Your Musings on Golf Clubs: Advice from Tour Hopeful Luke Swilor

This week Armchair Golf Blog readers weigh in on golf clubs. Today’s thoughts come from Luke Swilor, a former All-American at University of Utah and currently a mini-tour pro who is chasing his dream to play on the PGA Tour.

Luke’s advice for beginners:

“It depends on how much you want to spend. The name brand clubs ARE much better than knock-offs, but as a beginner you don’t really need an expensive set to learn with. You probably wouldn’t notice a whole lot of difference. Once you get hooked you’ll want to get a better set, but a lot of used sets will do for now.

“Used name brand clubs would be a good place to start. For your irons, you probably want ‘cavity backs’ or some other oversize variation. Blades are less forgiving.”

Luke’s advice for yours truly:

“Sounds like you have some idea what you’re looking for. Hit some sets. You’ll be able to tell right off if you like the look and feel of a club. Fitting really will help, as long as the person fitting you is competent.

“Other than that, most of the clubs these days are very good. I think the name brands are better than any type of knock-off. Titleist always makes good sets.”

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