Will Tiger Catch the Golden Bear?

Day 9 without playing golf

Another PGA Tour season is winding down.

Now with nine majors, Tiger is halfway to Jack Nicklaus’s record 18 major championships. Will he catch or surpass the Golden Bear?

I think he can, but it won’t be easy. It’s eery how closely his major-winning pace matches Jack’s.

Tiger has Tom Watson (who won this past weekend on the Champions Tour) and Lee Trevino to thank. Had Watson and the Merry Mex not been around, Nicklaus would have won at least a few more majors — a couple of British Opens that I remember and the 1982 U.S. Open at Pebble Beach.

Even so, Tiger has his work cut out for him.

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2 thoughts on “Will Tiger Catch the Golden Bear?”

  1. I didn’t think he would until this year. He practically stumbled into his Masters victory this year with a bogey bogey finish. It may be “meant to be”

    We’d be the lucky ones who got to watch Jack AND Tiger.


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