The Best Golf Training Aids: 5 Game-Changing Golf Aids

The best golf training aids – what’s the point? There’s a common misconception that practice alone makes perfect. However, just because you practice doesn’t mean you’ll get better. The more accurate statement is “practice makes permanent.” If you practice the wrong way, your mistakes become habits, and you won’t improve.  While it is true that … Read more

Golf Wedges Explained: How Many Should You Carry?

The rules of golf allow you to carry up to 14 clubs when you play. Strategically selecting the best possible combination of clubs can really improve your score. Don’t make a mistake before you even arrive at the golf course – pick the right 14 clubs. Golfers often underestimate the impact golf wedges can have … Read more

Golf Equipment: 32 Essential and Optional Items Explained

Getting started in golf can be intimidating. From the tricky rules and swing techniques to the unique etiquette and golf terminology, it’s no surprise that many of those new to the game can feel a little lost. . . . And that’s without even mentioning all the golf equipment out there. There are few sports … Read more

4 Tips to Master Golf In The Rain + Must-Have Rain Gear

Most golfers would prefer to avoid golf in the rain, but sometimes, it just isn’t possible. Yep, there are times when playing golf in the rain is simply unavoidable – a non-refundable golf trip, a local tournament or even as simple as a surprise shower on the back 9. And because it’s inevitable, it’s important … Read more