How Much Are Golf Lessons? And How To Get The Most Out Of Them

You want to invest in your golf game and you have a goal to improve, but how much are golf lessons and are they worth it?

Let’s say you have a few hundred dollars that you want to allocate to golf. Do you buy a new club or get lessons? Which one will help you reduce your golf handicap?

We all love buying new golf equipment, but a new driver won’t necessarily help you hit more fairways. The old saying goes “a poor craftsman blames his tools”.

We explore this concept below.

How much are golf lessons?

Are they a good investment and are there alternatives that can economically produce the same results?

How Much Are Golf Lessons

How Much Are Golf Lessons?

On average, in the USA, typical golf lessons cost around $60 for 60 minutes, but there are several factors that determine what you will pay for a golf lesson:

  • Length of the Lesson (1 hour is fairly standard)
  • Supply & demand – busy/popular golf coaches can charge more

Do you want a lesson with the same instructor that taught Tiger Woods?

That is going to cost you significantly more than visiting your local driving range pro.

In fact, there are famous golf coaches that can demand up to $500+ per hour.

We think that is overkill.

Assuming you aren’t planning to play professional golf, we would recommend you keep the price to less than $100 per hour.

How Much Are Golf Lessons

How Much Are Golf Lessons? Are They Worth It?

Answering the question “how much are golf lessons” is fairly easy.

The answer to “are they worth it?” is a bit more nuanced.

Our quick answer would be “Yes”. If you are just getting started in the game of golf, getting professional advice related to your fundamentals is critical.

Call your local pro shop, ask “how much are golf lessons”, schedule a time, and make sure they cover the following:

  • Your alignment with your target

We think every beginner should have this type of golf lesson.

The more interesting question is how often you should get a golf lesson as you advance along your golf journey.

How Much Are Golf Lessons

There is no doubt that if you are struggling a second opinion can be helpful. We can all use a new swing thought from time to time.

That being said, we think that at some point the economic law of diminishing returns impacts “how much are golf lessons and are they worth it?”.

As investment in a particular area increases, the rate of profit from that investment, after a certain point, cannot continue to increase if other variables remain constant.

To say it simply, at some point another golf lesson isn’t the answer. You need to spend more time practicing or working on your course management.

Yes, golf lessons are worth it, but they aren’t the only answer to your improvement goals.

How Much Are Golf Lessons

How Much Are Golf Lessons? 6 Cheaper Alternatives

Are you looking for a deal? Do you want to invest in your game and save a little money? We understand – $100 per hour can add up quickly.

Below we have outlined 6 alternatives to the standard golf lesson.

1. Buy In Bulk

You can reduce the answer to “how much are golf lessons” by buying them in bulk.

Once you find a golf instructor that you like, ask them about the ability to buy a package of lessons.

Most golf coaches will give you a reduced rate if you buy 5 or 10 at one time. Just make sure they don’t expire!

The other advantage of this approach is that you build a rapport with your teacher.

They learn how you play golf and gain an understanding of the type of feedback that will work best for you.

If you are lucky, you will build a relationship that last years. You can text them when you are frustrated and share your golf success with them.

This is why most PGA tour professionals have the same swing coaches for years or even decades.

Develop this type of relationship with your local golf pro and you will no longer worry about how much are golf lessons!

How Much Are Golf Lessons

2. Group Sessions

A great way to get feedback on your golf game for a fraction of the cost is sign-up for group lessons.

This can also be a great way to meet other golfers that are working to improve. You might find some new buddies to play with on the weekend.

Typically, group sessions are designed to cover one specific facet of the game or for a certain type of player. Make sure you sign-up for the correct session.

You don’t want to be the only beginner in an advanced class or show up to a putting lesson with your driver!

A group session allows you to observe a golf instructor’s teaching style and ask how much are golf lessons. Sort of a test drive before your pay private instruction.

How Much Are Golf Lessons

3. Free Clinics

It is hard to get cheaper than free! Teaching professionals will offer free clinics for beginners or kids to help grow the game of golf.

Scroll back up to the “How much are golf lessons and are they worth it” section above. We talked about the importance of learning golf fundamentals.

If you are lucky, you can find a free clinic that will cover these details. You may need to search for these in your area, but we bet they exist.

The golf coach looks at it as a way to increase their teaching business, so keep your ears open for possible deals on private lessons.

A free clinic is a perfect introduction to getting golf lessons and may help you understand where you need the most help to reach your golf goals.

How Much Are Golf Lessons

4. Buy A Buddy A Beer

The most important part of this technique is to pick the “correct” buddy. You don’t want the guy that loves to give swing tips, but has never broken 100!

Instead, target the best golfer you know. The person that regularly breaks 80 and/or played college golf.

Offer to buy them a beer or some pizza and see if they will accompany you to the driving range for 30 minutes.

You will be amazed at what you can learn from an experienced player. They don’t have to give you complex swing changes but can offer minor tweaks.

In fact, you might learn more in the 19th hole enjoying a cold drink. Simply talk about golf. Discuss how they approach different shots or hard holes.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a certified coach if you have knowledgeable friends.

Don’t be scared about annoying them – you will find that most golfers love to talk about the game and will enjoy helping you.

How Much Are Golf Lessons

5. DIY (Do It Yourself) – Use The Internet

We know the type. You don’t like to ask for help and think you can figure anything out yourself. We will call you “DIY Guy”.

You would never ask “how much are golf lessons” because you would prefer to ask “how can I teach myself”.

The truth is, this can work for some golfers. There is plenty of information on how to play golf that you can use to give yourself a lesson.

There are websites that are dedicated to helping you play better golf (like this one) and you can find quick lessons on YouTube.

Our only feedback for “DIY Guy” is to make sure you have a way to measure if your program of self-learning is helping.

Track your golf game and use these KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to understand if you are getting better.

Establish a golf handicap and post your scores. If you realize your game is stagnant, it might be time to ask “how much are golf lessons”.

How Much Are Golf Lessons

6. Try A Swing Trainer

You might be able to fix your swing without paying for a lesson. Another great option is a swing trainer.

The majority of swing trainers have been designed to fix a specific problem. In other words, some will help you eliminate your duck hook, while others will help with a slice.

The first step is to identify your issue. What is holding you back from improving as a player?

Now that you have identified what you want to fix, it is time to find the swing trainer that matches your area of need.

Be careful when shopping for swing trainers. Some are awesome, while others are gimmicks.

Pay close attention to customer reviews and testimonials – look for products that have been working for years.

Here are a few products that have produced results for players around the world:

  • SuperSpeed Golf Training System – helps increase your speed and distance
  • Orange Whip Training Aid – helps with tempo, balance, and flexibility
  • Anti-Flip Stick – teaches you to keep your wrist steady (full swing and short game)

These are just a few of the options you will find that can help you become a better player.

We hope you are no longer asking “how much are golf lessons” and are now wondering “should I invest in my game”.

That is a personal decision for you to make, but playing better golf is priceless!

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