How To Hit A Straight Drive In Golf – 6 Simple Tips

How to hit a straight drive is a challenge many golfers grapple with. Regardless of what level of golf you play, chances are you wish your drive was more straight. Even if you’re just practicing in the driving range, there’s nothing more satisfying than a great, powerful, and straight drive.  A long, straight drive is … Read more

Golf Waggles + 5 Other Pre-Shot Tricks To Improve Your Swing

Ever noticed that some golfers, especially the pros, seem to waggle their club before they take a shot? What might look like an unconscious move or a canceled swing is actually the golf waggle: an important pre-swing technique used by many golfers to prepare for a shot.  The golf waggle is a pre-shot routine, used … Read more

Eliminate Tension In The Golf Swing With These 7 Tricks

Is your game stagnating? Are you getting frustrated that your shots aren’t as consistent as they once were? Perhaps you’ve pulled a muscle with a particularly powerful shot, or maybe you just need some pointers about how to improve your overall game. These things will happen to all of us at some point in our … Read more