but when two professionals start to talk about their swings you might think they are speaking a different language. Our goal today is to define “covering the golf ball”, … Read more

How To Hit A Straight Drive In Golf – 6 Simple Tips

How to hit a straight drive is a challenge many golfers grapple with. Regardless of what level of golf you play, chances are you wish your drive was more straight. Even if you’re just practicing in the driving range, there’s nothing more satisfying than a great, powerful, and straight drive.  A long, straight drive is … Read more

The Best Golf Training Aids: 5 Game-Changing Golf Aids

The best golf training aids – what’s the point? There’s a common misconception that practice alone makes perfect. However, just because you practice doesn’t mean you’ll get better. The more accurate statement is “practice makes permanent.” If you practice the wrong way, your mistakes become habits, and you won’t improve.  While it is true that … Read more