Long Irons vs Fairway Woods vs Hybrids: Why Long Irons Are Usually Not The Best Choice

Fairway woods vs Hybrids. This is an interesting argument in the modern game and the perfect answer is… well, there is no perfect answer because it’s down to your requirements and preferences on looks and to cover certain distances and trajectories. But that is actually okay, because it provides options to tailor the makeup of … Read more

Golf Wedge Distance Charts: Average Distance For All Wedge Types By Sex And Ability

How far do you hit your wedges? This can be a difficult question to answer if you don’t have a golf wedge distance chart, which in reality most amateurs won’t have. We’re going to share a few golf wedge average distance charts based on type of wedge, sex, and playing level. We’ll also show you … Read more

The Beginners Guide To Shaping Golf Shots

When you sit down to watch golf on the television have you marvelled at how professional golfers have the enviable ability of shaping golf shots? When we watch professional golf we’ll maybe hear the commentators talk about how the player has had “the golf ball on a piece of string”. This doesn’t mean they have … Read more