Woosnam and Bjorn: Poor Communications Skills on Display

Thomas Bjorn issued an apology for blasting European Ryder Cup captain Ian Woosnam’s handling of captain’s picks. Bjorn was fined by the European Tour.

“Having had a day to reflect on my comments, I would like to apologize for the hurtful and personal nature of my remarks to European captain Ian Woosnam,” Bjorn told the Associated Press.

I’m guessing Bjorn had a legitimate beef with Woosie. Not simply on the merits of Woosie’s picks, but on the way the affected players were told.

“He never called me,” Bjorn was quoted as saying. “He came into the bar at the hotel and gave me 20 seconds about Lee having won twice at The K Club. In a bar. That kind of sums it up.”

A long and powerful ball striker, Captain Woosnam comes up short on communications skills. And Bjorn gets bad marks for his public rant.

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