Is Donald Trump a Good Golfer? We Assess Trumps Handicap, Golf History, And Cheating Allegations

Former US President Donald Trump is well known for his golfing activities. Trump’s passion for golf is apparent, from owning beautiful golf facilities globally to sponsoring famous tournaments. 

Trump’s golf abilities have sparked much debate and controversy. Some have commended him for his abilities, while others have accused him of cheating and embellishing them. 

In 2015, Trump was criticized for claiming to have had a hole-in-one on the seventh hole at Trump Turnberry, a golf course he owns in Scotland. However, there were no witnesses to the hole-in-one, and Trump could not provide any evidence to support his claim.

In this article, we delve into the following:

  • Donald Trump: Golf History
  • Analyzing Trump’s Golf Swing
  • Trumps Handicap
  • Donald Trump’s Golf Properties
  • Controversies Surrounding Trump’s Golf Game

The question that many have often asked is: “Is Trump a good golfer?” 

Let’s find out!

IS Donald Trup A Good Golfer? Golfer on course with donald trumps face in the background.

Donald Trump: Golf History

Donald Trump’s involvement in golf extends back decades. He is not simply a well-known figure in the golf world. Trump also owns golf courses and hosts big golf competitions.

He has also hosted several golf tournaments and events. His golf estates have hosted these important tournaments, attracting top professional players worldwide. Trump’s participation in the golfing circuit goes beyond simply playing; he has actively contributed to the sport’s growth.

Analyzing Trump’s Golf Swing

Golf swing coach Martin Hall of the Golf Channel once evaluated Trump’s swing, detailing it as effective and the nonconformist move in his backswing as refreshing.

Trump’s swing exhibits a unique character. While it may appear that he should hit a slice, he effectively avoids it by closing the clubface at impact using his shoulders. Hall noted that Trump’s swing lacked the polished finesse often associated with professional instruction, but it was effective.

In his backswing, Trump follows a nonconformist path, which sets him apart in an era where many seek the perfect swing. His approach, though unconventional, has proven reliable, demonstrating his skill over style.

For Trump, the key to his swing lies in his hip movement. He emphasized the importance of quickly clearing his hips to allow for powerful shots. This approach, though unconventional, has contributed to his straight ball flight.

As for putting, Trump regarded himself as a proficient putter, showcasing the variety and strength of his skills on the golf course.

Trumps Handicap

One of the most compelling pieces of evidence regarding Trump’s golfing prowess is his handicap. Trumps handicap boasts a commendable rating of 2.9.

This rating indicates his ability to play golf at a level where he can consistently score just 2.9 strokes over par, given his best performances.

Trump’s best-recorded round listed in his handicap index is an impressive 70, showcasing his capability to achieve low scores. With such a handicap, he firmly establishes himself as a skilled golfer.

Notably, Trump’s golfing abilities have received praise from some renowned figures in the golfing world.  Jack Nicklaus, an eighteen-time major winner and one of the greatest golfers in history, has publicly praised Trump’s golf game. 

Nicklaus went so far as to call Trump “the best player” among the presidents he has played with, drawing parallels between Trump’s game and his own.

Nicklaus’s endorsement of Trump’s golf skills validates the former president’s abilities on the course. It underscores the fact that Trump is not just a casual golfer but a player who commands respect from golfing legends.

Another prominent golfer, Bryson DeChambeau, had the opportunity to play alongside Trump in the LIV Golf pro-am tournament. DeChambeau, known for his analytical approach to the game, offered positive remarks about Trump’s golfing prowess. 

According to DeChambeau, Trump’s swing is characterized by precision, and he has an effective iron game. He also commended Trump’s putting abilities, highlighting his overall well-rounded game.

Golf Digest’s Jaime Diaz, a seasoned golf journalist, shared similar sentiments after playing rounds of golf with Trump in 2013 and 2014. 

Diaz described Trump as “the real deal” when it comes to golf. He specifically lauded Trump’s iron play and ball striking, emphasizing that Trump’s swing path, though unconventional, is tailor-made for solid approach shots.

Donald Trump’s Golf Properties

Donald Trump’s influence on the golfing world extends far beyond his personal golfing abilities. He has significantly impacted the sport by owning many golf properties, each bearing his name and embodying his vision for golf.

These golf properties are not merely places to play the game; they represent Trump’s commitment to creating exceptional golfing experiences.

Trump’s Golf PropertiesLocation
Trump National Golf Club BedminsterBedminster, New Jersey
Trump National Golf Club CharlotteCharlotte, North Carolina
Trump National Golf Club Colts NeckColts Neck, New Jersey
Trump National Doral Golf ClubMiami, Florida
Trump National Golf Club Hudson ValleyHudson Valley, New York
Trump National Golf Club JupiterJupiter, Florida
Trump National Golf Club Los AngelesLos Angeles, California
Trump National Golf Club PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Trump National Golf Club Washington D.CWashington D.C.
Trump International Golf Club West Palm BeachWest Palm Beach, Florida
Trump National Golf Club WestchesterWestchester, New York
Trump Ferry Point New York CityNew York, New York
Trump TurnberryTurnberry, Scotland
Trump International ScotlandAberdeen, Scotland
Trump International Golf Links and Hotel DoonbegDoonbeg, Ireland
Trump International Golf Club DubaiDubai, UAE

Each of these Trump-owned golf properties is a testament to his dedication to the sport and his desire to provide golfers with unforgettable experiences. They bear the hallmark of luxury and quality, reflecting Trump’s commitment to excellence in golf course ownership.

Controversies Surrounding Trump’s Golf Game

While Donald Trump’s golfing achievements and ownership of luxurious golf properties have garnered admiration, his golfing journey has not been without controversy. Allegations of cheating on the golf course have followed Trump for years, sparking debates and discussions among golf enthusiasts and observers.

These allegations of cheating in golf have been a persistent issue associated with Donald Trump’s golfing endeavors. While the sport of golf places a strong emphasis on integrity and honesty, Trump’s reputation has been marred by accusations of bending or breaking the rules of the game to gain an unfair advantage.

One notable incident involved Trump’s claim of winning a senior tournament at Bedminster, his New Jersey golf club. 

He announced that he had shot a remarkable round of 67, eight strokes less than the score of 75 recorded by renowned pro and six-time major champion Phil Mickelson on the same course just two weeks earlier during a Saudi-backed LIV Golf tournament.

This significant discrepancy between Trump’s claimed score and the performance of a professional golfer raised eyebrows and skepticism within the golfing community.

While Trump attributed his impressive score to his golfing skills and emphasized the presence of Secret Service agents as witnesses, doubts persisted.

Critics argued that Trump’s history of alleged golf-related cheating and his tendency to exaggerate his achievements cast doubt on the authenticity of his claims. 

Golf writer Rick Reilly, in his book “Commander in Cheat: How Golf Explains Trump,” documented instances where Trump’s caddies and Secret Service protection allegedly assisted him in manipulating his ball’s position to his advantage.

In addition to concerns about cheating, Trump has faced scrutiny regarding his reported height and weight in the context of his golf game. During his involvement in the sport, Trump claimed to be 6’3″ tall and weighing 215 pounds, which differed significantly from previous records of his measurements.

These controversies have prompted discussions about the importance of integrity and adherence to the rules of golf, values that lie at the core of the sport’s ethos. They have also raised questions about whether Trump’s actions on the golf course align with the principles and spirit of fair play that golf enthusiasts hold dear.

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