Golf Club Shaft Flex Calculator: Convert Swing Speed to Flex

Welcome to our shaft flex calculator.

To determine what your shaft flex should be, you need to know the club type you want to use and your clubhead swing speed.

Clubhead swing speed can be calculated by using a launch monitor or a golf simulator.

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Alternatively, you can also get a rough estimate of your swing speed by shooting 10 or more shots with a driver and measuring the carry distance (where the ball lands) of each one, best done using a laser pointer. Take the average of all your shots and multiply it by 2.3, and you have an estimate of your clubhead swing speed.

Golf Swing Flex Calculator

Golf Swing Flex Calculator

Shaft Flex Vs Swing Speed Chart:

Our calculator works based on the data in the swing speed vs shaft flex chart below.

Golf Club Shaft Flex Calculator: Convert Swing Speed to Flex 1

What Is Shaft Flex?

Golf club shaft flex is a measure of how much the shaft bends as force is applied to it – i.e. when it is swung.

The five categories in order of stiffness are:

  • X Stiff
  • Stiff
  • Regular
  • Senior
  • Ladies

80% of golfers use a regular flex club. However, if you have a particularly fast shot, you’re more likely to want to use a stiffer club. On the other hand, if you have a slow shot, you may be better off using a club with more flex to it.

What Is Clubhead Speed?

Clubhead speed is the speed of your club just before it touches the ball.

It determines how far the ball will travel in a single shot.

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