What Golf Ball Should I Use? 5 Options Based On Ability And Conditions

What golf clubs should I use? Do I need a rangefinder? Does it make sense to pay for a golf lesson? What golf ball should I buy?

Golf is both simple and complicated. How can a sport that simply requires you to roll a ball into a hole create so many questions?

Finding the best golf equipment to support your passion is part of the fun.

No two players are the same, so the perfect combination of clubs, balls, and gear will be different for each golfer.

‘What golf ball should I use?’ seems like an easy question, but there are several factors you should consider before making your next purchase.

Below we talk about why it is important, the types of golf balls that exist, and the factors you need to consider.

We can help you find the perfect golf ball for you! Let’s get started.

what golf ball should I use

What Golf Ball Should I use? Why Does It Matter?

The question “what golf ball should I use?” impacts our golf game in several different ways.

First, if your golf ball and swing are mismatched you will spin the ball too much. This will cause you to lose distance or spin the ball sideways.

That’s right – the wrong golf ball can make your slice or hook worse!

It’s just not your driver and approach shots. When you try to figure out “what golf ball should I use” your decision will also impact your short game.

Certain types of golf balls are designed to spin more around the green. The type of ball you select will impact how quickly your ball stops.

The golf ball you are currently using could be making it harder for you to decrease your golf handicap.

So how should you decide? Let’s dive into the factors you should consider.

what golf ball should I use

What Golf Ball Should I use? 5 Factors To Consider

#1: Level Of Play

Be honest with yourself. How good are you at golf? Do you struggle to break 100 or consistently shoot in the 70s?

If you are just learning the game you don’t need to spend $50 per dozen. Find a ball you can buy in bulk because you will most likely hit a few in hazards.

The technology in premium golf balls won’t make a difference to your scorecard if you don’t consistently hit the ball solidly.

The first answer to “what golf ball should I use” is to pick a ball that matches your level of play. Only premium players should buy premium balls!

#2: How Much Do You Care?

This may sound like a funny question, but why do you play golf?

Do you play to enjoy time with your buddies, get some exercise, and have a few cold drinks?

Or, do you play to post a score? Are you driven to improve and compete in local or regional tournaments?

Answer these questions and you will have your answer to what golf ball should I use.

There is no doubt that more expensive golf balls perform better, but you may not need that to enjoy the game.

One of our favorite things about golf is that it means different things to different people.

what golf ball should I use

#3: Swing Speed

We all know that your swing speed is a key factor when selecting shafts for your clubs, but did you know that it also impacts the answer to what golf ball should I use?

Not all golf balls are built for the same swing speed. They have different levels of compression.

To get the maximum distance on a shot, you need to compress the ball at impact. Different products are designed to work for slower and faster swing speeds.

To put it another way, the right ball for Rory is probably not the correct ball for you.

You can test this out in a golf simulator. Hit different balls and watch your numbers change. Figure out the brand and model that works best for your swing.

#4: It Might Just Be A Feeling

Sometimes the answer to what golf ball should I use simply comes down to how it feels when you make contact.

Do you prefer a ball that feels soft or firm at impact?

This can be true with your driver and irons, but most players talk about feeling in their short game.

You need to have touch and control when you are chipping and putting. The golf ball you select can impact your ability to “feel” your short game.

The best way to test this out is with trial and error. The next time you practice bring a few different types of golf balls.

Does one of them “feel” better to you? If so, go with it!

what golf ball should I use

#5: Do You Want Some Flair?

Your golf ball doesn’t have to be boring. More than ever, golf ball manufacturers are offering options other than white.

Do you want to stand out on the course? Try a yellow, orange, pink, green, or even red golf ball!

Vice Golf is an example of a golf brand that makes high-quality golf balls with a sense of style. Their “drip” balls are very cool.

When thinking about what golf ball should I use, your answer doesn’t have to only be about performance.

If you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you play well. Let your golf ball be part of “your look”.

Srixon has started producing a two-color golf ball. It is very cool to watch these balls roll on the green or spin when you chip them.

what golf ball should I use

What Golf Ball Should I Use? 5 Great Options

Did you know that most golf ball manufacturers make several different golf ball products? They are each designed for different types of golfers.

As an example, let’s take a look at the different golf balls produced by Titleist (the #1 ball in golf).

Titleist Pro V1 (Pro V1x)

What Golf Ball Should I Use? 5 Options Based On Ability And Conditions 1
  • Golf Ball Type: Premium
  • Pro V1 Tagline: Titleist® Pro V1x® offers total performance and features long distance, high trajectory, low long game spin, Drop-and-Stop™ greenside control and soft feel.
  • Cost: $50+ per dozen

Titleist AVX

What Golf Ball Should I Use? 5 Options Based On Ability And Conditions 2
  • Golf Ball Type: Premium
  • Player Type: Serious amateur golfer (low handicapper)
  • AVX Tagline: Titleist® AVX® golf balls are for golfers looking to level up their game with advanced technology that delivers low flight, low iron spin for longer distance, incredibly soft feel, and now, even more control.
  • Cost: $50+ per dozen

Titleist Tour Speed

What Golf Ball Should I Use? 5 Options Based On Ability And Conditions 3
  • Golf Ball Type: Mid-Range
  • Player Type: Loves the game and looking for more distance
  • Tour Speed Tagline: If you’re looking for long distance, a penetrating flight, and shot stopping control into the green, we’ve got you covered with Titleist® Tour Speed. Like the name says, Tour Speed is very fast, but low scores require more than speed and Tour Speed is designed to help you execute every type of shot.
  • Cost: $40 per dozen

Titleist Velocity

What Golf Ball Should I Use? 5 Options Based On Ability And Conditions 4
  • Golf Ball Type: Economical
  • Player Type: Casual player, looking for a consistent golf ball
  • Velocity Tagline: Bring full throttle distance to your game with New Titleist® Velocity™ golf balls. Engineered for high speed, high launch and low long game spin for explosive distance.
  • Cost: $30 per dozen

Titleist TruFeel

What Golf Ball Should I Use? 5 Options Based On Ability And Conditions 5
  • Golf Ball Type: Economical
  • Player Type: Casual player, looking for a well-known golf brand
  • TruFeel Tagline: All the feel, all the distance, all Titleist. New Titleist® TruFeel™ is the softest Titleist golf ball re-designed for more distance than ever before and with a thinner cover for improved feel around the green.
  • Cost: $25 per dozen

Looking for professional help to answer the question “what golf ball should I use”? Titleist offers an online tool to help you pick the correct product.

Of course, Titleist isn’t the only answer to what golf ball should I use. You have plenty of options that are even cheaper than $25 per dozen.

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