The 8 Best Launch Monitors In 2023

Whether you’re an advanced golfer or new to the game, regular practice is key to improving your performance.

A launch monitor is an excellent tool for helping you make the most of your practice sessions, using Doppler radar or cameras to give you a range of useful metrics about every shot.

Once out of reach for the average golfer, the best launch monitors have recently become a lot more affordable, making it easier than ever to access the valuable data you need to refine your game.

With so many models on the market right now, it’s not always easy to pick the right one for your needs.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the best launch monitors available, with a list of our top 8 models and the reasons we recommend them.

Before we get to those, though, let’s take a look at the features to consider when picking the right launch monitor for you.

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What to Look for in the Best Launch Monitors

First, you’ll need to consider how you’ll be using your launch monitor.

If it’s to make your practice on the range more enjoyable, check that it is designed for outdoor use and is portable enough to carry with you easily.

If you intend to use it to create a simulator at home for indoor practice when the weather is bad, make sure that it’s compatible with your simulator software.

Other things to consider include:

#1: Accuracy

In general, the more expensive the launch monitor, the more precise the results will be.

That being said, even the most affordable models are pretty accurate these days and suitable for most golfers – and that includes those listed in this guide.

Don’t forget that the accuracy is affected by environmental conditions, including lighting, weather, and positioning.

Be sure to carefully set your monitor up according to the manufacturer’s instructions for more precise results.

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#2: Metrics

Decide which club and ball parameters you want your launch monitor to track.

As a general rule, budget-friendly monitors will measure fewer parameters than pricier models.

Key information like ball speed and distance is delivered as standard by most launch monitors, but you’ll probably need to pay more for advanced data such as angle of attack, smash factor, and apex.

But don’t spend more than you need to – if you’re happy with basic data, why buy a model that provides a bunch of metrics you’ll never use?

#3. Ease of Use

Some launch monitors are more user-friendly and easier to set up than others.

If you choose one that’s too complicated, it can be more frustrating than helpful, taking time away from valuable practice.

All of the best launch monitors in this guide are pretty straightforward to set up and understand.

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The 8 Best Launch Monitors

#1. Best Launch Monitors for Accuracy – Bushnell Launch Pro 3500

Tracking Technology: Photometric, Battery Life: 5 to 7 hours, Dimensions: 5″D x 6″W x 12″H

Bushnell Launch Pro 3500
For indoor and outdoor useExpensive – especially with simulation subscription
Comes with 1 year basic software package and 30-day free trial Gold software packageUS only – cannot be used internationally
Very easy to set upGaming PC required for simulation

Providing exact carry distance, clubhead speed, launch, and spin, the Bushnell Launch Pro is one of the most precise launch monitors out there.

It uses photometric infrared cameras capturing thousands of frames per second for reliable tracking.

The basic subscription package delivers 8 ball and 4 club metrics and is included free for the first year, but you’ll have to renew it after that to access your data.

The Launch Pro also offers simulation, for which you’ll need at least a Silver package.

This doesn’t give any additional metrics but provides 5 virtual courses and a 3D range.

You get to try the Gold package for free for 30 days, which unlocks more data points and a further 5 simulated courses.

This makes it a great launch monitor for a home setup, but it’s important to note you’ll need a powerful gaming PC in order to support the up-to-5K resolution.

#2. Best Value for Money – SkyTrak Launch Monitor

Tracking Technology: Photometric, Battery Life: 4 hours, Dimensions: 9″D x 18″W x 12″H

SkyTrak Launch Monitor w/ 30 Day Trial of Game Improvement Software
Provides immediate shot launch dataDoesn’t always work well in bright sunshine
Integrates with golf course simulation partnersSubscription required to access all features
Comes with a 30 day trial of game improvement software

This high-quality launch monitor uses high speed photography to capture the ball and provide accurate readings of ball speed, distance (carry and total), launch angle, club speed, spin rates, and more.

You can connect it wirelessly to any compatible mobile device and instantly receive data and 3D visualization of the ball flight.

It’s fun to use, too, its compatibility with World Golf Tour, TruGolf E6, and The Golf Club Game software allowing you to play at some of the best golf courses in the world.

The built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for up to 4 hours of continuous use and the entire unit is compact enough to easily take along to the range for practice.

#3. Best Launch Monitors on a Budget – PlayBetter Swing Caddie SC300i by Voice Caddie

Tracking Technology: Doppler Radar, Battery Life: 20 hours, Dimensions: 1″D x 6.5″W x 4.5″H

PlayBetter Swing Caddie SC300i Golf Launch Monitor by Voice Caddie
Remote control for use on the rangeNo lateral data
Voice output to hear your distancesApp instructions could be clearer
Very accurate for the price

With a measuring range of 10 to 370 yds, this monitor features upgraded Doppler radar sensors and an easy-to-read LCD display with instant feedback on your shots.

This includes measurements of your distance (carry and total), smash factor, launch angle, swing speed, apex (max height), and ball speed.

You can also view your data in the recently upgraded app, where it is overlaid onto a video of your swing and stored for later review.

The app includes social login, too, plus a variety of modes of practice to keep things challenging.

The battery life is excellent, with additional power supplied by the included portable charger.

#4. Easiest to Set Up – Flightscope Mevo Portable Personal Launch Monitor for Golf

Tracking Technology: Doppler Radar, Battery Life: 8 hours, Dimensions: 1.5″D x 3.5″W x 2.4″H

Flightscope Mevo Portable Personal Launch Monitor for Golf
Ideal for indoor or outdoor useNo lateral data
Option to record slow-motion videosNeeds a compatible phone to display your stats and record video
Compatible with the FS Golf appMust use silver stickers (provided) for accurate indoor tracking

With 8 data parameters – including full swing performance data with direct spin measurements – this compact unit is portable enough to make it easy to practice anywhere, indoors or out.

The setup is simple – you just pull out the stand, power on the monitor, and connect it to the Mevo app.

Then you simply position it 6 feet behind the area in which you’ll be taking your shots.

You can set data margins within the app to minimum/maximum values in order to develop consistency, and you can control the length of your video clips by setting pre- and post-trigger durations.

If you’re looking for a more complete option (including lateral data) and are prepared for the additional expense, FlightScope also makes the Mevo+ Portable Golf Launch Monitor, with 17 practice ranges included.

#5. Best Launch Monitors for Apple Users – Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor for Golf

Tracking Technology: Doppler Radar and Phone’s Camera, Battery Life: 4 hours, Dimensions: 2.28″D x 6.85″W x 7.72″H

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor for Golf
Turns your iPhone or iPad into a launch monitorIncompatible with Android devices
Stores 100 videos for freeNo golf courses included
Playback includes shot tracer

This clever and highly portable device transforms your smartphone into a launch monitor once connected to the free app.

It pairs radar processing with your device’s camera for accurate measurements of 9 core golf metrics.

Unlike many other models, it also comes with the cool bonus of adding a shot tracer to your videos when used outdoors so you can see the ball flight for every shot.

Extra video storage is available with the paid subscription to the app, which also includes slow-motion video playback and personalized session insights to help you understand your game and improve your technique.

#6. Best Launch Monitors for Portability – PRGR Black Pocket Monitor

Tracking Technology: Doppler Radar, Battery Life: N/A – Uses 4 AAA Batteries, Dimensions: 1.69″D x 3.03″W x 5.63″H

PRGR Black Pocket Launch Monitor
Very affordableVery basic display
Slim and lightweight
Simple – no apps or Wi-Fi needed

Looking for a budget-friendly launch monitor that you can easily stow in your pocket to take to the range?

Then check out this model from Japanese company PRGR (a division of Yokohama), which gives you data on your swing speed, ball speed, carry distance, total distance, and smash factor.

It couldn’t be easier to set up – just press the on/off button, select your club, and get started.

Data is displayed immediately on the LCD screen, and while it may be very basic, it’s large and easy to read, even in bright sunshine.

The previous version of this monitor was lacking in accuracy, but this latest model has an upgraded radar sensor and improved algorithms so it’s impressively precise, especially at this price point.

The batteries last well and the unit shuts off automatically when you’re not using it to save on battery life.

#7. Best Premium Pick – Full Swing Kit Golf Portable Outdoor & Indoor Launch Monitor

Tracking Technology: Doppler Radar and 4K Camera, Battery Life: 5 Hours, Dimensions: 2.25″D x 6.5″W x 10.25″H

Full Swing Kit Golf Portable Outdoor & Indoor Launch Monitor
Fantastic value for moneyDisplay is tricky to read in bright sunshine
E6 Connect Perpetual Package for simulation includedOnly compatible with iOS devices
Comes with a protective carrying case

If the high price tag of this model makes you wince, it might help to hear that it comes with features that other models require you to subscribe and pay for separately.

What’s more, it’s the launch monitor used by Tiger Woods – so you can be confident it will deliver data you can trust.

Designed for indoor or outdoor use (with Full Swing recommending at least eight feet of ball flight), it’s very simple to set up for such a sophisticated model – all you need to do is turn it on and pick your club.

Your data is clearly displayed on the unit itself (so you don’t need to pair it with another device if you choose not to) and you can customize it to show as many data points as you prefer.

Sixteen ball and club metrics are measured accurately and consistently, while the free Full Swing KIT iOS app is easy to use, giving you access to your data, allowing you to align the unit, and more.

This monitor also supports simulation through the E6 Connect Perpetual Package, which provides 5 courses and 16 practice areas (no subscription required).

#8. Best Launch Monitors Overall – Garmin Approach R10

Tracking Technology: Radar, Battery Life: 10 Hours, Dimensions: 1″D x 3.5″W x 2.8″H

Garmin Approach R10 Portable Golf Launch Monitor & Simulator for Home
14 data metricsMust be paired with a compatible smartphone
Compatible with E6 connectMore accurate outdoors than in
Comes with portable charger, tripod stand, phone mount, and carry case

Garmin may be best known for wearable fitness trackers, but the company makes a great range of golf watches, too, so it’s not new to the game!

Garmin’s Approach R10 is one of the best launch monitors out there, with a waterproof rating of IPX7 that makes it suitable for use outdoors and ensures it’s protected in a shower.

Once paired with your smartphone, it gives you access to a broad range of data, including ball speed, club head speed, launch angle, launch direction, and more.

It also records your swing automatically, so you can see video clips overlaid with your stats for later analysis.

For more variety, you can subscribe to the Garmin Golf App and play on one of over 42,000 virtual courses – you can even take part in a weekly virtual tournament!

The 8 best Launch Monitors: Key Takeaways

A launch monitor is invaluable for helping identify your golfing strengths and spot the areas that need improvement.

Whether you’re planning to practice on the range or need one to use as part of a DIY simulator setup, I hope you’ve found this guide to the best 8 launch monitors useful in finding the right model for your needs.

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