Texas Scramble Golf Guide: Rules, Strategy and More

A Texas Scramble is arguably the most social and best team bonding format in golf. Corporate and charity golf days often follow the Texas Scramble format, with the two being the perfect fit and always welcomed by attending golfers. Many golf clubs opt for a Texas Scramble for their social competitions, particularly on festive occasions … Read more

13 Fun Golf Games For Wide Range Of Handicaps

Welcome to our guide on the best golf games for wide range of handicaps! The staple games for most diets often revolve around traditional games for two, three, or four players, such as match play, skins games, Nassau or Stableford. But these games often don’t work well for playing in a group with a wide … Read more

East Lothian Coastline Golf Travel Guide: Tips for Visitors

Welcome to our East Lothian Golf Travel Guide! Here we’ll cover all the necessary travel, transport, and golf location tips for visitors planning a golf trip to this wonderful coastal region. Even better, East Lothian is only a short hop from Scotland’s vibrant capital city, Edinburgh. The East Lothian Golf Tourist Board states that their … Read more