The 10 Best Golf Podcasts For All Things Golf

As a self-confessed golf nut, I just can’t get enough of the game. When I’m not playing it, I’m reading about it, watching it . . . or listening to podcasts about it.

And when it comes to golf podcasts, there’s a huge variety of content out there.

Whether you’re all about staying up-to-date with the latest Tour news and interviews, you need some help to improve your game, the rules of golf, or you crave some quality debate and conversation about the game you love, there’s something for you.

I’ve picked my 10 best golf podcasts covering everything from tips to interviews to golf history. Give them a listen on your commute to work, while walking the dog, just relaxing at home or whilst doing the dishes – you won’t be disappointed.

Let’s peg it up and tee off!

#1: The Rick Shiels Golf Show

With over 2 million subscribers on YouTube, Rick Shiels is the number one golf podcast in the UK. He posts a new golf podcast every Tuesday, covering a very wide range of topics always accompanied by a great open and honest tone.

As well as being super knowledgeable, Rick and his co-host Guy Charnock have an infectious relationship that is fun to listen to. At times, it feels like you’re overhearing two golf enthusiasts having a good chat rather than listening to a podcast made for a big audience.

Their episodes offer useful practical advice to help listeners improve their game and some good discussions around the biggest topics in the game.

Amongst the best things about this golf podcast is the listener engagement, where anyone can have the opportunity to get their questions answered through the ‘Dear Rick’ segment.

#2: Fore Play Barstool Sports

Fore Play is a weekly golf podcast by common golfers, for common golfers. This episode hosts an in-depth interview with 2008 US Masters Champion, Trevor Immelman.

Trent, Riggs, Frankie, Lurch, and their wide variety of guests talk about everything golf like normal folks sitting at a bar watching coverage, venting about the game’s difficulties, and weighing in on pro gossip.

These guys are your classic golf addicts bringing a young, unique voice to the rapidly-evolving game, discussing freely and openly everything golf.

#3: No Laying Up

This is arguably the fastest-growing golf podcast coming out of America.

These guys do a great job of treading the tightrope between the often overly jokey and immature new media and offering genuinely interesting and informative golf content that shows their understanding and enthusiasm.

Each episode covers a pretty specific golf subject or interview, and they release at least two a week, so there’s always plenty to get your teeth into.

They have an excellent feature known as Tourist Sauce that visits different locations throughout the USA offering advice for golfing holidays.

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#4: Local Knowledge Golf Digest

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The Golf Digest podcast covers everything golf.

Whatever you’re after in your golf podcast, they’ve got it. From interviews with PGA Tour stars, instructional advice, product reviews, the Rules of Golf, and left-field topics like, how alcohol affects your game!

The video above features an afternoon on the golf course with Tiger and comedian David Spade. It is popcorn-worthy entertainment, long on laughs but also full of deeper conversation about confidence, nerves, and the similarities between golf and stand-up comedy.

#5: On The Mark Golf

The On the Mark golf podcast offers listeners best-in-class golf instruction plus interviews with PGA TOUR players, coaches, caddies, sports psychologists, fitness trainers, and more.

Mark Immelman is the host of this popular channel. He has a strong pedigree having coached two Masters Champions, Larry Mize, and younger brother Trevor Immelman.

There’s no doubt that Mark understands what it takes to get to the top of the game, and he shares these trade secrets with listeners around the globe on his podcasts.

#6:’s SubPar

If you are a fan of professional tour golf and want extended insightful interviews with the world’s best golfers, then look no further than SubPar.

Hosted by recently retired PGA Tour player Colt Knost and lifelong friend Dave Stoltz, with the SubPar golf podcast you get to see behind the curtain and see what these golfers are about as people not just as superstars.

Colt is fast earning a great reputation as one of the best new kids on the block as a media broadcaster.

#7: The Eric Anders Lang Show

Erik offers some great comedic entertainment focused on the great game of golf.

I don’t think there is a better description for his golf podcasts than his own:

‘Hi! I’m Erik and I created the PGA Tour/Skratch series Adventures in Golf. Welcome to my completely unedited and off-the-cuff golf podcast!

Listen in for a mix of my musings, a stream of consciousness golf-inspired rants by yours truly, listener questions, and a look into the life of this golf-crazed, travel-addicted, and sleep-deprived journalist.

Interviews with golf-inspired guests – PGA Tour and LPGA players, actors, architects, coaches, authors and inspirational people from all corners of the golf world’.

#8: The Open Podcast

This podcast is all about the most famous golf event on the planet: The Open Championship. Others may contend that the US Open and US Masters are strong rivals but no major event has the same history as St Andrews hosts the 150th Open Championship in 2022.

Quite simply, it is the home for golf’s greatest stories and documentaries from golf’s original major.

From feature-length documentary episodes telling some of the most incredible stories in sport, to relaxed chats with some of golf’s biggest stars, there is something for everyone with The Open Podcasts.

#9: DP World Tour Podcast

The DP World Tour podcast offers a two-for-one whammy for golf fans that follow the European Tour.

It has become increasingly hard to watch modern-day golf as nearly all coverage is now only available on satellite television. This golf podcast offers short highlight reels of the previous week’s event and longer highlights from past tournaments for anybody who may want to head back down memory lane.

Alongside the highlight reels are more great face-to-face in-depth interviews with both established Professionals and the new stars of the future – perfect to listen to when on the move.

Obviously, these podcasts are a sit back and relax with a drink, not on-the-go podcasts as they are visual rather than aural.

There is a lot on offer for both the viewer and listener on the DP Tour podcast.


This golf podcast features all the latest golf news, detailed product reviews, shares tips, tricks and techniques, and the hottest trends in golf today.

Not only that, the occasional feature interviews with high-level pros to complete the picture.

Their mantra is that they share all this information from the point of view of being average golfers chatting with like-minded players.

These are picks for the best 10 golf podcasts available right now, but how about upcoming podcasts?

4 Up And Coming Podcasts

These are the golf podcasts that have maybe yet to prove their credentials, with smaller subscriber and audience figures, but the quality and content and reviews suggest they’re up.

#1: The Fried Egg Podcast

This podcast is for aficionados interested in golf course design. Host Andy Johnson offers a profoundly deep resource on this topic.

There are several longer interviews but a greater number of video shorts that detail particular holes on some of America’s great golf courses.

#2: Golf Science Lab

The Golf Science Lab is aimed at busting the myths and dispelling the disinformation in the dark and mysterious world of golf tuition.

Cordie Walker and his crew teach you a better understanding of the game in a fun and exciting way. In this way, they believe you learn to strike at the heart of your weaknesses and improve those skills from the ground up.

They interview researchers and academic specialists and translate their knowledge into applicable tips to take to the course.

#3: Chasing Scratch: A Golf Podcast

Two guys. One goal. Zero chance. Two average golfers set out on a mission to become scratch handicap golfers. This is their story.

#4: New Nine Golf

Let’s hear from the host to explain what his podcast is all about.

‘Hi, I’m Brandon Cubitt welcome to my channel New Nine Golf. I’m a scratch golfer and I’m obsessed with all things golf!

My golf course podcasts will give you an inside look at the courses I’m playing and you can see where my game is at as well as offer important tips for the average joe golfer.

New Nine Golf is a culture of not giving up, learning from mistakes, and moving forward to be a better version of yourself every day.’

What’s Missing With Available Golf Podcasts?

Virtually every aspect of the game has coverage – instruction and general golf tips, equipment reviews, what are the hot topics right now, and certainly the professional tours have a great amount of content.

Certainly, no stone has been left unturned with regards Tour Golf, offering the bonus of extended interviews with the superstar golfers and you find out so much more about the man – what makes them tick in life, not just golf.

Our Pick Of The 10 Best Golf Podcasts 10

Are there any areas uncovered? Without a doubt.

There is nothing out there at all that deals with Junior Golfers. Indeed, there are few podcasts guiding young players on how to get into playing the game, junior coaching clinics, tournament play, meeting up with Tour Professionals could, and so on.

There are people from all walks of life that play golf – sports players, actors, politicians, giants of industry as examples. Maybe more on-course podcasts playing golf and chatting about careers and life with such names have great merit?

As a dedicated full-time caddy myself, I would love to see a caddy on one of the Professional Tours undertake a weekly podcast as they move from event to event. This would not only be insightful, but knowing many in the caddy fraternity, I am also sure it would be full of humor.

Is the women’s game covered sufficiently? Put simply – no. There is still much untapped potential for development in this sector.

So, why not start a golf podcast of your own?

Our Pick Of The 10 Best Golf Podcasts 11

From Golf Podcasts To Golf Equipment . . .

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