Y.E. Yang Uses YouTube as Swing Coach

Y.E. Yang Uses YouTube as Swing Coach 1
Y.E. Yang

HERE’S SOMETHING I DON’T EXPECT to read in this modern age of golf swing gurus. 2009 PGA champion Y.E. Yang got rid of his swing coach last season and now peruses YouTube for swing tips and insights. That’s what Yang, the man who beat Tiger Woods head to head to win his first major, told reporters on Wednesday in advance of the Singapore Open.

“I’ve researched quite a few players, tried to emulate some of the good things that I see on YouTube,” said the South Korean. “The swing plane, how I grab my club … those are probably the biggest changes.

“I’ve put more focus on the technical aspects of my game whereas previously I’ve been more of a feel player.”

That’s fine, if it works for Yang. There’s no law about having a swing coach, or a golf shrink, for that matter, even though specialized golf instruction is now a fixture of tour culture. Old-time pros grunt or laugh when you mention swing coaches. Lee Trevino once said he wouldn’t take swing advice from anyone who couldn’t beat him.

There could be a problem, though. Yang is winless since the 2010 Korean Open and admits that his results have dropped off this season. But, for now, he’ll continue on without a coach because he is satisfied with his approach and progress.

I just hope I don’t see “YouTube” emblazoned on Yang’s golf bag, you know?

−The Armchair Golfer

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  1. I'm a Y.E. Yang fan and would definitely like to see him doing better on tour, but I find the idea of using YouTube videos to help your swing very encouraging. I've used them to help my tennis game and for someone like me, I'm sure they can help my golf swing as well. Thanks for the tip Y.E.


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