How Much Does A Golf Club Weigh? Golf Club Weights Explained + More

Whether you’re transporting your cherished golf clubs or preparing to conquer 18 holes, the cumulative weight of each club becomes a significant factor.

In this article, we will cover;

  • Golf Club Average Weights
  • What Is The Total Golf Club Weight In A Golf Bag
  • How Much Does A Golf Bag Weigh? (All Types)
  • How Much Does A Golf Club Weigh – Drivers
  • How Much Does A Golf Club Weigh – Irons
  • How Much Does A Golf Club Weigh – Putters
  • 5 Factors Influencing The Weight of A Golf Club

Now, Lets weigh in on this topic!

how much does a golf club weigh? golf clubs weight explored

Golf Club Average Weights

Let’s begin by exploring the question of golf club weights.

On average, most golf club weights tip the scales at around 330 grams (0.73 pounds). 

For example, drivers typically weigh about 310 grams (0.68 pounds), while the irons weigh approximately 400 grams (0.88 pounds). However, the heaviest putter is 510 grams (1.1 pounds).

A full set of 14 golf clubs (including golf bags and accessories), the total weight is 13.5 kg to 16 kg (30 to 35 pounds). 

Nevertheless, golf club weights can vary considerably. Read on as we explore the diverse spectrum of golf club weights, categorizing them by club type and examining the factors influencing their weight.

golf lady holding golf club

What Is The Total Golf Club Weight In A Golf Bag? 

The total weight of the golf bag depends on the type selected and additional accessories.

A golf bag containing a full set of clubs usually weighs 13.5 to 16 kg (30 to 35 pounds).

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best golf clubs. This includes golf bag set features such as the number of accessories such as umbrellas, golf balls, and rain covers. 

The bags’ size and the number of golf clubs included are also important considerations.

In a golf club set, the weight of individual clubs can vary significantly. 

A single club weighs approximately 330 grams (0.73 pounds). Therefore, a complete set of 14 clubs would weigh around 4.5kg (10 pounds).

golf club bags on golf course

How Much Does A Golf Bag Weigh?

To accurately calculate the total golf club weights, it is important to consider the weight of your golf bag. Golf bags come in various types, each with a slightly different weight.

Here are some of the top golf bag options:

Staff Bag

These bags have a professional look and are well-liked by professional golfers. Built to withstand heavy use, it weighs approximately 4.5 kg to 9.1 kg (10 to 20 pounds). 

Cart Bag

Undoubtedly the most popular choice among golfers, cart bags typically weigh around 2.3 kg (5 pounds).

Carry Bag

In contrast, these bags have a more casual aesthetic compared to others. As expected, it’s the lightest option, weighing about 1.3 kg (3 pounds) when empty. 

It is also important to consider how additional accessories in your golf bag can significantly impact its weight. 

golf clubs up close

Golf Bag accessories

Items like water bottles, rain covers, footwear, or a cooler can make the bag feel considerably heavier when carrying it around the course. Minimizing the number of accessories is advisable if you plan to walk the course. 

Although this may not matter if you intend to use a golf cart, the extra weight can detract from the game’s overall enjoyment for those who carry their bags.

How Much Does A Golf Club Weigh?

The weight of each golf club depends on various factors, including the type of club. Drivers are generally lighter, allowing for faster club head speed during long drives. While irons and putters tend to have a heavier golf club weights to offer more control. 

The golf club’s weight can also be influenced by the brand and the material used in the club’s construction. 

Steel shafts, for instance, typically have a heavier golf club weights compared to graphite shafts. 

Considering the weight of a golf club is very important as it can affect both swing speed and ball flight distance.

A lighter golf club weight allows for faster swings and potentially longer shots, while a heavier one allows for better control of the shot.

Ultimately, each golfer must decide what weight works best for them. 

golf club bags and clubs on golf course

Driver Weight

The driver, also known as the 1-wood, is the longest club in a golf set. Despite its impressive length, it is relatively lightweight compared to other clubs.

Typically, a driver weighs around 310 grams (0.68 pounds).

Driver Golf Club Weights Breakdown:

Driver Golf Club PartWeight 
Head180g (0.40lbs)
Shaft80g (0.18lbs)
Grip50g (0.11lbs)
golf club irons

Wood Golf Club Weights

While woods may not match the length of drivers, they make up for it with their heavier weight. On average, a 3-wood weighs about 300 grams (0.73 pounds).

The 7-wood, being the heaviest wood, has an average weight of 350 grams (0.77 pounds).

Wood Golf Club Weights:

Wood Golf ClubHead WeightShaft WeightGrip Weight
7-Wood210g (0.46 lbs)90g (0.20 lbs)50g (0.11 lbs)
5-Wood200g (0.44 lbs)90g (0.20 lbs)50g (0.11 lbs)
3-Wood190g (0.42 lbs)90g (0.20 lbs)50g (0.11 lbs)
golf club bag with clubs

Iron Golf Club Weights

Irons hold great significance within a golf club set due to their relatively heavier weight and abundant presence in golf bags. 

The lightest iron in the set is the 3-iron, weighing approximately 400 grams (0.88 pounds), and the heaviest iron is the 9-iron, weighing approximately 440 grams (0.97 pounds).

Due to shaft and grip weights remaining constant at an average of 120 grams (0.26 pounds) and 50 grams (0.11 pounds), respectively, the difference in weight between irons is primarily due to the difference in head weight. 

Iron Golf Club Weights Breakdown:

Iron Golf ClubHead WeightSteel ShaftGraphite Shaft Grip Weight
9-Iron270g (0.60 lbs)90g (0.20 lbs)55g (0.12 lbs)50g (0.11 lbs)
8-Iron265g (0.58 lbs)95g (0.21 lbs)60g (0.13 lbs)50g (0.11 lbs)
7-Iron258g (0.57 lbs)100g (0.22 lbs)65g (0.14 lbs)50g (0.11 lbs)
6-Iron251g (0.55 lbs)105g (0.23 lbs)70g (0.15 lbs)50g (0.11 lbs)
5-Iron244g (0.54 lbs)110g (0.24 lbs)75g (0.17 lbs)50g (0.11 lbs)
4-Iron237g (0.52 lbs)115g (0.25 lbs)80g (0.18 lbs)50g (0.11 lbs)
3-Iron230g (0.51 lbs)120g (0.27 lbs)85g (0.19 lbs)50g (0.11 lbs)
golf club bags on golf course

Wedge Golf Club Weights

Though typically classified as part of the iron family, the wedge is a distinct club within the golf set. 

Due to the larger size of its clubhead, it tends to carry a heavier weight than other irons. On average, a wedge weighs around 470 grams (1.03 pounds).

Wedge Golf Club Weights Breakdown:

Wedge Golf Club PartWeight 
Head300g (0.66 lbs)
Shaft120g (0.26 lbs)
Grip50g (0.11 lbs)
close up of iron golf clubs in golf bag

Putter Golf Club Weight

A single glance at the putter reveals its distinction as having the heaviest golf club weight among all types. 

It typically boasts a weight of around 510 grams (1.1 pounds), significantly contributing to the overall weight of the golf club.

Putter Golf Club Weights Breakdown:

Putter Golf Club PartWeight 
Head340g (0.75 lbs)
Shaft120g (0.26 lbs)
Grip50g (0.11 lbs)
wood clubs

6 Factors Influencing The Weight Of A Golf Club

Various factors can influence golf club weight, here we will breakdown 6 key components:

Factor #1: Overall Club Length

The length of your club significantly impacts your swing, with longer clubs typically weighing more than shorter ones. 

It’s crucial to maintain a consistent swing speed, strike the ball in the center, and aim for accuracy in hitting fairways to maximize the benefits of a longer club.

Besides weight considerations, club length should also be assessed for control and consistency.

driver golf club and ball up close

Factor #2: Clubhead

The clubhead’s weight is particularly significant as it is the component that affects ball impact. 

By reducing the clubhead weight, you can increase the speed of your swing. 

It is crucial to consider this influence, as any imbalance in clubhead weight can severely compromise the overall accuracy of your shots.

Factor #3: Brand

Golf club weight varies across different brands due to variations in design and manufacturing approaches. 

Each brand employs distinct materials and may incorporate additional features, which can affect the club’s weight. 

To ascertain the weight before purchasing, you can inquire about the average weight of clubs from the manufacturer.

4-iron 5-iron and 6-iron golf clubs

Factor #4: Shaft

The shaft of your club can significantly impact golf club weight and the overall feel during your swing. Steel shafts are heavier compared to graphite or Uniflex options. 

However, it is important to note that heavier weight may only suit some golfers, as its advantages depend on specific scenarios. 

Graphite shafts, while lighter, tend to be more expensive and have gained popularity in recent years.

Factor #5: Grip

The type of grip you choose can influence the swing weight of your club. Contrary to popular belief, choosing a lighter grip does not necessarily result in a faster swing. 

Removing the grip altogether is also not recommended, as it would make the club feel heavier and affect comfort. 

Gripping the shaft alone may not provide optimal comfort either.

man viewing his golf shot after releasing onto the fairway

Final Thoughts: How Much Does A Golf Club Weigh?

Golf club weights vary based on the contents of your golf bag. It’s worth noting that there’s no obligation to carry a maximum of 14 clubs. 

Some golf enthusiasts opt for a minimalist approach, carrying only three or four clubs to lighten their load and enhance the overall experience on the course.

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