How to Arrange Golf Clubs In a Bag

Golfers can be a strange breed. Many Golfers have ticks and pre-shot routines they must follow before playing a shot.

Pro golfers are also known to be a superstitious bunch, and several famous golfers have notorious ticks before they play.

From Kevin Na’s excessive practice swings before a drive to Jason Dufner’s pre-shot club waggle, golfers often need everything to feel right before a shot.

Ensuring their clubs are appropriately arranged in a bag can make golfers feel more relaxed during a round.

There are several methods of how to arrange golf clubs in a bag; we will explore those options in this article, including;

  • Where to place your woods,
  • Where to place your irons and how to order them – 3 Tips
  • 3 Tips to arrange your wedges
  • Where to put your putter,
  • 5 Steps to arrange golf clubs in a cart bag,
  • What clubs should have headcovers?

So read on to find out how to arrange golf clubs in a bag!

how to arrange golf clubs in a bag

How to Arrange Golf Clubs In a Bag: Woods

Getting the woods arranged properly can be vital to making it look right when putting golf clubs in a bag.

Woods are the longest and heaviest clubs in your bag, so when put in the wrong place, they can look bad to the eye and even damage the other clubs.

When placed on their legs, golf bags slope downwards. This is designed to minimize damage to your other clubs.

With your woods, place your driver at the back of your bag, with your other woods next to or in front of it.

This arrangement makes them easier to access, maximizing efficiency, and means they are less likely to strike and damage the other clubs in your bag.

Having the longest clubs at the back of the bag also looks pleasing to the eye for the superstitious golfer.

Hybrid clubs should be placed in front of your woods but behind the irons.

golf clubs

This once again maximizes the efficiency of the arrangement as you will likely use your hybrid after your woods but before your irons.

Getting your woods and hybrids in the correct order is vital to arranging golf clubs in a bag and ensuring you are relaxed on the course.

How to Arrange Golf Clubs In a Bag: Irons

Arranging irons is an essential aspect of arranging golf clubs in a bag. 

Irons should be placed in front of your woods and hybrids.

Irons are the most commonly used type of club in your bag, so arranging them in the right way for you is essential.

It can help you quickly and easily find the club you need during a round. Here are three easy tips to arrange your irons.

golf bag
  • Tip #1: Order by club number

The most common way to arrange irons in a golf bag is by club number, with the lowest number club (3-iron or 4-iron) at the back of the bag and the highest number club (9-iron) at the front. 

This arrangement lets you quickly grab the club you need without searching your bag.

  • Tip #2: Order by Use

Another way to arrange your irons is by how often you use them.

For example, you might put your most frequently used irons, such as your 7-iron or 8-iron, in the most accessible part of your bag, with less regularly used irons, such as the 3-iron or 4-iron, toward the back.

  • Tip #3: Order by length

You can also arrange your irons in order of length, with the longest clubs at the back of the bag and the shortest clubs at the front. 

This arrangement can help prevent damage to your shorter clubs and make them easier to access.

Whichever way you arrange your irons, ensure they look and feel right for you.

Perhaps you should experiment with a few orders and determine which is best for you. 

Once you’ve found that perfect order, stick to that method of arranging golf clubs in a bag.


How to Arrange Golf Clubs In a Bag: Wedges

Wedges are the smallest clubs (bar the putter) in your bag.

As such, arranging them correctly is essential to stop them from getting damaged and ensure they are accessible.

Here are three great tips on how to arrange your wedges:

  • Tip #1: Near the front of the bag

Wedges are typically used for approach shots and shots around the green, so it’s a good idea to place them near the front of the bag where they are easily accessible. 

You can put them in the same section as your putter or a separate section dedicated to wedges.

  • Tip #2: Group by type

You can group them in a separate section of the bag if you have multiple wedges, such as a sand wedge, lob wedge, and gap wedge

This will help you quickly find the right wedge for your desired shot.

  • Tip #3: Order by loft

If you have only one or two wedges, you can order them by loft, with the highest lofted wedge (such as a lob wedge) at the front of the section and the lowest lofted wedge (such as a pitching wedge) at the back.

golf bag

These simple tips for arranging clubs in your bag can help protect your wedges from damage while making them accessible and quick to find.

How to Arrange Golf Clubs In a Bag: Putter

As the smallest club in your bag, your putter could easily get lost amongst larger clubs and damaged if placed in the wrong part of your bag.

As such, your putter should be placed at the front of your bag.

This means your putter doesn’t get covered by other clubs, making it accessible and less likely to be struck and damaged by the heavier clubs in your bag.

Correct putter placement is integral to arranging golf clubs in a bag and golf bag club order.

How to arrange golf clubs in a cart bag

A cart bag has no legs specifically designed to be placed on a golf cart or trolley.

They often have 14 separate slots for all of your clubs!

As such, there is a slightly different golf bag club order when using a cart bag.

This order is designed to minimize damage, as clubs can often move vigorously when your bag is on a golf cart.

golf bag and golfer

Follow the five steps below to arrange golf clubs in a cart bag.

  • Step #1: Add your driver in the back left slot with the strap side of the bag furthest from you.
  • Step #2: Keep adding your woods in length order from left to right until they are all in.
  • Step #3: Follow the same pattern with your irons by placing your longest iron (usually a 3-5 iron) in the furthest back and left slot available, and then keep adding your irons in order, from left to right.
  • Step #4: Put your wedges in the same order so that your most lofted wedge is in the front right section.
  • Step #5: Finally, add your putter to the slot furthest forward and to the right.

Arranging your clubs in this order will keep your clubs safe even when your golf cart drives over the bumpy ground!

two golfers on the fairway  walking and chatting

What clubs should have headcovers?

This article often discussed arranging golf clubs in a bag to prevent them from getting damaged.

You are right if you’ve thought a piece of gear is already designed for this purpose!

Headcovers are sometimes used to personalize a player’s bag (like Tiger Wood’s tiger driver cover) primarily to prevent damage.

But which clubs should have headcovers?

You could put headcovers on all your clubs, but this may be expensive, impractical, and unnecessary.

golf bag arrange close up

Headcovers are best used on the clubs in your bag that are most susceptible to damage, like wood and putter.

Generally, your irons and wedges are solid and aren’t likely to be damaged by impacting your other clubs.

Arrange Golf Clubs In a Bag Key Takeaways

The most important thing to remember is that you should arrange your clubs to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Feeling tense and nervous when playing a shot will likely lead to a scuffed shot, so if arranging your clubs correctly relaxes you, follow the abovementioned steps.

Maybe you should experiment with a few different golf bag club orders until you find one that looks right.

Find that arrangement, and stick to it so it feels part of your routine.

Of course, arranging golf clubs in a bag is not the only important aspect of your golf gear.

Read the article below for a comprehensive guide to golf equipment.

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