What Size Golf Clubs Do I Need? Golf Club Size Chart

Golf clubs are not “one size fits all”. It would be best if you considered several factors when figuring out where you fall on a golf club size chart.

Buying your clubs “off the rack” without considering their length is risky. They are a significant investment and you should take some time to do your research.

Do you think Jordan Speith walks into a Dicks Sporting Goods, looks around, and says “I’ll just take that set on the wall”?

We want to help. We want you to understand the importance of a golf club size chart and help you make the right decision.

We’ll look at:

  • Why getting your golf club length right is key to a good game of golf
  • The standard lengths, in inches, of each golf club type – both men and women
  • The typical length adjustment to consider, depending on your height – both men and women
  • How to size golf clubs for kids

Let’s get started!

golf club size chart

Golf Club Size Chart – Why Is The Length Of Your Clubs Important?

Your golf swing is a complex sequence of movements that need to consistently work in the same way if you want to play well.

Outside of your swing, there are numerous factors that impact every shot you hit. Wind, moisture on the ground, uphill/downhill, and your lie in the grass all impact your results.

There is simply no reason to add another variable to the equation. We want to make sure your golf clubs are designed to make the game easier for you.

At a high level, longer clubs will go farther, but be wilder. Shorter clubs are more accurate, but you give away distance.

This is why people who compete in long-drive competitions use “crazy long” clubs. They don’t care about hitting the fairway every shot, they just want to bomb the ball.

You want the best possible combination. You want to hit the ball as far as possible while still having control over your shots.

To do this, you need to determine the best length for you based on your posture, height, and arm length.

Did you know that using the wrong length golf clubs can ruin your setup? It is possible you hit duck hooks or banana slices because you didn’t understand the golf club size chart.

golf club size chart

Golf Club Size Chart – What Is “Normal” Length?

What does “normal” or “standard” mean when you are talking about golf club length? You may have noticed that different clubs in your bag are different lengths.

Here are the standard lengths for men’s golf clubs:

Standard Golf Club Length (Mens Clubs) Reference Chart

Driver45 inches
3-wood43 inches
5-wood 42 inches
3 iron39 inches
4-iron38.5 inches
5-iron38 inches
6-iron 37.5 inches
7-iron 37 inches
8-iron 36.5 inches
9-iron36 inches
Pitching Wedge 
35.5 inches
Sand Wedge 35.5 inches
Putter33, 34, or 35 inches would all be considered standard

As you might have guessed, the golf club size chart will be slightly different for women, because their standard length is slightly shorter.

You might be able to find some exceptions, but in most sets, the women’s standard length will be 1 inch shorter than the same club that is built for men.

The next question we need to answer is – do you need non-standard golf equipment to play better?

golf club size chart

Golf Club Size Chart – How Do I Measure Myself?

First things first, do you already have a set of golf clubs? If so, do you know if they are standard length or not?

To understand if you have the correct set of golf clubs for your game you need to learn about them. Take a few minutes to confirm if they are standard length.

Next up, we need to determine where you fall on the golf club size chart. The simplest way to do this is by your total height.

Golf Club Size By Your Height Chart – Mens

Here is the golf club size chart for men, based on height:

HeightClub Length
(+/- in inches from standard length)
> 7’0”+2
6’9” – 7’0”+1.5
6’5” – 6’8”+1
6’1” – 6’4”+0.5
5’9” – 6’0”Standard club length
5’5” – 5’8”-0.5
5’1” – 5’4”-1
4’9” – 5’0”-1.5
< 4’9”-2

Keep one thing in mind. This isn’t an exact science. It is possible you have a personal preference for slightly longer or shorter golf clubs.

We would recommend that you stay within one deviation of the above golf club size chart. In other words, be within 1/2 of an inch of our recommendation.

Here is similar information for women’s golf clubs.

golf club size chart

Golf Club Size By Your Height Chart – Womens

HeightClub Length (+/- in inches from standard length)
> 6’4″+1.5
6’1” – 6’4”+1
5’9” – 6’0”+0.5
5’5” – 5’8”Standard club length
5’1” – 5’4”-0.5
4’9” – 5’0”-1
4’3” – 4’8”-1.5

The above golf club size charts will work for 95% of golfers. The only exception will be the player with extremely long or short arms.

In this scenario, you may want to consider using a “wrist to floor” measurement.

Wear normal shoes and stand on a hard surface with your arms hanging relaxed at your sides. Then have someone measure from the point where your hand meets your wrist (your “wrist crease”) to the floor.

You only need to worry about this step if your “wrist to floor” measurement is extreme.

If you are higher than 38″ or lower than 30″ you may want to adjust where you fall on the golf club size chart.

Are you standard or do you need to adjust the length of your golf clubs? You should now know the answer to this question.

golf club size chart

Golf Club Size Chart For Juniors

We love kids getting involved in the game of golf. They are literally the future of the sport!

That being said, finding golf clubs for them can be a challenge. They are constantly growing and this can get expensive quickly.

With this in mind, we would recommend you always buy your junior golfer clubs that are a little bit too long and let them grow into them.

Yes, you can take an old set of clubs and cut them down for your child, but the weight of the clubs might be too much.

There are several golf manufacturers that make clubs specifically for juniors, but our favorite is US Kids.

We like them for several reasons. They have clubs for players of all skills. From a toddler just starting in the game, to a serious 10-year-old who dreams of a college scholarship.

US Kids also makes it easy on the parents. You don’t need to figure out a complicated golf club size chart for juniors.

All of their products are sold based on the height of your junior golfer. You simply go to the website and select how tall your child is.

You will then get a list of options that are the correct length for them. No reason to mess around with a golf club size chart.

Callaway and Ping also make golf clubs for juniors. Give them a gift they can enjoy for the rest of their lives – give them the gift of golf!

golf club size chart

What Other Factors Do You Need To Consider Prior To Buying New Clubs?

If you are in the market for a new set of clubs, the golf club size chart isn’t the only thing you will need to know.

In order to buy the perfect golf equipment you need to consider several other details as well.

Golf Brand

Do you want Titleist or PING? Callaway or TaylorMade? Or, do you want to go with an “off-brand” and save some money?

To be honest, all of the “well-known” golf brands make great equipment. If possible, hit a few different products and pick the one that feels the best to you.

Be careful with discount golf clubs – you don’t have to break the bank, but we would go with a brand you have seen on TV!

Shaft Type

You have two options. Do you want graphite or steel shafts?

The most common configuration is graphite in your driver, woods, and hybrids, and steel in your irons.

Golfers with slower swing speeds might prefer graphite shafts in all of their clubs. It is rare to see a driver with a steel shaft.

golf club size chart

Shaft Flex

After you determine where you land on the golf club size chart, the shaft flex you select will be your other critical decision.

Professional club fitters will tell you that the flex in your shaft is more important than the clubs (clubheads) you pick.

Two things determine the appropriate shaft flex for you. Your swing speed and your launch angle.

Get the correct shaft flex in your clubs and you will be amazed by the results. We are not exaggerating when we say you might gain 50 yards of distance with your driver.

Do not take this decision lightly!

Grip Type & Size

There are different types of grips that can be put on your clubs. This ends up being a “personal feel” choice.

Do you like the soft feel of tour wraps or the rough feel of cord grips? There is no wrong answer to this question.

You can also adjust the size of your grips. Players with larger hands will typically want thicker grips.

You make the grips larger by adding extra layers of tape under the grip (on the shaft of the club).

golf club size chart

There can be benefits to your game by going with thicker grips, but it is mostly a personal choice. What feels better to you?

Take your time before you buy a new set of clubs. Get the correct configurations and watch your golf scores and handicap start to drop!

Good luck and have fun shopping for new sticks!

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