5 Golf Swing Tips To Try If Your Game Is Stagnating

Have you hit a plateau? Has your scorecard looked the same for as long as you can remember? Do you need some golf swing tips to level up your game?

Well, look no further!

Trying new things is a great way to keep golf interesting for yourself, whether it be new games or a new swing technique, or even just a new course to play on!

Golf can be a dynamic and ever-changing sport, but sometimes it can get a bit samey and that’s when you need to do something about it.

Don’t let your game stagnate, it’s time to make the change to your game, otherwise you’ll never improve!

So if you’re looking to change up your game, look no further, here are our 5 golf swing tips to help you out of a stagnating game!

Let’s get started!

Golf swing tips.  A golfer makes a shot.

5 Golf Swing Tips

1. Try a steeper swing

While having a swing that is too steep can actually be a problem for your game, there’s nothing wrong with a steep golf swing.

A steep swing will help you hit down on the ball, which is how you produce backspin.

However, if you just hit down on the ball with a much steeper swing than normal, you risk just hitting the top of the ball and topping it.

You still need to get under the ball, despite hitting gown on it.

If you try too hard to get under the ball, you might risk scooping it. This is a much weaker shot with no spin at all – literally the opposite of what you want.

All you’re trying to do is make sure your downswing is steeper than your backswing.

To get this swing right, you need to create a good amount of lag in your swing.

Creating lag in your swing is important for a number of reasons: it can help you get under the ball, it adds loft to your shot, and it can even increase the power of your swing.

All you need to do is swing down at the ball with your hands in front of your club face.

You’ll know you’re doing it right if your hands pass in front of the golf ball before the club makes contact with it.

It can help to think of this motion as pulling the club down, and with the right wrist-set, this will ensure that you’ve got enough lag in your swing to get some spin on the ball.

We like this golf swing tip as it encourages you to not only play more technically, but think more technically.

If you’re hitting shots with the intention of putting a lot of spin on the ball, you need to plan for that spin once the ball has landed.

Another way you can set yourself up for a steeper swing and spin on the ball is by positioning your ball slightly further back in your stance.

This should hopefully force you to make a swing that compresses the ball upon contact and generates a lot of spin power.

You also want to make sure that you have a high swing speed if you hope for the ball to have a good spin speed – the faster your swing speed, the faster the ball spin speed.

And just in case it needs being said, the higher the loft on your club, the easier it will be to hit a shot with a good deal of spin.

A group of golfers tee off.

2. Swap your Woods for Irons

If you’re getting used to using the same old clubs for everything, it’s time to make a change.

While this might not look like one of our golf swing tips, you’ll need to pick some up if you’re going to make it work.

If you’ve ever tried playing with a 2-iron, you know how difficult it can be. The sweet spot is tiny, there’s barely any loft, and you’re more likely to hit a thin shot than one that gets any lift.

That doesn’t mean that it has no use. If you’re trying to hit a ball in inclement weather, or you’re trying to hit it through trees, a 2 iron could be the club for you.

Either way, the 2-iron or a 3-iron can yield as much distance as your woods, so why not swap them out?

The same goes for if you’re using irons over woods. Bring the 5-wood out back into rotation and see how it affects the way you play. You can try out different kinds of shots and play around with strategy if you swap out your clubs!

It doesn’t have to stop there though – gapping your clubs can be real gamechanger if done well, so take a look at your bag next time you head out onto the links and see if there’s anything you could do differently!

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3. Try a shorter backswing

There’s a fair bit of discourse as to whether or not a shorter backswing has a big impact on your game, but there’s no harm in trying right?

There are a number of great things about a shorter backswing that can make it seem like an attractive choice.

One big reason why you should try out a shorter backswing is that it can help with your swing balance.

A full power swing can send some golfers off of their feet, if that’s ever happened to you, you could try a shorter backswing.

It’s also great for consistency. The club has less distance to travel, therefore less time for things to go wrong with your swing.

You might find that you make better contact with the ball with a shorter backswing and are able to judge what distance your shot will be more accurately, an essential skill for any golfer.

You might also find that you’re able to use your legs more effectively with a shorter backswing. For example, John Rahm is known for having a shorter backswing and the way he uses his legs to generate more power is incredible.

However, you’ll have to learn to use your legs if do decide to try a shorter swing, as it’s a lot harder to generate as much power with a shorter swing.

It’s also a lot harder to work the ball with a shorter swing, you might find that your Draws and Fades aren’t looking as clean as they were before.

That being said, working on your draws and fades could also be one of our golf swing tips that can improve your game.

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4. Try a new Pre-shot routine

You might already have a pre-shot routine but maybe it’s time to change it up.

A pre-shot routine is basically a mantra that you repeat to yourself before every shot – it’s your way of telling your body it’s time to make a swing.

There are a few you can try but our main golf swing tip is to keep it short and simple.

No one want to be partnered up with the guy who takes 5 minutes to prepare himself just to make a practice swing

Try a waggle or two, or step back and check your shot from another angle before you step up to the tee.

A golfer makes a swing.

5. Try a different grip

It’s unlikely that changing your grip is going to drastically improve your game right away, but it can’t hurt trying.

Besides, there’s a chance that you might actually be getting your grip slightly wrong and hindering your wrist-set or flexion.

There are three main grips to try: the overlap, the interlock, and the ten-finger (or baseball grip).

Each of these grips have their own merits and weaknesses, but what’s important to test is which works for you.

Here’s a brief overview of how they work:

The Overlap:

With this grip, the pinky on your dominant hand should overlap the pointer finger on your other hand – let it rest over the crease between your pointer finger and middle finger.

The Interlock:

When using this grip, the pinky finger on your dominant hand should interlock with your pointer finger and middle finger on your other hand.

The Ten-Finger

When using this grip, all 10 of your fingers should be gripping the club shaft with no overlap or interlocking. This grip is most commonly used by beginners or children,

While we would recommend using the overlap or the interlock, there’s not shame in using the baseball grip, just don’t expect to be hitting perfect shots all of a sudden.

So, that’s our guide to the 5 golf swing tips you can use to switch up your game if you’re in need of something new!

However, if one of our golf swing tips changes your game for the worst, it might be time to try something else .

We want o always be improving in golf, which is no easy feat. The main way you can fix up your game is by practicing and playing with as many new golfers as possible.

Playing in new groupd forces you to play in different ways, you might also learn something about your local course that you weren’t aware of.

What we’re saying is that there’s more than one way to skin a cat. If your game needs some fixing, only you can truly say what it is that’s lacking!

Keep reading for our guide to advanced golf strategy to take your game to the next level!

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