The 9 Best Office Putting Sets For Golfers In 2023

Ever sat at work wishing you were on the golf course instead?

Then why not treat yourself to the next best thing – an office putting set!

Easy to pack away and store when it’s time to get back to work, putting mats and indoor greens are great for squeezing in some extra practice throughout the day.

They’re also perfect for a little competitive fun with colleagues, or for keeping your skills up to par when the weather prevents an outdoor game!

There are lots of different indoor putting sets on the market these days, so it’s not always easy to pick the right one to suit your needs.

That’s why I’ve put together this simple guide, containing my top 9 office putting sets, the reasons I recommend them, and the features to consider when making your choice.

So let’s get started!

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What to Consider Before Buying an Office Putting Set

First, decide if you want a set primarily designed for fun, or if you’re looking for a training tool to help improve your short game.

I’ve included both types in this guide.

Also, consider how many holes you’d like.

This may not be a priority for serious practice, but if you’re hoping for a fun game with coworkers then you might want to opt for a mat with extra holes and accessories.

Other things to think about include:

#1: Size and Shape

The design of your office will influence the size and shape of the set you choose.

If you have a lot of space, then a kidney-shaped mat would be ideal, whereas the more typical long, narrow set is best for smaller offices.

Consider the length, too.

Whereas a mat at least 6ft long will allow you to work on your putting stroke, a 10ft to 12ft mat is ideal if you have the space as it gives you the chance to vary the pace and distance of your putts.

The 9 Best Office Putting Sets For Golfers In 2023 1

#2: Office Flooring

An office putting set can be set up on either a hard floor or a carpet, but the type of flooring will affect the speed.

Whilst wooden floors are generally better, you can minimize the negative impact on speed from a carpeted floor by choosing a thicker putting mat.

#3: Portability

An office putting set should be quick and easy to put away between practice sessions and convenient to move from one location to another.

Most are designed to roll up or fold away after use, and some may come with a carrying bag.

Just remember that the more accessories that come with your set, the more storage space you’ll need.

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The Top 9 Office Putting Sets

#1. Most Complete Training Solution – SurePutt Practice Mat

Dimensions: 10′ L x 1.7′ W, Weight: 2.6 lbs, Storage: Foldable (Shoulder Case Included)

SurePutt Practice Mat
High-quality, non-slip surface lays completely flatA little pricey
Useful for chipping practice too
Highly durable

This training set is designed by golfers for golfers and comes with some great little extras that set it apart from its competitors.

A case in point is the mini-mat – a stance mat that allows you to place your feet on the same surface level as the one on which you’re putting.

It can also be repositioned to allow you to practice your chips without damaging your flooring!

The mat comes with standard alignment and distance markers, plus a handy eye-alignment mirror and a SurePutt golf cup to use as a target.

#2. Best Compact Office Putting Set – JEF World Of Golf Automatic Putting Cup

Dimensions: 9.25″ H x 7.75″ W x 3.25″ D, Weight: 1.3 lbs, Storage: No Bag Included

JEF World Of Golf Automatic Putting Cup
Automatic ball returnNo mat or batteries included
Easy to move and storeNo storage bag
Very affordableBall return is noisy

This office putting set is about as simple as they come, but it’s small, lightweight, and easy to grab for a quick 10-minute practice wherever you are.

The cup size is standard for most holes for a more realistic experience, with a large mouth design that’s useful if you’re off the mark.

I especially liked the battery-operated automatic return which saves you from endlessly retrieving your ball, giving you more time to concentrate on practicing your shots!

I also found the return strong, even on a carpeted surface, although you may want to invest in some rechargeable batteries as I felt they ran down pretty fast!

#3. Most Realistic Surface – Abco Tech Indoor Golf Putting Green

Dimensions: 10′ L x 1.6′ W, Weight: 8 lbs, Storage: Foldable (No Bag Included)

Abco Tech Indoor Golf Putting Green
Two different speeds for varietyBulky when folded
High-quality synthetic grassSurface doesn’t always roll out flat
Good lengthNo distance markers

With a 30mm difference in thickness from one end to the other and made from synthetic turf with rough, this office putting set gives you a feeling that’s pretty close to playing on a real green!

There are 2 holes – one a regulation cup size and the other smaller to make things challenging!

It’s very flexible and easy to roll/unroll, although it takes a while to flatten out on first use (which, I suspect, may also be a problem if you store it folded for a long time).

This set is definitely on the pricier end of the spectrum but it has a solid, high-quality feel that makes it worth the investment, plus it comes with a mini-flag and 3 balls as a bonus!

#4. Best Value for Money – SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green

Dimensions: 8’6″ L x 3′ W, Weight: 4.4 lbs, Storage: Rolls Up (No Bag Included)

SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green
Versatile cup placementPadding underneath is quite thin
Rubber backing for grip on hard floorsCan be difficult to flatten after storage
Good quality turfNo backstop (although the ‘hazards’ are handy for catching missed shots!)

The wide surface and choice of 3 holes make this affordable indoor green ideal for practicing your putts from a variety of angles.

The ‘True Roll’ surface is designed to simulate a real green as much as possible, whilst the bunkers help improve your accuracy.

Although it’s hard to identify it from the picture, there’s actually a slight incline at one end that’s great for practicing putting at varying depths.

What’s more, the mat is easy to roll up after use, although the lack of a bag or anything to tie it with makes it quite unwieldy for storage!

#5. Best Office Putting Set for Speed Control – WellPutt Golf 13′ High-Speed Training Mat

Dimensions: 13′ L x 1.64′ W, Weight: 4.4 lbs, Storage: Rolls Up (No Bag Included)

WellPutt Golf 13′ High-Speed Training Mat
Rhythm and amplitude markersNo putting hole
Accurately replicates a medium-to-fast greenExpensive
Great companion app

Approved by Cameron McCormick – PGA ‘Teacher of the Year’ and coach to Jordan Spieth – this high-quality mat offers two different stimp speeds (10 or 11.5) depending on which direction you play.

It’s UV resistant– so it’s as great for outdoor use as it is in the office – and it’s made with a durable latex backing designed to improve the ball roll at a constant speed.

Where this mat really shines, however, is in its excellent app and accompanying training book.

These contain a program comprising 54 putting exercises on three different levels, designed to help improve your technique and up your game.

#6. Best Putting Set for Office Parties – PutterBall Golf Pong Game Set: The Original

Dimensions: 12′ L x 2′ W, Weight: 4.4 lbs, Storage: Foldable (Bag Sold Separately)

PutterBall Golf Pong Game Set: The Original
Fun game combining beer pong and golfNo carrying case
Inclined ends for greater challengePutters are not the best quality
Ultra lightweight

No, it probably won’t help you brush up on your putting skills, but for golfing fun in the office or even in your backyard with neighbors, you can’t beat the PutterBall Golf Pong Game!

Quick and easy to set up, it comes with everything you need for a friendly competition, including two standard mini-golf putters (good for right/left-handed players), 2 standard golf balls, and 12 turf hole covers to close the holes when putts are made.

The board is made from 100% high-density durable foam designed for walking on, yet it’s so lightweight it’s easy to take anywhere for golf on the go.

#7. Best for Larger Offices – Boburn Golf Putting Green

Dimensions: 10′ L x 5′ W, Weight: 26 lbs, Storage: Rolls Up (No Bag Included)

Boburn Golf Putting Green
Enough space to try different anglesHeavy – not the most portable option
Stainless steel golf cup and flagHigh price tag
Artificial rough to practice fringe putts

If you have the floor space (and storage space!) to devote to this fantastic putting green, then it’s a purchase you won’t regret!

Yes, it’s on the pricey side, but the high quality of the mat is immediately evident, from the way it unrolls completely flat (after an initial settling-in period) to the ‘real feel’ of the green.

With a stimp reading of around 10, it also has a 10mm thick rubber base that stops it from slipping on hard floors, adds durability, and ensures the ball rolls at the same speed even when playing on a carpeted surface.

The putting holes are coverable to increase the set’s versatility, whilst the satisfying sound your ball makes as it lands in those steel cups gives you that real putting green feel!

#8. Best Budget Office Putting Set – Club Champ Automatic Golf Putting System

Dimensions: 7′ L x 9″ W, Weight: 1.13 lbs, Storage: Turf Rolls Up (No Bag Included)

Club Champ Automatic Golf Putting System
Compact size for tight spacesReturn lane cannot be folded
Gravity returnPlastic parts feel fragile
Great value for moneyNo distance measurements, just markers

At this price point, you don’t really expect to see automatic ball return, so it’s a great feature to have in addition to the surprisingly good turf.

You won’t need to worry about electricity or batteries, either – the set uses gravity to return your ball after each stroke.

The regulation-sized cup is placed at the top of a slope which is useful for helping perfect your distance control.

On the downside, this plastic slope and the chute for returning the ball make it hard to pack the set to a compact size, especially with no bag to store the extra parts.

#9. Best Office Putting Set Overall – Perfect Practice Putting Mat

Dimensions: 9’6″ L x 13″ W, Weight: 12 lbs, Storage: Turf Rolls Up (No Bag Included)

Perfect Practice Putting Mat
Updated model with smoother turfPremium price tag
Automatic ball return
Stimp rated at 10 to 14

Endorsed by Dustin Johnson – winner of the 2016 US Open and 2020 Masters – the Perfect Practice Mat has long been a favorite with golfers looking to brush up on their technique at home.

This new version still has the mahogany-like wooden construction and TrueRoll putting surface of the original, but features an all-new lay-flat backing that makes the turf feels smoother and more realistic than ever.

There are two cups to aim at – one regulation size and one a little smaller – plus useful track lines for both left/right-handed golfers and distance markers to improve your accuracy.

Its biggest appeal, though, has to be the quality of the wooden base and return track which clip together with ease and flawlessly deliver the ball right back to your feet.

The 9 best Office Putting Sets: Key Takeaways

As you’ve seen from this guide, there are some excellent office putting sets on the market with options for every budget and size/shape of office.

Whether you’re looking for a high-quality training tool to improve your technique or a fun game to put office rivalries to the test, I hope you’ve found the ideal set to meet your needs.

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