Achieve The Perfect Golf Swing With These 7 Tricks

The perfect golf swing? To steal a quote from my favorite golf movie Tin Cup, “perfection is unattainable”.

We agree with Roy McAvoy (Kevin Costner), but that’s no bad thing. In fact, the best thing about the game of golf is the constant pursuit of the perfect golf swing – not just the swing in itself.

You can play golf from age 5 to 105 and the entire time you strive to improve. You never know when something magical might happen.

Today could be the day you make a Hole-In-One or you make an albatross.

Just because the perfect golf swing is elusive and difficult to attain, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive to achieve it.

Golf isn’t about your destination. It is about the journey. It’s about getting that little bit better every time you practice or play.

Below, we outline 7 tips to help you along your golf journey.

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Fact: The Perfect Golf Swing Is Different For Different Players

Golf swings are like fingerprints – no two are exactly alike.

Jim Furyk and Arnold Palmer couldn’t have more different swings, but they are both in the Golf Hall of Fame.

Most of us will never swing a golf club like Tiger Woods or Adam Scott – and nor should copying their swing be the goal. What works for one golfer, often doesn’t work for another.

For every age, body type, mental game and skill level there is a perfect golf swing.

Your goal should be to unlock your own, unique version of a perfect golf swing. Find it and watch your scores and golf handicap drop.

7 Keys To Unlock Your Perfect Golf Swing

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#1: Get Some Professional Help

DIY (Do It Yourself) projects can be fun, but sometimes you need some feedback from a professional.

In this case, we are talking about a certified golf instructor. You don’t need to spend a ton of money, but the occasional check-in is a good idea.

Use your time with your golf instructor to talk about your golf goals. Let them know that you are trying to find your perfect golf swing.

Ask them to check your fundamentals. Do you grip the club the right way? Do you need to improve your posture when you address the ball?

It doesn’t matter if you want a weekly, monthly, or annual lesson, you simply want to develop a relationship with an expert that provides you with periodic feedback.

Perfecting a golf swing and shooting lower scores takes time.

It is helpful to have someone that can provide positive reinforcement or get you back on track if things (and shots) start to go sideways.

Male golfer lookng focused, just about to his the ball.

#2: Focus On Your Body

Over the years you will buy new clubs and try different golf balls, but one thing will stay the same. You and your body.

If you want to find your perfect golf swing, you need to help your body perform well on the course.

Golf may not seem like a physical activity, but your strength and flexibility play a critical role in how you hit the ball.

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Tiger Woods is often credited with starting the golf fitness revolution and now all professional golfers have a trainer.

TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) is the most well-known. You can find an instructor that has been certified in golf fitness.

Male golfer in bright orange trousers and white cap on his back-swing.

They start by assessing your body. Flexibility and strength. The TPI-certified instructor will build you a custom plan to improve your body health.

This isn’t a normal workout program. It will include exercises that are specifically designed to improve your golf swing.

Before you know it you will be getting more distance off the tee and feeling less tired near the end of your round.

Unlock your body’s potential and find your perfect golf swing.

#3: A Poor Craftsman Blames His Tools

We agree with this sentiment, but your golf clubs may be working against you. They could be making it harder to find your perfect golf swing.

Modern golf clubs are packed full of innovative technology to help you play better golf, but you need to make sure they match your game.

Birds-eye view shot of a male golfer wearing all white on his back swing.

For example, blade irons are very different to hit. If you have a higher handicap, they are not the clubs for you.

If you have a swing speed of over 110mph you shouldn’t be playing regular shafts. You need the flex to match your speed.

The good news is that you have options to address your equipment. You can visit a club fitter who can help you match your equipment to your swing.

This can be expensive and if you prefer, you can do your own research. Learn your swing speed by visiting a demo day or a golf retailer.

Investigate your current equipment. Unless you are a scratch golfer, we recommend you take advantage of “game improvement” technologies.

Make sure the flex of your shafts matches your swing speed and confirm that your clubs are designed to make the game easier.

There is nothing wrong with a craftsman wanting to improve their tools.

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Male golfer from the waist up on his back swing, observing his shot.

#4: Find It In The Dirt

When Ben Hogan was asked how to create the perfect golf swing he famously responded “the secret is in the dirt”.

He isn’t telling you to dig for treasures. Hogan was saying you will find the perfect golf swing in the dirt of the practice range.

In other words, there are no shortcuts. To get better you must practice. You must put in the time.

We all have busy schedules and it can be hard to make time to practice your golf game. That being said, you won’t achieve the proper golf swing sitting on the couch.

Build a practice plan that will work for you. Maybe you can go to the driving range three times a week or maybe only twice a month.

Regardless, commit and hold yourself accountable. Invest in your golf swing. Spend time in the dirt.

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#5: Spend Time Finding Your Perfect Stroke

We can’t talk about playing better golf without mentioning the need to focus on your short game.

You may not consider your chipping motion or putting stroke part of your perfect golf swing, but they are critical components if you want to shoot lower scores.

Your short game is how you score. It’s how you save strokes when you fail to execute the proper golf swing.

In key #4 above we talked about building a practice plan. Make sure you include time to work on your chipping and putting.

For chipping, work to develop different types of shots. Bump-n-runs, standard chip, and flop shots. Don’t forget to spend some time in the sand traps as well.

For putting, work on your speed control and learn to read greens. Both are important if you want to consistently “roll the rock”.

Golfers often forget that putters come in different lengths and styles. If you are struggling on the greens, you might want to test a different model.

Finally, if all else fails, try a different putting grip. Golfers of all skill levels have been successful with a cross-handed grip or a “claw” grip.

There is no wrong way to putt. If the ball goes in the hole, it was a perfect stroke.

Achieve The Perfect Golf Swing With These 7 Tricks 1

#6: Understand Your Golf Game

To find your perfect golf swing you need to understand what happens when you make an imperfect swing.

Do you struggle with a hook or fight a slice? Do you tend to miss the green to the left or the right?

We recommend you track some stats when you play.

On your scorecard record how many times you hit the fairway, how many times you hit a green in regulation (meaning, you have a putt for birdie), and how many putts you take on each hole.

Review these numbers after each round and determine where you are losing strokes.

Do you use the GHIN app to manage your golf handicap? It allows you to track these stats and can provide you with summary data.

Enter them after each round and you will not only learn how many shots you miss, but you will also have an understanding of where you miss them (left, right, short, long).

To find your perfect golf swing you have to understand your imperfect one.

Female golfer after having completed her swing, a green forest background behind her.

#7: Create A Map To Find Your Perfect Golf Swing

One of our favorite quotes comes from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. “A goal without a plan is just a wish”.

Do you have a plan to find your perfect golf swing or just a wish? You can incorporate keys #1 – #6 above to build your plan.

Start by listing out your golf goals. They could be high level like reducing your handicap by 5 strokes or breaking 80 for the first time.

You could have more specific goals such as reducing your putts per round to below 30 or hitting more than 50% of your fairways.

Once you settle on your goals, document the actions you are going to take to reach them.

This could be scheduling a golf lesson, committing to more practice time, or starting a golf-fitness routine.

Your map (plan) should be a living document. Are you not seeing the results you expected? Update the plan.

You won’t find your perfect golf swing overnight, but that isn’t really the point. The fun is in the journey. The joy is in the dirt. Don’t get frustrated and enjoy the ride!

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