How To Hit A Golf Ball Far – 7 Simple Tips to Add Distance To Your Drives

Golfers are all the same. They want to make more putts, shoot lower scores and hit their driver further.

Today we want to help you learn how to hit a golf ball far. We want your tee shots to rocket off the face of your driver.

Are you already a long bomber? You could always learn how to hit a golf ball even further.

Don’t worry, we aren’t providing you with complicated and technical swing changes. We have 7 simple ways for you to learn how to hit a golf ball far.

Sounds good, right? There is no time like the present. Let’s get started!

Three golfers practice how to hit a golf ball far at the driving range

Will Learning How To Hit A Golf Ball Far Help My Game?

Fair question. Of course, it is fun to crush your drives, but how will it impact your scorecard? Will it lead to lower scores and a better golf handicap?

We believe the answer is YES. Of course, you need to be able to keep the ball in play (in bounds), but we believe most amateur golfers need more distance to improve.

You don’t have to be Rory McIlroy long, but even adding 10-15 yards off the tee will make a big difference.

First, let’s talk about the obvious. Gain distance off the tee and you may start reaching a par 5s in two. Eagle putts will never hurt your scorecard.

There is no easier birdie than a 2-putt birdie. Learn how to hit a golf ball far and you can make it happen.

Par 4s will become easier as well. Wouldn’t you prefer to hit your 9-iron to the green instead of a hybrid?

Learning how to hit a golf ball far could allow you to break 90 or shoot in the 70s for the first time!

We have talked about the why, so now it’s time to discuss the how.

A driver next to a golf ball

7 Tips To Learn How To Hit A Golf Ball Far

#1: Try A Speed Trainer

To add distance, you need to add speed. You need to increase the pace of your club when it makes impact with the golf ball.

What is preventing you from learning how to hit a golf ball far? It could be a physical limitation, but you can fix it.

Speed trainers include simple workouts that teach your body how to move quicker. Our favorite is the Superspeed system.

In less than 30 minutes a week, you can improve your body, learn to swing the golf club faster, and produce more distance.

Can’t get to the golf course? No problem. You can do your speed training in the comfort of your home.

Stick with the program and you will learn how to hit a golf ball far in no time.

A golfer makes a drive on the golf course

#2: Wide Stance

Your golf stance is the foundation of your golf swing. You need to have a solid base if you want to generate power.

The good news is that this is a simple change for your to make. The next time you practice try a wider stance and see how it feels.

Your swing will be more stable and you will be able to leverage the ground to generate power.

It may take some getting used to, but be patient. You never want to hit a driver with a stance that is narrower than your shoulders.

A golfer looks into the distance after making a drive

#3: Hit The Sweet Spot More Often

It is true that you have to swing the club faster to hit the ball farther, but you will also get more consistent distance by finding the center of the clubface.

With this in mind, you can’t learn how to hit a golf ball far without working on the fundamentals of your golf swing.

You can do this in several ways. It may make sense to get a lesson to two from a certified teaching professional.

Ask them to check your fundamentals. Have them check your grip, posture, and stance.

Solid contact will always generate more distance than off-center strikes.

Two golfers watcha nother golfer make a drive

#4: Add Some Lag To Your Swing

Add some lag to your golf swing and you will learn how to hit a golf ball far. Lag delays your power until the right time to unleash it.

Do you want to see lag in action? Check out Sergio Garcia’s golf swing.

The best ball strikers in the game have a significant lag in their swings. This creates both power and consistent shots.

Lag is a critical component of learning how to hit a golf ball far. This can be a tricky swing thought.

We wouldn’t recommend you try to think about lag, but instead, video your golf swing and look for it.

If you see it, great. If you don’t work on other tips on our list and check it the next time you practice.

For example, a speed trainer (#1) will create lag in your swing over time.

Many golfers practice on the driving range

#5: Assess Your Equipment

Sad to say, but your driver could be working against you. Your driver could be preventing you from learning how to hit a golf ball far.

You need to consider two different pieces of your golf equipment. Your driver head and your shaft.

Did you know golf shafts are built for different swing speeds? A stiff shaft is built for someone that swings hard and a regular flex is for a player with less speed.

You can’t possibly hit the ball as far as possible if your shaft doesn’t match your swing speed.

Next up, is your driver head. Golf manufacturers hire engineers to give golfers more distance. Are you taking advantage of the newest technology?

We aren’t saying you need to rush out and buy a $500+ driver, but you do need a club that was designed in the last few years.

If your driver is more than 3 years old it may be time for an upgrade. You can learn to hit a golf ball far simply by investing in better technology.

A golfer prepares to swing against a cloudy sky

#6: Are You Playing The Right Golf Balls?

Similar to the shaft in your driver, the golf balls in your bag could be limiting your tee shots. Golf balls have different compressions.

To learn how to hit a golf ball far you need to compress it at impact.

If golfer A swings with 110mph of clubhead speed and golfer B swings at 85mph they should not be using the same golf ball.

Find the perfect golf ball for your swing and you might find 10-15 yards off the tee without making any other changes. It’s almost too easy to believe, but it is true.

A golfer hits a drive down the fairway

#7: Where Is Your Speed?

We started this list by talking about improving your speed, but it is also important to deliver the speed at the correct time.

If you want to learn how to hit a golf ball far you need your maximum speed at impact, not at the top of your swing.

Do you know where your speed is located in your golf swing?

Here is a great drill to check. Grab an alignment stick and swing it like a driver. Listen for the “whoosh” sound.

You want to hear the sound in front of where the ball would be, not behind it. This is a great drill to work on at the beginning of each practice session.

Once you hear the “whoosh” in the correct place start hitting your driver. You will notice additional “pop” off the face.

We hope you have learned how to hit a golf ball far!

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