The 6 Best Golf Simulators: 2023 Edition

Having golf at home is something we all dream of. Being able to roll out of bed and start hitting balls would be a dream come true.

Well, it’s a reality now with these home golf simulators.

Don’t let cost deter you. Prices are constantly coming down, and after the pandemic surge, new companies are making this more and more accessible for us common folk.

You’ve already thought about getting a home golf simulator, so take it one step further and check out the best and most current options available below.

important Aspects To Consider

If you’re like 99.9% of the population, you’ve never shopped for a home golf simulator before. Knowing what to look for can be intimidating since you don’t want to make the wrong choice with something you’re only going to get once.

Keep an eye out for these things, and you’ll be more confident with making a decision when you find the perfect match for you.

How Much Space Do You Need?

You probably already thought of this, but there’s more to it than just measuring out a space in your basement based on dimensions.

  • Take into account both righties and lefties. Some of these units will require double the hitting space.
  • Leave space behind the hitting area for people to pass by safely
  • Account for where you will leave your clubs and your playing partners’ clubs
  • Spending a lot of time on it will be a given; many people will leave space for a table for food, drink, or anything else
  • Not all shots will be caught by the netting; choose a location that is away from anything delicate or breakable, like car windows

Computing Power & Accuracy

Will you be using this to improve your game or just to mess around with your buddies? For more accuracy, choose a unit that has the power and specifications to measure your shots differently. You want to know spin rate, launch angle, ball speed, etc., etc.

If you just want a fun unit to have a few pops and play with your buddies, then choose one that has fewer electronics on the ground. Typically ground units are more accurate, more expensive, and more easily damaged since they are close to your impact zone.


The process of elimination is the best way to narrow your search. If you are strict with your budget, then the right golf simulator will jump right out at you.

These units are cheaper than you think, and we even found one that is probably less than the set of clubs you’re playing with now. Price is important, but also keep in mind you will have this for a very long time and can upgrade the software along the way.

In-Depth Review Of The Best Golf Simulators

#1 SkyTrak SIG10 Golf Simulator Package

The 6 Best Golf Simulators: 2023 Edition 1

– Spacious, detailed, and accurate system

– Software includes plenty to get started with, and this is a great first simulator

When you think of a home golf simulator, this is the one you’re thinking of. There are variations, but this has all the bells and whistles without going overboard.

It starts with the spacious hitting area that has plenty of room for righties and lefties. You will need to be wary of the Sky Trak unit since that is the brains of the operation.

For an added layer of protection, the Sky Trak unit is in a protective case that will keep it safe from errant shots. This doesn’t mean you can whack it with your club, though.

Not pictured above is the three-quarter enclosure that’s included. This is perfect for home use because it prevents the ball from ricocheting off the screen and into your home. If you’re a beginner and using this to learn, then a full enclosure is recommended.

The software included has everything you need to get started. It includes 12 courses, a driving range, and plenty of fun practice games. You can always upgrade later, but if this is your first simulator, this package offers plenty of golf.

#2 OptiShot 2 Simulator Series Package

The 6 Best Golf Simulators: 2023 Edition 2

– Compact, safe, and affordable

– For smaller spaces or just to keep your game sharp, the price of this unit makes it hard to say no

For a more compact unit, the Optishot is the first choice. Typically golf simulators get less and less accurate as they shrink. These days you can get units that fit in your golf bag and are connected to your smartphone via an app, but that doesn’t mean they work.

This unit is best suited for players who want to have some fun with their friends and keep their swings loose while they wait out the winter. It’s accurate enough not to get frustrating, but you wouldn’t want to do a club fitting with it.

Don’t be intimidated by its small stature. The screen and side netting is specially made to absorb shots, so balls don’t go bouncing all over the place. You can make adjustments to it as well, so it fits smaller areas or catches your dominant shot.

You will save a bit of space with this one because the unit on the floor is incorporated into the mat. This makes it more difficult for lefties but is also the reason it’s priced so fairly.

#3 SkyTrak Bronze Golf Simulator Package

The 6 Best Golf Simulators: 2023 Edition 3

– Accurate, high-powered software, compact hitting area

– Excellent system for serious golfers who are concerned with results and not so much about the appearance of the unit

For those with limited space but still want incredible accuracy and high-powered software, this system is the perfect blend.

Using a Sky Trak system is the most affordable way to get as close to a Trackman as possible. This home unit allows you to work on your game with precision, so when you get back out on the course, you can trust that your yardages will be the same.

Having a high-powered unit is great because the visuals and the speed are on par with the premium devices.

To make this home unit more affordable, reductions were made on the netting and mat setup. There is still plenty of room to make a driver swing, and you still have netting along the side, but it’s minimal. This is not meant for beginners who are prone to the dreaded shank.

You will have enough space to make your swings and avoid the Sky Trak unit comfortably.

#4 TruGolf Vista 10 Golf Simulator

The 6 Best Golf Simulators: 2023 Edition 4

– Accurate software, spacious setup and premium golf simulator feel

– Spend more time working on your game and with your friends with this high-powered setup

Let’s talk about some premium setups that are worthy of MTV’s Cribs. This unit requires much more space than the ones listed above and won’t fit in a basement or garage.

If you have the space for this, you will be rewarded because the computing power is as close as you can get to hitting balls on the range. There is never any lag, and you can trust the numbers to fill you with confidence for your next round.

The picture doesn’t do it justice as the side netting is large, and there are two side walls right next to the screen to help with getting the best image. It also includes an overhead lamp that shines right where the ball is placed.

This unit can be used for fun with your buddies or for intense practice and game improvement. A portable audio speaker adds to the experience, so you’ll hear birds chirping and your ball dropping into the cup.

#5 TruGolf Vista 12 Golf Simulator

The 6 Best Golf Simulators: 2023 Edition 5

– Larger, more detailed, and more course options

– Top-of-the-line projector and computing power make this a daily use golf simulator

This golf simulator is listed after the TruGolf Vista 10 because it’s essentially the same setup but with more options from a computing standpoint. It’s geared towards golfers who will not only be using it year round but on a weekly or even daily basis.

The system is faster and more clear with an HD 1080p projector and an aspect ratio of 16:10. The TGV 10 is only 4:3 and 720p.

You also get a bigger screen. This isn’t meant to catch more errant shots but serves as a better visual since you’ll feel more like you’re actually on the course.

TGV 12 comes with a larger screen to practice your alignment. Aim to different sections of this 165″ screen and worry less about hitting directly in the center.

This comes preloaded with 42 golf courses, whereas the TGV 10 includes 27. That may not sound like a lot at first, but after your first year, it makes a huge difference and will save you money by not having to upgrade for a while.

#6 HD Golf Simulator Ultimate Entertainment Package

– Ultra-premium, super spacious, and high-powered software

– Spare no expense and get the latest in shot-tracking software in a comfortable setting

This is the simulator of your dreams. It’s the same one that Bryson DeChambeau uses, and I think that guy knows a thing or two about precision technology.

The space required is not the only thing large about this golf simulator, so is the price. But if it’s in your budget, there is no substitute.

First is the accuracy; this unit doesn’t miss a shot and will tell you more about your game than any other driving range system. The computing and measuring electronics are all housed above, so you have tons of space to hit shots and make carefree swings.

Multiple cameras record all aspects of your swing, which is unlike any other unit on this list. The others gather basic information and then, using complex algorithms, draw accurate conclusions about your shots. This one measures everything separately.

Over 32 courses to choose from, which is nice, but the premium feature is that this is not only for golf. The software comes equipped for soccer, football, and even bowling, to name a few. You can set it up for multi-player use and turn your golf simulator into a multi-use arcade.


If you live in a climate that doesn’t allow for 12-month-a-year golf, there is a golf simulator here for you. We made sure to include an option for all types of golfers and budgets. These are no longer reserved for the homes of PGA tour stars.

Choose one that suits your space, technological needs, and budget. I’m pretty sure no one has ever returned a home golf simulator for lack of use. Start improving your game in the off-season and get a head start on your Saturday foursome next season.

Golf Simulators Aren’t The Only Way To Improve Your Game

No matter your weakness, we have the means to lower your score and win you more skins with these and many more articles.

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