Your Musings on Golf Clubs: Personalized Club Fittings

This week Armchair Golf Blog readers weigh in on golf clubs. This from “Anonymous”:

“Go to two or three personalized club fittings and get a variety of opinions. Yes, they’re trying to sell you clubs, but you’re in the market! Anyway, a club fitting can tell you the most important things you should be looking for in a new set of irons.

“First, pay attention to the lie angle of the clubheads. I’m tall myself, with short arms, so my lie angle has turned out to be about three degrees upright from standard, which can vary slightly between manufacturers. I found out (through three fittings) that my standard clubs were too flat, leading me to catch the toe in the ground rather than the whole leading edge of the face.

“Next you need to find out what shafts you should use. This is part metrics (for the tall player, likely an inch longer than standard) and part swing speed. The faster your swing, the stiffer shafts you need to maintain control of the clubhead path. Again, this is something you need from a professional fitting, where they can actually measure how fast you swing the club.

“Finally, make sure you get grips that actually fit the size of your hands. Too thick will block your hands; too thin and you lose control in the grip.

“It doesn’t really matter what brand you go with, as long as it fits your unique body type.”

Still to come …

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