Will Mickelson Be Next FedEx Cup Defector?

Citing exhaustion, Tiger Woods isn’t playing The Barclays this week, the first of four consecutive FedEx Cup playoff events. Now Golf.com has reported that Phil Mickelson might not play all four events. (The original article was in the New York Post.)

Phil Mickelson pushed the door ajar yesterday with speculation that, like Tiger Woods, he might not play in all four FedEx Cup events. “I’m not sure how it’s all going to play out,” said Mickelson, who expressed concerns about being stretched with his schedule and his family.

That wouldn’t surprise me. Lefty doesn’t like to play much golf after the PGA Championship.

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5 thoughts on “Will Mickelson Be Next FedEx Cup Defector?”

  1. As much as I admire the skills of these people, one has to wonder what they would do if they were forced to take a job in the real world, working 10-12 hours a day just to feed their families. I guess perpetual exhaustion is OK for the average person, but if you make your living playing a game, you have to pace yourself carefully.

  2. Yeah, I unfortunately think it will be Phil next. I can’t really blame Phil or Tiger for not wanting to play that badly, they’ve got a couple million in the bank just for playing already this year, and the winner of the FedEx Cup doesn’t see any money for what, 10 years? That and they have the President’s Cup to get ready for, and they don’t get paid for that either. When you get paid for placing high and winning tournaments, it’s got to be a bummer to play for free.

  3. Wait a minute, they still get paid for the individual tournaments, so I take it all back. They all should be playing. There shouldn’t be any issue getting enough rest in the three days they travel and play the practice rounds.

    I would love to do what they’re doing, so I’m not all that empathetic.

  4. I hear you, but the reality is these guys (Woods, Mickelson) are only going to play so many events a year. Tiger, and Phil too, are mostly focused on the majors. I’d be surprised if the commissioner “makes” them play. Even if he tried, I don’t know if he could pull it off.

  5. I think the majority of the folks are missing the drama that could build here by tiger’s absence from the Barclays. First of all, perhaps he and Finchem planned this, because let’s say Tiger had of played and won the Barclays, where would the excitement be? It would have been a done deal. He now enters the FEDEX cup race in 4th place. WOW, what drama to see if he can pull this off. Also, think how many players think they might have a chance because Tiger missed first event. This series will be successful because of the drama of Tiger coming from behind to win, and a bunch more players will be thrilled at his decision and will want more than ever to participate. All those who sobbed at him not playing first event, will be even more absorbed with all the hoopla going into the second event, and will be clinging to every shot and every detail for the next three weeks. I can’t wait!!!!


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