The 7 Most Important Golf Lessons For Kids

Your child has shown interest in playing golf. It is a great way to spend time together as a family, so it is time to discuss golf lessons for kids.

This can be harder than it sounds. You aren’t qualified to provide golf lessons for kids, but paying hundreds of dollars for a professional to teach your child is overkill.

We don’t care if you are a scratch golfer or just trying to break 100 – you can teach your kid the game of golf.

Don’t overthink it. Your kids just want to have a good time with you smacking the little white ball.

Below we provide you with golf lessons for kids that anyone can teach. Let’s get started!

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The 7 Most Important Golf Lessons For Kids

1. Have Fun!

With a nod to Brad Pitt in Fight Club we say “the first rule in golf lessons for kids is to have fun – the second rule in golf lessons for kids is to have fun”.

We aren’t kidding. Any and all golf practice with your kids should be simple and fun.

If your child sees the golf course as a place they can laugh and have fun they will ask to come back.

What golfing parent doesn’t love the following question “Hey mom/dad, can we go play some golf today?”.

Make it fun and you may start hearing this question every day.

Do you only have 30 minutes? Challenge your kid to a putting contest on the practice green. Maybe let them win! Maybe miss a short putt on purpose to make them laugh!

Go to the driving range and ask them how far they can hit a driver. Who cares about their spine angle – you are simply looking for smiles!

Let them see you having fun with the game of golf. Kids love to mimic their parents!

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2. Teach Them The Basics & Let Them Find A Swing

You aren’t comfortable teaching them the complexities of the golf swing? Good, they don’t need all of that information.

Provide them with some very basic information and let them figure out how to hit the golf ball.

Show them how to hold the golf club (kids with smaller hands might prefer a 10-finger grip).

Talk about the fundamentals of the golf stance. Feet slightly wider than shoulders, knees flexed (not bent), and bend slightly at the waist.

Now tee up a ball for them, tell them to grab their driver, and watch what happens.

The simplest golf lessons for kids are the best. They aren’t worried about keeping their head still or creating lag. They will simply hit the ball.

You will be jealous of how easy it is for them to smack the golf ball. Yes, they may whiff, top, or shank a couple, but don’t say anything.

Encourage them to try again and let them figure it out. It is awesome to watch your child fall in love with the game!

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3. Encourage Them To Invite Friends

We hope you haven’t forgotten the first rule of fight club (sorry, we mean golf lessons for kids). Make it fun!

What is more fun than bringing along some friends? Before you take your child to the driving range ask them if they want to bring a buddy.

Ask yourself – why do you play golf? Sure, you love trying to make birdies and pars, but it is basically a social activity.

It is an excuse to spend 4 hours with your buddies. Your kids will feel the same way.

They will laugh at each other’s bad shots and fist bump after good ones. There is less pressure to learn something new if you have other people learning with you.

4. Swing Hard

As you can probably tell, we don’t think the best golf lessons for kids involve swing tips, but this is the one exception.

Tell your child to swing hard!

Firstly, it is a blast to hit that golf ball hard.

Second, this will help them down the road if they decide to pursue competitive golf. It is harder to add speed to your golf swing after you have been playing for years.

Grip it & Rip It! Tee it High and Let it Fly! Let the Big Dog eat! All of these golf mantras are great golf lessons for kids.

You want them to play with freedom and confidence. Learn to fully release the golf club. They will be able to refine their swing down the road.

For now, challenge them to crush the ball. Swing hard and hit as far as they can. Yes, you can talk about trying to stay on balance, but we want to see that club fly through impact.

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5. Teach Them Golf etiquette

As your child falls in love with the game, they will want to start playing holes. They can learn so much by joining you for a quick afternoon 9.

This is the perfect time to introduce them to golf etiquette. One of the best golf lessons for kids is playing with adults, but make sure they are prepared for this experience.

You don’t have to make it sound intimidating or scary. Show them golf etiquette as you play.

When you reach the green on the first hole, talk about marking your golf ball with a coin while other players hit their putt.

Once you are on the 2nd tee, talk about the “honors system”. You can explain who tees off first on each hole.

Buy them a divot tool, give it to them as a surprise gift, and show them how to repair a divot on the green. Explain how this makes the putting surface better for other players on the course.

The best golf lessons for kids come with a surprise gift – who doesn’t like a gift?

When you get the chance, show them the proper way to rake the bunker after you escape from the trap.

Some golfing beginners find the etiquette to be intimidating, but if taught correctly it doesn’t have to feel that way.

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6. Find A Coach That Specializes in Teaching Kids

As your child improves and advances in the game of golf, it may make sense to get them some professional lessons.

If you want them to receive some instruction from a non-parent, we recommend you find a swing coach that is certified in teaching kids.

We will say it again – go back to #1 (Have Fun)!

These professionals have developed programs to teach complex golf techniques to kids while they have fun.

There are several programs available, but the most famous is US Kids. Use their “Find a Coach” function to see who is in your area.

Do you want to do some of it yourself? There are companies that offer golf lessons for kids that you can purchase.

The key is to teach your child in a way that helps them learn and enjoy the experience.

We don’t think that PGA tour lessons and golf lessons for kids should look the same.

7. Discuss Pace Of Play

As your child starts to play more golf, they may start playing without you and start competing in junior tournaments.

This is awesome, but there is one more thing you need to teach them. Make sure they understand that pace of play is important.

We all love playing a round of golf, but no one wants to be out there for 5+ hours because of slower players.

Teach your child to be decisive, swing confidently, and play quickly. This is one of the most important golf lessons for kids.

Most golf courses are “kid-friendly” and want to help grow the game, but older players are quick to complain if “the kids” are holding them up.

Talk to your child about being aware if people are waiting on them and explain the concept of “letting a group through”.

If the foursome behind you is playing quickly, let them go in front of you. Both groups will get more enjoyment from their round.

The golf course is a great place to grow up – make sure your child has a pleasant experience!

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The One and Only Golf Lesson For Parents!

We have talked about 7 important golf lessons for kids, but we think it is important to give golf parents a little advice as well.

Enjoy your time on the golf course with your child. 100% of junior golfers grow up!

Don’t take it too seriously. Help them learn the game and let them drive their golf journey.

Is it possible that your child will fall in the love with the game, join their high school team, play in tournaments, and pursue college golf? Yes!

It is also possible they will simply enjoy playing with friends. Is that a bad thing? You have given them the gift of a game they can play for decades.

Give them the best golf lessons for kids and let them decide how to proceed. Support them and enjoy the time with them as you stroll down the fairway!

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Ray has been playing golf for 35+ years, including being part of his High School and College golf teams. While he still enjoys playing in amateur tournaments, Ray now focuses on growing the game of golf through teaching and coaching. He has two sons that both play golf competitively and loves spending time watching them compete. Ray continues to play in local amateur golf events and currently has a +2 handicap.

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