9 Golf Hacks To Improve Your Game

Sometimes a great round of golf isn’t just down to how well you played. The same goes for a bad round of golf. It’s the little things that can get you down – things you forgot to do, things you forgot to bring, or something your partner remembered but you forgot. Doesn’t it feel like … Read more

How to Win Wii Sports Golf Every Time

If you’ve ever played Wii sports you’ve had one of two experiences. You were a natural and you scored under par on every hole, dominating your competition. You played the worst round of golf of your life and nearly took out your competition with a flung Wii remote. Either way, what you’re looking for is … Read more

The Proper Golf Driver Stance Explained

If you’ve ever watched the pros play on the TV, you might have thought to yourself “that golf driver stance looks a lot different to mine”. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! There’s technically no such thing as a ‘proper golf driver stance’ as everyone’s stance will be slightly different as everyone’s body is different. … Read more