Golf Course Handicap Calculator + Course Handicap Explained

Welcome to our course handicap calculator.

To calculate your handicap for a specific course, you need to know your player handicap, the course rating, the slope rating of the course, and the par of the course.

If you don’t know your handicap index, you can calculate it using our handicap index calculator.

Golf Course Handicap Calculator

Golf Course Handicap Calculator

What Is Course Handicap? – Course Handicap Explained

In a game of golf, a player’s personal handicap index (i.e. their ability as a golfer) is converted into a course-specific handicap to determine how many handicap shots the player receives for a specific set of tees, based on the difficulty of the course.

In this way, course handicap can be understood as a way of allowing players of different golfing abilities (i.e. with different handicap indices) to compete against each other fairly.

It is helpful to note that your target score is the course par plus your player handicap.

Golf Course Handicap Vs Playing Handicap

In non-recreational golf, a course handicap is further converted into a playing handicap, whereby the number of handicap shots a player receives may be further reduced depending on the type of golf being played.

How To Calculate Golf Course Handicap – Golf Course Handicap Formula

The World Handicapping System (WHS), designed to unify a complex range of different handicapping systems from across the globe, calculates course handicaps using the following formula:

Course Handicap = Handicap Index × (Slope Rating ÷ 113) + Course Rating – Par

This is the same formula used in our calculator above.

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