The 6 Best Golf Push Carts In 2024

After nearly 3 decades of playing golf, I recently decided to start using a push cart. I wanted a less strenuous method of carrying my clubs without hampering my walk. In this post, I share my research and reveal the 6 best golf push carts in 2024.

When you finish reading this review, you will know which are the best budget, lightest, and most compact golf push carts. I will also reveal the overall top model for this year and offer tips on what to consider when searching for a golf push cart.

The 6 Best Golf Push Carts In 2024 1

What To Look For In The Best Golf Push Carts

Golf push carts vary in their weight, usability, stability, brake setup, and storage space. In the sections below, I explain why these features are vital to factor in when searching for a new golf push cart.

#1: Lightweight

Lightweight push carts are easier to maneuver around the golf course, transport, and load and unload into your trunk. I especially suggest a lightweight cart if your home course is littered with uphill slopes.

A light push cart sits around the 14 lbs mark, like the Big Max Blade IP, which is 14.3 lbs. Conversely, a heavy golf cart exceeds 21 lbs, like the Clicgear Model 4.0.

#2: Easy To Set Up

Push carts open and fold to allow the model to fit into your trunk without a challenge. I recommend sourcing a golf push cart that opens seamlessly and enables you to get your clubs onto the base in seconds.

The first prize would be a construction like the BagBoy Nitron Auto Open Push Cart. However, if you are on a budget, you could look at the one-click design of the Caddytek EZ V8.

golfer with push cart on the course

#3. Brakes

A functional push cart brake system is essential to prevent your cart from rolling away on slopes. Golf push cart manufacturers employ hand or foot brake pedals to halt the cart on uneven terrain.

I find hand brakes are the most effective design, as it is easier to reach the pedal. It is trickier to pull up the break rapidly when foot pedals are involved. From a pure brake perspective, the hand brake on the Clicgear Model 4.0 would be my preference.

#4. Ample Storage

Pushing a trolley with maximum storage space allows you to keep your valuables, golf balls, and tees out of your bag. This frees up storage in your golf bag to carry every accessory you need for a round of golf.

I find that push carts with the most storage feature a compartment for your scorecard and phone. It also sports cup and ball holders and a mesh bag for other valuables. The Sun Mountain PX3 is a solid example of a cart with ample space.

lady golfer with push cart playing golf

#5. Car Trunk Space

The size of your car trunk is the final factor to consider. You do not want to ruin your day by struggling to fit the cart into your car. Measure your trunk and ensure that the dimensions of your desired cart will fit into the trunk.

I suggest a compact design like the Big Max Blade IP if you operate with limited storage space. 

The 6 Best Golf Push Carts in 2024

#1. Best Overall Golf Push Cart:
BagBoy Nitron Auto Open Push Cart

Weight: 16.75 lbs, Wheels: 3, Dimensions: 19″D x 13.5″W x 22″H

BagBoy Nitron Auto Open Golf Push Cart
Auto open functionNot the cheapest push cart
StablePerforms best with BagBoy golf bags
Secures the bag with Top-Lok technologyUnsecure umbrella holder
Ample storage space

The BagBoy Nitro topped our best golf push carts list for its auto-open, stability, storage, and style. I welcomed the stability of the push cart as I navigated uneven terrain and found the hand brake effective at keeping the cart stationary.

My biggest dislike about push carts is the mission of unfolding and folding before and after my rounds. I thought BagBoy effectively combatted this hassle with its seamless design. The push cart opened in seconds, and my bag was ready to be mounted.

When I placed my bag onto the cart base, the Top-Lok technology kicked into gear to secure my bag. It proved vital during my round as my clubs remained fastened to the cart, never twisting or bouncing.

The extra large storage bag offered plenty of space for my valuables, balls, and tees. Keeping all my possessions within reach. Fashionable golfers will appreciate the 9 colors to choose from, ranging from neutral finishes like silver to stylish lime design.

#2. Best Value For Money Golf Push Cart:
Caddytek EZ V8

Weight: 18.5 lbs, Wheels: 3, Dimensions: 16.5″D x 14.5″W x 28.5″H 

Caddytek EZ V8 golf push cart
Entry-level price tagThe bag twisted occasionally
Outstanding storageNot the lightest golf cart
One-push fold system
Easy-to-use foot brake

Golfers on a budget can still bag a quality golf push cart without breaking the bank. The Caddytek EZ V8 is living-proof with outstanding storage, a durable construction, a push fold system, and an easy-to-use foot brake.

The EZ V8 is priced handsomely compared to our best overall pick, the Nitron. I appreciated the durability of its aluminum frame. It took a few knocks, and besides some minor paint damage, it was largely unscathed.

I appreciated the control afforded to me by the foot brake, which kept the cart stable on the slopes. My bag twisted occasionally, and my clubs rattled, but it never fell off the base.

Caddytek really impressed me on the storage front. A basket with a patented cooling system kept my drinks bottle fresh until I reached the halfway house. A mesh net was added to store valuables and golf balls.

#3. Golf Push Cart With Best Brake System:
Clicgear Model 4.0

Weight: 21lbs, Wheels: 3, Dimensions: 13″D x 15″W x 24″H

Clicgear Model 4.0 golf push cart
Easy to use hand brakeExpensive
Stable designNot the easiest cart to set up
Minimized twisting
Available in colorful designs

My first push cart had no brake, which made it impossible to keep stationary on a slope. The Clicgear Model 4.0 offers an innovative solution to the challenge with a simple parking hand brake that is easy to deploy and release.

I was not a fan of the weight of this cart. I feel the 21 lbs design will be uncomfortable for seniors and ladies when navigating uphills. Despite the load, the golf push cart minimized bag twisting for stability on all terrain, thanks to its silicone straps.

I appreciated the colorful designs on offer from Clicgear, as they spiced up my appearance on the links. Although the manufacturer suggested the bag had an abundance of storage space, I felt it was sufficient for balls, a phone, and my scorecard.

#4. Best Lightweight Golf Push Cart:
Motocaddy Cube

Weight: 14.9 lbs, Wheels: 3, Dimensions: 22″D x 14.3″W x 7.3″H

Motocaddy Cube golf push cart
Simple folding systemLimited storage space
The compact design fits easily into your trunk
Parking brake

A lightweight golf push cart reduces strain on the golf course and is easier to remove from the trunk of your car. The Motocaddy Cube is the top lightweight push cart design, which tips the scales at 14.9 lbs.

I was impressed by how compact the cart is when folded, allowing it to fit easily into the trunk of a hatchback vehicle. Once I got to the golf course, the cart unfolded without a hitch and folded back into place in two simple steps.

The adjustable bag supports kept the bag and clubs in place, preventing clattering while traversing bumpy ground. However, I did not find them as reliable as the Top-Lok technology on the BagBoy Nitron.

I thought the Motocaddy Cube featured adequate storage for my scorecard and a beverage. But, it left no space for my valuables.

#5. Gold Push Cart With Most Storage Space:
Sun Mountain PX3

Weight: 16lbs, Wheels: 3, Dimensions: 26″D x 16″W x 14″H

Sun Mountain PX3 Golf Push Cart
Optimal storage spaceExpensive golf push cart
Easy unfold systemNot compact when folded
Keeps the bag secure
Produced in 6 colors

A push cart with additional storage space allows you to carry everything you need for your round. The Sun Mountain PX3 ticked all the boxes in this department with an accessory console, mesh bag, and cellphone holder.

Sun Mountain also impressed me with the simple unfolding design, enabling a rapid setup. After I placed my bag onto the base, I got to work by adjusting the bungee cords on the upper and lower brackets to secure my bag.

Some golfers in my circle have complained about the narrowness of the top bracket. This is something to consider if you operate an oversized cart bag. However, my lightweight design had no issue getting on and staying put.

#6. Most Compact Push Cart:
Big Max Blade IP

Weight: 14.3 lbs, Wheels: 3, Dimensions: 34″D x 24″W x 4.9″H

Big Max Blade IP Golf Push Cart
Compact and easy to transportPricey
Lightweight designMinimal storage space for the price
The cart stands alone when folded
Easy to unfold

In my student days, my buddy had a Hyundai Getz with limited trunk space. We always struggled to fit his push cart into the trunk and generally left it on the back seat. Big Max has resolved the challenge in the Blade IP, creating the most compact cart around.

The thin design does not take up significant depth in the trunk, leaving sufficient space for my golf clubs. I enjoyed the feathery weight of the cart compared to its peers, simplifying the task of transporting it between my apartment and the golf course.

I thought the stand-alone design was an astute touch to the cart. It saved me from bending down to place and collect the cart when putting my bag into the trunk. 

The premium components and luxury appearance were the final features that caught my eye. I noticed the incredible quality of the materials, which would explain the elevated price tag.

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