The Longest Golf Hole In The World: Would You Play A Par 7 Hole?

The longest golf hole in the world is the kind of thing that keeps golfers up at night.

There are different ways to define if a hole is long in golf.

If we play a par 3 that is over 200 yards (183 meters), it’s a long hole.

If we play a par 4 that’s 400 yards (366 meters), but it plays into a strong wind, then that hole can be playing long.

If the golf course is wet due to a lot of rain, then it will also play long because there is little run on the golf ball.

And then there are par 5s.

Par 5s are the longest holes we play on most golf courses, and in old money, a hole was considered a par 5 if it measured over 475 yards (434 meters).

But did you know there are mythological par 6s out there in the golfing world?

And two unicorns – par 7s!

In this article, we’ll look at the following:

  • The 9 longest golf holes in the world (including those two par 7s)
  • Ideal ways to play the longest golf hole at your course
  • What are the longest holes on the PGA Tour?
The Longest Golf Hole In The World: Would You Play A Par 7 Hole? 1

The Longest Golf Hole In The World: Top 9 Contenders

Here are our top 9 crazy-long golf holes, counting down to the longest golf hole in the world.

None of these holes feature on any PGA Tour stop; however, a couple of holes on the list have been used in Korn Ferry and European Challenge Tour events. 

#9: 18th Hole, Farmstead Golf Links, USA – 767 Yards (710 meters)

Meet the baby of the group measuring in at only 767 yards!

This hole is so long that it actually straddles two counties – South Carolina and North Carolina!

The 18th hole is actually classed as a par 6 and one of the few like this in the US – we’ll meet a few more on our list.

The drive isn’t too difficult as players are presented with a wide fairway to hit.

Water comes into play for both the layup shot and the approach shot to the green, but the hole does represent a realistic opportunity to make par and then enjoy a much-deserved drink in the clubhouse afterward.

If you really don’t fancy playing the hole at its full distance, that’s not a problem; you can opt to play it from the furthest forward tee, where the hole plays a mere 635 yards (580 meters).

a really long golf hole

#8: 13th Hole, TPC Colorado, USA – 773 Yards (707 Meters)

The 13th hole is a par 5, but because the course is 5,000 feet above sea level, the ball travels further in the rarified air.

This hole actually is the longest hole that’s ever been played on the Korn Ferry Tour, and the entire course stretches out to over 8000 yards for tournament play.

The drive off the tee is relatively straightforward as the fairway is wide enough.

The challenge for the golfer comes with the decision they face for their second shot.

Opting for the more risky play involves a well-hit 3-wood, which must carry the “Hell Bunker” that covers the left side of the fairway.

Golfers who maybe don’t have the firepower can opt to lay up short of the deep bunker and play a longer approach shot to the green.

Facing a longer approach shot may mean that a good chip and a putt are required to score a par 5 on this monster.

The Longest Golf Hole In The World: Would You Play A Par 7 Hole? 2

#7: 17th Hole, Moonlight Basin, Montana, USA – 777 Yards (710 Meters)

This hole is a par 5 for all players, and one reason it remains so is the elevation change from tee to green, and being situated in Montana, the course is approximately 7,500ft above sea level.

From the tee, there are bunkers stretching across the fairway at 400 yards, and from there, the hole plays sharply downhill to a green complex surrounded by more trouble.

Believe it or not, the longest hitters actually do have a chance of hitting the green in two, but whatever way the hole is played, there is no disputing how majestic it looks and the captivating surrounding scenery in this Jack Nicklaus masterpiece.

longest golf hole in the world aerial shot

#6: 9th Hole, The Links Golf Course, Idaho, USA – 777 Yards (710 Meters)

Our second par 6 on the list, this hole tends to play it’s proper length as there are no drastic elevation changes that might favor the golfer.

The hole is interesting as the drive needs to be up the right side of the fairway before favoring the left side of the fairway with the second shot.

The third shot needs to be threaded up the right side of the hole again before contemplating the 4th shot.

Attention needs to be paid to where the pin is located as there can be as much as a 3-club difference between back and front pin positions.

This is certainly one hole where walking off the green and recording a 6 on the scorecard will feel very good!

golf shots

#5: 15th Hole, Penati, Slovakia – 783 Yards (716 Meters) 

We come to our first monster hole not situated in the US and the second hole on the list designed by Jack Nicklaus.

Europe’s longest hole featured in the Challenge Tour event hosted at Penati and certainly had the professionals using all their skill and power to conquer the par 6 holes.

Set in mature pine woodland, this hole requires accuracy and a deft putting touch on the undulating putting surface.

aerial shot of a very long golf hole

#4: 9th Hole, Kahite Golf Course, Tennessee, USA – 808 Yards (739 Meters)

Our first hole that breaches the 800-yard mark.

This hole represents a fine example of a golf course that is presented in the best conditions set in truly breathtaking countryside.

Whilst the yardage is extreme, the hole is measured as a par 6, and the expectation is that it will take at least 4 shots to get close to the putting surface.

Making that distinction could afford the best opportunity to make par.

grumpy golf hole in the US

#3: 12th Hole, Meadow Farms Golf Course, Georgia, USA – 841 Yards (769 Meters)

This hole can be described as a beauty and a beast.

The tee is elevated, giving a panoramic view of the hole and the complete layout of the golf course.

Whilst generous off the tee, the fairway narrows, and a combination of water and bunkers make the approach shots challenging to find the green in 4 shots on this monster par 6 hole.

Add the variable wind conditions into the hole, and it truly is a challenge for every level of golfer to tackle.

ball putt near hole

#2: 7th Hole, Satsuki Golf Club, Japan – 964 Yards (881 Meters)

How do you fancy standing on a tee and seeing the hole measures 964 yards?

Well, this is exactly the challenge that faces you on the 7th hole at Satsuki Golf Club in Japan.

The sheer distance of this hole also makes it the first par 7 on our list.

Normally, golfers won’t stand the idea of having to put a 7 on their scorecard, but playing the 7th hole on the Sand layout and recording a 7 on this absolute monster would be a great achievement.

Even the ladies don’t get much respite – the hole plays an unbelievable 811 yards from their tees!

But even this hole is not the longest golf hole in the world.

big ole golf course

#1: 3rd Hole, Gusan Country Club, South Korea – 1097 Yards (1003 Meters)

The longest golf hole in the world is the 3rd hole at Gusan Country Club, South Korea, and measures 1097 yards (1003 meters)

That’s right.

A hole that is over 1km in length.

longest golf hole in the world south korea

The longest golf hole in the world is a par 7 that features a double dogleg and has water all down its left side.

Strategic bunkering and the ever-present threat of water up the left side mean the layup shots require careful consideration if there is any hope of making a par.

This hole truly is the pinnacle not only of length but of careful planning and accuracy required with the longer clubs in your bag.

How To Play Long Golf Holes: Ideal ways to play the longest par 5s at your course

Long holes are intimidating for most golfers.

If you have the luxury of power, you can see the long holes as an opportunity to make birdie or better, but for most golfers, these holes can represent a true scorecard wrecker.

The main mistake that golfers make is feeling like they need to knock the cover off the ball with their tee shot to get off to a good start.

This can be a fatal mistake as trying to hit it harder can lead to wilder, inaccurate swings and poor ball-striking, which can lead to all sorts of trouble.

Keeping the ball in play is paramount.

Pay attention to where the trouble is and plot your way through the hole to avoid the danger.

This requires either good fairway wood or hybrid shots to set up more friendly approach shots to the green with a short iron or wedge.

Whilst all the long holes we have featured do require power off the tee, they place equal importance on the ability to hit accurate layups and approach shots to stand the best chance of making pars.

The Longest Golf Hole In The World: Would You Play A Par 7 Hole? 3

What are the longest holes on the PGA Tour?

We saw a couple of holes that have featured on the Korn Ferry and Challenge Tours but none of the holes have ever featured on the PGA Tour.

So, what are the longest holes that some of the best players in the world have to tackle?

The longest par 5 on the PGA Tour is the 18th hole at Kapalua Golf Club in Hawaii and measures 677 yards.

This hole is reachable for the majority of players as it features a severe elevation drop from tee to green.

Davis Love III recorded a 476-yard drive on the hole, giving an indication of how far players can hit their tee shots on the hole.

Even playing into the wind, the longest hitters will still fancy their chances of getting close to the green in two blows.

The Longest Golf Hole In The World: Would You Play A Par 7 Hole? 4

Key Takeaways – Longest Golf Holes

There are a number of holes that now fall into the extra-long category.

They require attention to accuracy and power but all the holes featured are playable and offer chances of making pars.

The longest golf hole in the world is the 3rd hole at Gusan Country Club, but, will we see any holes that are longer in the future?

The answer is probably yes and there are designs in circulation for various golf courses around the world that could topple the 3rd hole but time will tell.

Next up: get the skinny on average golf club distances, by age, gender and skill level!

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