The 9 Best Golf Balls For Distance: Longest Golf Balls

The clubs you use and how you swing aren’t the only factors that determine how far you hit. The golf ball you choose will also play a decisive role.

To maximize your distance, you need to take advantage of today’s technology and match your golf ball to your game.

You can’t increase your distance by using pond balls that you bought by the kilo. It may sound like a ‘dad joke,’ but all the good shots really have been hit out of those balls. 

Even if you’re new to the game, getting a distance golf ball designed for you will help you lower your scores faster so you can start beating your buddies in the club championship.

Distance golf balls are no longer just for beginners. No matter how impressive your handicap, you can use this technology to your advantage to lower your scores even more. 

We’ve compiled our pick of the best golf balls for distance to help you identify which ball will help you the most. But first . . .

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What Makes A Great Distance Golf Ball?

#1: Compression

This term refers to how much the ball “shrinks” upon impact.

A low compression ball is easy to compress and will provide great distance even when hit by a slower swing speed. 

This is because higher swing speeds require higher compression to maintain control over the spin and the trajectory – allowing your ball to fly further. 

#2: Number Of Pieces

A 2-piece ball is the most desirable if you’re looking for distance.

This offers the largest core, which provides ample bounce to transfer energy from your clubhead to the ball. This will take advantage of every bit of clubhead speed you can muster.

3-piece balls will benefit players with a slightly higher swing speed. They will appreciate a layer between the cover and the core to assist with controlling spin and trajectory.

There are 4-piece and even 5-piece balls available, but they cater to a specific type of player. There are only two 4-piece design balls on this list, and that’s because these distance golf balls provide unique advantages to specific playing styles that use them. 

The X Longest Golf Balls Best Golf Balls For Distance 3

Who can Benefit From Using A Distance Golf Ball?

For years, distance golf balls have been considered as beginners’ equipment – made for newbies hoping to get the most distance out of every shot.

And indeed, distance golf balls are well suited to novices, as beginner players place less importance on softness and control around the greens as they focus more on making solid contact.

However, pretty much all golfers can benefit from using distance golf balls.

The stigma around these balls has been changing steadily over the years.

No longer just for beginners, companies now offer far greater variety in their distance golf balls, tailoring each to meet the needs of players at different proficiency levels.

A softer cover such as that found on a Callaway Chrome Soft offers the player a nice feel on shorter shots while still adding yards to your tee shots

Additionally, as golf courses are being built longer and longer, it’s more important now than ever to ensure your ball is giving you the most distance possible. 

The X Longest Golf Balls Best Golf Balls For Distance 5

The 9 Best Golf Balls for Distance

Without further ado, here’s our pick of the best golf balls for distance.

1) Callaway Warbird

callaway warbird

– Extra durable to protect against wear and tear

Firm core to promote distance

If you’re the type of golfer who wears out a golf ball before you lose it, then the Callaway Warbird could be your new favorite. The name says it all – this distance golf ball is ready for war. 

The cover deserves all the attention here. Despite being made with an ionomer cover, the designers have made it more resistant to scratches and scuffs

The core is made with intense rigidity. This will help it keep its shape no matter how many times you smack it. A firm core also contributes to distance, which this ball has plenty of. Like their drivers, Callaway knows how to add yards to your driver. 

Most will feel a difference right away as the firmness of this ball is unmistakable. It’s meant for those who need the extra yards on all their shots. Its durability may take some getting used to, but this 2-piece ball will fly and stay with you for longer than your average ball.

2) Volvik Crystal

– Larger soft power core for added distance

– 3-piece design maintains control for accurate approach shots

Often known as the colorful ball, Volvik rarely gets the credit it deserves. This 3-piece ball delivers massive distance while still keeping your ball in bounds. 

The larger core is to thank for the extra distance. It’s softer and will transfer energy much better than previous models Volvik has offered. Also contributing to the distance is a unique 332-dimple pattern which makes the ball more aerodynamic. 

As a 3-piece ball, you will also enjoy more control as well. If you struggle with hitting greens in regulation, this distance ball will cross two things off your list of aspects to improve. 

The cover is also worth noting as it is one of the toughest on this list. This is handy for high handicappers who don’t want to change balls every time they hit the cart path. 

3) Titleist Velocity

The 9 Best Golf Balls For Distance: Longest Golf Balls 1

– 2-piece design for maximum distance with slow swing speeds

– New surlyn cover helps hold greens better than most distance balls

Titleist is known for their ProV1s, but they also have excellent options for non-single-digit handicappers. This is a perfect option for mid-handicappers as it’s a mid-compression ball. 

This means it’s versatile no matter what your swing speed is. However, it will excel with slower swing speed players.

Its two-piece design will also help with distance. Unlike the ProV1, which is a three-piece, two-piece designs are firmer and are better at transferring energy from your driver to the ball. 

Even your mis-hits will provide exceptional distance. 

Distance isn’t everything, though, and we want to make sure you can hold a green with your golf ball as well. 

To do that, Titlist has created a new cover. It’s not your traditional urethane cover. This one is made from a combination of NAZ + Surlyn. It still has a significant level of softness to it, so your wedges will grab the greens like velcro.

4) Taylor Made Distance+

– Unique REACT speedcore gives this ball maximum distance

– Includes an excellent alignment stamp 

For those concerned about feel around the greens or optimal spin with your wedges, then skip this ball. The Taylor Made Distance+ is made for raw and unharnessed distance

A 2-piece distance golf ball with a unique REACT speedcore is the source of its power. Taylor Made already makes some of the longest drivers, so why not make the longest golf ball, as well?

The simple design is kept at 342, and they are very close together. This significantly reduces drag and makes the ball more aerodynamic to help create a penetrating ball flight. 

As a nice added touch, there is a clear alignment stamp that works great for lining up putts. This ball defines “Drive for show, putt for dough.”  

5) Titleist ProV1x

2021 Titleist Pro V1x Golf Balls Packaging

– Proprietary 3-piece ball promotes massive distance and control

– Best for feel around the greens 

The ProV1x is still one of the longest balls on the market today. This is why so many players swear by it. The reason it’s not in every golf bag is its durability and cost. 

Better players benefit from this ball because they make clean contact more often, which protects the cover. Even sand from a crisp bunker shot can scuff a ProV1x. 

If you’re prepared to absorb those two minor issues, you’ll be rewarded with exceptional distance off the tee. This 3-piece ball is longer than any other 3-piece ball. Their proprietary core layers bridge the gap between distance and control.

This is easily the best distance golf ball on this list for feel around the greens and deserves to be here as a distance ball. 

6) Callaway Chrome Soft

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls 2020

– Rare 4-piece design distance ball

– Excellent ball for novice players who need control around the greens as well

Usually, a 2-piece ball is your best chance at getting maximum distance. Callaway Chrome Soft didn’t get that memo – instead, this is a 4-piece distance ball that is great for a wide range of players. 

The four layers start with a duo core design at its heart. In the center is a softer core that is wrapped in a more rigid layer. This combination adds distance to your longer clubs, including your driver. 

The outer two layers consist of a thin mantle layer that coats the dual-core, which is surrounded by the ultra-soft urethane cover. 

This gives this distance golf ball incredible grip, which helps you hold par 5 greens when you’re going after them in two. 

7) Bridgestone e12 Contact

Bridgestone e12 CONTACT Golf Balls

– Specialized dimple design to add distance to all clubs

– Improves control out of any kind of lie

Bridgestone is known for thinking outside the box when it comes to distance golf balls. They offer an extensive line that essentially allows players to get a custom ball for their game. This is their distance gaining ball. 

The unique part of this ball is the dimples. Each one has a small raised dot right in the middle of them. This small addition creates 38% more surface area contact with the ball to help with energy transfer from your clubhead. 

This means you won’t have to change anything about your swing to get more distance immediately.

It also helps increase spin out of thicker rough to still hit greens in regulation if you miss the fairway.  

8) Srixon Z-STAR XV 7

Srixon Z-STAR XV 7 Divide Golf Balls Yellow/White

4-piece ball with redesigned FastLayer inner core

– Thicker cover helps high swing speed players hold greens better

Along with the ProV1x, this ball has been played by PGA professionals around the world, including Masters Champion Hideki Matsuyama. This is another rare 4-piece distance ball that will serve you well in many situations on the golf course

The four-layer design optimizes distance compared to earlier models of this golf ball. The inner core has been revamped to provide more distance with the drive and makes it feel like a two-piece ball. 

The outer layer is thicker than others to soften the outside and help stick to greens better. With these changes, this ball suits a higher swing speed player to activate all four layers on each shot. 

9) Wilson Duo Soft+

Wilson Duo Soft+ Golf Balls 2020

2-piece design to maximize distance

Ultra-low compression for low swing speed players

It may seem odd to see a golf ball with ‘soft’ in the title be on a distance golf ball list, but this one deserves to be here. Wilson has been making golf equipment longer than anyone, and they are constantly creating great products for us weekend warriors. 

This ball is a 2-piece design that gives you more yards off any club you hit. 

It’s a low compression ball, making it great for low swing speed players who quickly want to add more distance. 

The term ‘soft’ refers to the soft compression and soft cover. It’s made from surlyn which is just as soft as urethane, but it’s more durable and a little cheaper. This cover makes it sound like a premium ball when struck. 

The X Longest Golf Balls Best Golf Balls For Distance 6


If you’re simply looking for more distance, ensure you’re using a two-piece ball. As you improve, you can change distance golf balls based on your needs. 

Everyone goes through a distance ball phase in their career, and it’s all part of the learning process. Pay close attention to how your ball reacts on the golf course, even your bad shots. 

This info will help you choose your next ball and lower your scores to where they should be.

For even more distance, pair one of these distance golf balls with a distance driver. 

Par 5’s will never be the same when you have the right equipment. Having the right golf ball is the best place to start; now that you have that, it’s time to focus on your driver. Check out the latest technology made to lengthen your drives and shorten every golf course you play.

The X Longest Golf Balls Best Golf Balls For Distance

 Want to know more about Distance in Golf?

Now you know all that there is to know about the best golf balls for distance – how about learning about how your club choice can affect how long your shot is?

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