Golf Club Length And Lie Angle Calculator

Welcome to our club length and lie angle calculator.

Trying to choose the proper club length for yourself can be confusing. That’s why we’ve built this calculator – so you can determine the perfect custom length.

On this page, you can calculate the correct driver length, irons length, or putter length.

Additionally, the calculator will also tell you your recommended lie angle when irons is selected as the club type.

If choosing irons or driver as your club type, you need to know your wrist-to-floor measurement. Unsure what your wrist-to-floor measurement is? Scroll below the calculator to find out what it is and how to measure it in no time.

Golf Club Length Calculator


Recommended Club Length: 

Recommended Lie Angle: 

What Is Wrist To Floor Measurement? + How to Measure It

Wrist-to-floor measurement helps to determine if your club should be different from the standard size.

To determine your wrist-to-floor measurement you should:

  1. Stand on a flat, solid floor and relax your arms and hands by your sides, whilst wearing standard shoes without heels.
  2. Get someone to measure the distance from the floor to the crease of your wrist closest to your hand.

What Is Standard Golf Club Length?

Generally, standard club length for men is 45 inches for drivers and around 36 inches for irons and putters, although this may vary slightly between different manufacturers.

For women, it is generally around 44 inches for drivers and 34 inches for irons and putters, again with some variation between different manufacturers.

What Is Golf Club Lie Angle And How Is It Calculated?

Lie angle is the measure of the angle of the shaft when the club head is resting on the ground and grooves on it are parallel with the ground.

An improper lie angle can hinder your ability to hit the ball in the right place.

The values in this table are based on the PING lie angle color chart.

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