Blue tees golf series 2 pro slope rangefinder review

Welcome to our Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Pro Slope Rangefinder review!

Rangefinders have changed the game by helping us lower our score with much more accurate yardages. When you’re armed with one of these you don’t have to blindly trust that hole map on the tee box, you can shoot your own accurate yardage.

These are great for knowing how far it is to any point on the course you want. But choosing one is more difficult than you think. Even though all rangefinders measure distance, they do it with varying levels of precision.

The Blue Tee Series 2 Pro Slope Rangefinder has caught our eye based on previous models from this unique company, so we had to try it out. There are a few added features here that make it worthwhile so let’s get over each detail with a fine-tooth comb.

How Can A Rangefinder Help You?

Rangefinders provide support to golfers in the form of confidence and knowledge.

Anyone who plays golf knows that being committed to your shot is almost more important than choosing the right club or shot shape. Creeping doubt can be crippling to a golfer and anytime we can get a definitive answer is a win.

One of the first questions we have as we approach our next shot is “How far is it?” The answer might vary depending on who you ask. But if you have a reliable rangefinder, you won’t be asking that questions anymore. In fact, you’ll be the one answering it.

Having a range finder also helps you speed up your pace of play.

Not to please the jerk behind you who thinks it’s a race, but so you can play more. Depending on the conditions, you can play 27 holes in the same time it takes to play 18 just by not having to pace your yards on every shot.

Playing better golf and more of it are two good enough reasons to get yourself a quality rangefinder that will last you for years.

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A Brief History of The Blue tees Brand

Started in 2015 by four friends who had one thing in common – golf.

Like many of us, their love for golf was costing them a lot of money. Many premium brands offered products they liked but simply couldn’t afford. The products they could afford were cheap and needed repair or replacement frequently.

These four friends banded together to form their own company that focuses on providing high-quality products direct to consumers. These are for the real golfers who know what a cheap product looks like and aren’t willing to deal with them anymore.

Their primary focus is on rangefinders and they have been growing in popularity. Not by spending millions on advertising but by going straight to the source. They are active in their social media accounts to engage directly with the golfers they sell to.

This has proved successful so far as more and more players are using one of their rangefinders and continue to promote them through their own social media channels.

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Right now Blue Tees has three rangefinder models available:

Given the success and popularity of the Series 1 Sport, we’ve chosen to focus on the flagship model and see how the Series 2 PRO Slope performs and whether it lives up to its self-proclaimed ‘premium’ status.

3 Stand Out Features of the Blue Tees Golf Series 2 PRO Slope Rangefinder

Not all rangefinders are created equal, but they do all measure yards. This one gives you information in both yards or meters depending on your preference or location. It displays that information on an HD display.

It balances incoming light to make adjustments to the display so you can see all the information clearly no matter what the weather is.

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#1: Slope Reading

Since the term ‘slope’ is in the title of this rangefinder, it’s a safe bet that this takes that into account. Reading slope has become more popular but normally is only seen on high-priced rangefinders. Not any more.

This has the same technology as the expensive one and with all the same accuracy. The slope is automatically accounted for, then factored into the final number it presents. This keeps the display easy to read so you only get the information you need.

#2: Three Different Modes

Choose from three different modes to better enhance your experience.

a) Scan

Move your rangefinder across your entire point of view, along the way it will give you specific yardages to points of interest. As you scan past a bunker, it will show you yards to the front and back. It will show you how far to carry that pond or how far to get to the safe landing area.

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b) Golf

Aptly named, this mode is what we are all used to. Point and click to get pinpoint accuracy within a yard of anything you aim for. It has a pinseeking feature and will also vibrate once it’s locked on and ready to give you a number.

C) Speed

The newest feature actually has nothing to do with yardage.

Instead, when this rangefinder is in speed mode it can measure the ball speed of your shots. It’s more accurate and easier to use on tee shots but it’s still cool to try out on any full swing shot. See how your numbers change in different weather, you might be surprised.

#3: Additional Accessories

The series 2 has upgraded their carrying case to a more firm style. This provides incredible protection and makes it safe to leave in your golf bag all the time. The unit itself is coated with a rubber compound that adds a layer of protection.

This rubber provides a secure grip as well when you’re trying to steady your hand for an accurate read.

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You also get batteries which is rare for rangefinders to provide.

Lastly, you get Blue Tees unique warranty. You are covered for 2 years against any damage. The great part is that the first 60 days are completely risk-free. You can try it for two months anywhere you want and if you dont like it, you can send it back with no questions asked.

Who Will Benefit Most From This?

For anyone starting out I recommend you find your yardages the old fashioned way for your first season. This will give you a good understanding of what a quality rangefinder will do for you.

These aren’t just for lazy players who don’t feel like pacing off their yards from the nearest sprinkler head. The Blue Tees Golf Series 2 PRO Slope Rangefinder is for those who want to spend their time assessing the other endless variables that golf presents.

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Using this crosses one thing off your list of things to worry about. It will also help you play faster so you can squeeze more holes in each day.

One thing to note is that this is not suitable for tournament play.

Measuring slope is against the rules setforth by the USGA regarding rangefinders. UNfortunaltey there is no way to turn off this function so this rangefinder is NOT for tournament players.

Recommended Alternative Rangefinders

#1: Bushnell Tour V5 Shift Rangefinder

This is the biggest name in rangfinder technology and used by many tour professionals.

It measure slope and has a vibrating feature to let you know when you’re locked on to a target. It also has upgraded optics, 6x magnification and a built-in magnet so you can attach it to your cart for easy access.

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It also comes with a price tag that’s more than double the Blue Tees Golf Series 2 PRO Slope Rangefinder.

#2: Callaway Hybrid Laser/GPS Rangefinder

Callaway is known for making top-tier products and this is proof of that. While it does everything you’d expect from a rangefinder it also doubles as a GPS unit.

It has 38,000+ courses preloaded has a quickview screen on the front to easily see front/back/middle yardages. Because of this, it’s a little bulkier than the Blue Tees Golf Series 2 PRO Slope Rangefinder

#3: Nikon Cool Shot PRO Stabilized Rangefinder

It’s natural that an accredited camera company can create a premium rangefinder. This offering from Nikon provides you with high resolution optics so you can see every detail.

It also has unique stabilization technology so every time you shoot a laser, it finds its intended target. Finally, this rangefinder measures slope, or not, it’s up to you as this feature can be turned on or off easily.

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The major selling feature of the Blue Tees Golf Series 2 PRO Slope Rangefinder is its premium features at a much lower pricepoint.

The rubber grip and clean lines make it appealing to the eye when you break it out to shoot the most accurate numbers money can buy. As long as you’re not using this in tournament play, it will help you smash your personal best and add some more fun to your day with the speed mode to measure your ball speed.

While we appreciate your efffor to stay true to the game by using sprinkler heads, many courses don’t offer this any more and even less provide you with a 150-yard stake. Improve your scores and speed up your play with an affordable rangefinder like the Blue Tees Golf Series 2 PRO Slope Rangefinder.

What other gear could help your game?

Now you know all about the Blue Tees Golf Series 2 PRO Slope Rangefinder, what other gear could help your game?

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