Golf Grip Size: Beginners Guide For Choosing The Right Fit

Much of the fun in golf comes from ‘talking shop.’ There’s a plethora of equipment to familiarize yourself with as a beginner, and instead of being intimidated by this, embrace it and dive in head first. 

Your grip is crucial, as I’m sure you’ve been told multiple times that “the grip is the only connection you have with the club.” We golf pros love to drop that line, but as cliche as it sounds, it’s true. 

The good part about optimizing your golf grip size is that you’ll only have to do it once. Your hands won’t change size ever again, so I encourage you to spend the time to get your grips to fit perfectly in your hands. 

Use the handy charts below to learn about grip fitting and how to find the best grip for you. Don’t neglect this step as a beginner because there are some dire consequences I’ve listed below that will stifle your progress. 

In this article, we will cover:

  • What Size Golf Grip Do I Need?
  • 4 Benefits Of A Correct Grip Size
  • 4 Different Grip Sizes Explained
  • Grip Size vs. Glove Size
  • Grip Size vs. Hand Size
  • How To Customize Your Grip Using Grip Tape
  • Golf Grip Size Chart
  • Common Grip Size Mistakes
  • FAQ
  • Summary—Golf Grip Size For Beginners

Let’s get into it!

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What Size Golf Grip Do I Need?

This size of your golf grip is exclusively based on the size of your hand. The standard size will do for most people, but everyone’s hands are different, and there is a perfect grip for everyone.

Women and juniors will use undersized grips; for those with larger hands, there is a mid-size and even oversized grips available. Check which is best for you below. 

4 Benefits of A Correct Grip Size

  1. Control of club face.
  2. Manage rotation of hands.
  3. Encourages consistent impact position.
  4. Instills confidence.

4 Different Grip Sizes Explained

#1: Undersize/Ladies Grips

These are the smallest grips available as they have the lowest diameter. These are perfect for juniors as well. However, certain junior clubs may have grips even smaller than this, depending on which age the junior set is made for. 

#2: Standard Grips

This is the size that comes on almost all golf clubs made by big brand-name manufacturers. Standard grips have a diameter of 2.54cm and are the best fit for a large majority of the golfing population. What is the difference between a midsize vs standard golf grip?

Two hands clasp a golf club on the handle.

#3: mid-Size

So, midsize vs standard golf grip. A mid-size grip is noticeably larger than standard grips.

Most will indicate their size on the top of the grip cap at the butt-end of the club. Although only ⅛” wider, your hands will feel a big difference, and this could have a major effect on your shots. 

#4: Oversize/Jumbo

The largest of all grips, an oversized golf grip should be reserved for those who have uniquely large hands, such as basketball players.

This should be specially recommended by your club fitter to ensure you’re a candidate for these extreme-sized grips. 

Grip Size vs. Glove Size

Need a golf grip size calculator? Glove size is the easiest way to determine your grip size, but it’s also the least accurate.

For beginners, this is a great place to start, as it gives you an idea of what you should be working with. No need to get too specific at this time. Once you become a mid-low handicapper, you may require more precision. 

Grip SizeGlove Sizes
Undersize/Ladies GripMen’s SLadies S/MedJuniors
StandardMen’s Med/LrgCadetLadies’ Lrg
Mid-SizeMen’s XL
Jumbo/OversizeMen’s XXL +
A young golfer holds a golf club in the air and gets helped by an instructor.

Grip Size vs. Hand Size

The most accurate way to determine your golf grip size calculator is to use the exact measurement of your hand. This way, you can tell your club fitter to build your grip to an exact specification. 

Club fitters can adjust your grip size within each grip size. So if the standard is too small and the mid-size is too big, there’s a way to make your standard slightly bigger but not as big as the mid-size. First, you need your hand measurements.

How To Measure Your Hand

For right-handed golfers, take the measurement of your left hand. Do the opposite if you are left-handed. With your hand fully open and fingers fully extended, measure from where your hand meets your wrist all the way to the tip of your middle finger. 

Match your measurement with the grip size listed in the chart below:

Grip SizeHand Size 
Undersize/Ladies Grip6.5” and under
Standard6.5” to 8 ¾”
Mid-Size8.5” to 9 ¼”
Jumbo/Oversize9 ¼” +
Two black golf grips for a golf club handle.

How To Customize Your Grip Using Grip Tape

If you understand everyone about golf grip size up until this point, then I applaud you; thanks for sticking with me. However, there’s more. As I mentioned briefly, the sizes we’ve discussed can be customized. 

If you find that a mid-size feels too big, but a standard feels too small, you can ask your club fitter to increase the standard grip size. They do this by adding layers of tape beneath the grip before installing it

The rule of thumb is three wraps equals a size up. For example, a standard grip with three wraps would be almost identical to a mid-size grip. 

You can also get really crazy and add a layer of tape to the bottom half to thicken only the part of the grip that is under your bottom hand. Some golfers like this on their mid-short irons; as they say, it helps with accuracy. 

Golf Grip Size Chart

Hand SizeGolf Glove Size
Undersize—One wrap6.5” to 7” JuniorLadies XS, SMen’s XS
Undersize—Two Wraps7” to 7.5”JuniorLadies S, MedMen’s S, Med
Standard—One Wrap7.5” to 8 ¼” Men’s MedCadetLadies Lrg
Standard—Two Wraps8 ¼” to 8 ¾”Men’s LLadies XL
Mid-Size—One Wrap8.5” to 9”Men’s XL
Mid-Size—Two Wraps8 ¾” to 9 ¼” Men’s XL, XXL
Oversize—One Wrap9” to 9 ½”Men’s XXL+
Oversize—Two Wraps9 ½” +Men’s XXL +
A hand holds two white golf club grips.

Common Grip Size Mistakes

Grip size is often underrated, which is a shame when you consider how many problems it can cause. Your poor golf shots may be directly affected by your grip, so as a beginner, it’s important to identify this early on so you can squash it right away. 

Grips Too Big

Having a grip that is too big for you will cause more slices and fades. This is because a thicker grip makes it more challenging for your hands to turn over at impact. This leaves the club face open and causes a lot of sidespin. 

Thicker grips may help you on short irons and wedges when straight and accurate shots are valued. But longer clubs and woods especially should have grips that fit you perfectly or slightly thinner.

Grips Too Small

On the other end of the spectrum, grips that are too thin or small will promote too much hand action. You want your big muscles to drive your swing to reduce the margin of error. Getting too handsy in your swing will not be consistent, and you will have trouble identifying a prominent ball flight

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Should Your Grip Size Change From Club To Club As A Beginner?

No, your grip size should change from club to club as a beginner. As you gain more experience, you may find that adjusting your grip thickness could help with certain clubs, but at first, get all your grips done the exact same so you can compare apples to apples. 

Are There Only Three Different Grip Sizes?

No, there are more than three grip sizes; however, standard, mid-size, and oversize are the three most popular.

The next most popular is undersize, which is used by mostly women and juniors. But grip size has nothing to do with gender and is solely based on the size of a golfer’s hand. 

What Size Grips Does Tiger Woods Use?

Tiger Woods uses a standard-size grip that is made to be 1/32” thicker than standard. Tiger’s measurements suggest he should be using a grip that is thicker than that, but he prefers the feel of having full control over his club face. 

What Size Grips Does Michael Jordan Use?

Michael Jordan uses oversized grips with at least 5 wraps underneath; some say as many as 9 wraps. His hands measure 9 ¾” from wrist to middle fingertip, so this estimate has merit. 

Two hands hold a golf club by the handle with grass in the background.

Can Golf Grips Relieve Pain From Arthritis?

Yes, certain golf grips are designed specifically for golfers with arthritis and will reduce pain in most cases. These grips are made thicker than standard, and some are very close to oversized to relinquish the need to grip the club firmly.

You may have to swing slower, but arthritic pain should be suppressed so you can enjoy your day on the links. 

Summary—Golf Grip Size For Beginners

I know you have a lot to worry about as a beginner, and spending time thinking about the size of your grips might not be the sexiest thing to worry about, but I assure you it’s vital. 

You need only worry about it once since the size of your hands won’t change over the years. Do it right the first time, and you can cross it off your list and get back to the practice range. 

Choose your grip size based on your hand size at the beginning, and you will increase your rate of improvement. The faster you get better, the more fun this game becomes; take my word for it. 

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