Will Padraig Harrington Win More Majors?

Now that Padraig Harrington has a firm grasp on the Claret Jug and his first major, will he go on to win more majors?

I certainly think he can. Harrington has been a strong international player for a while now and he’s only 35. Padraig showed a lot of grit with his British Open finish, especially the dramatic double on the 72nd hole.

Here’s what Harrington told BBC SPORT:

“Once you’ve won a few events, everything is about winning a major and the whole of your career is judged on that.

“Winning the first one is the hardest part and there’s a lot of pressure, hype and stress about doing it. So to finally cross that threshold is such a relief, and hopefully I can now go on and win a few of them.”

The Armchair Golfer

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3 thoughts on “Will Padraig Harrington Win More Majors?”

  1. My feeling is that yes, he can win more. I tend to agree with him that winning the first one is hardest.

    There have been a lot of one-hit wonders in the last ten years, but I bet it would be an interesting experiment to figure out how many players won only one major in their career versus the number of repeat winners.

    That aside, I’ve definitely been a fan of his game for several years. Good for him and I hope he finds a way to keep doing it.

  2. There are some golfers who I could clearly say that they will definitely win more or they will be one hit wonders.

    I’m not so sure on Padraig. I agree that the first one is the hardest, but given his recent performance in majors before the Open and his age, I think that he is a question mark for more major victories.

    The Golf Nut


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